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Old 10-27-2003, 11:18 AM   #1
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Mullen-Girl presents: Shopping with U2

Here goes a new one!

It was a rainy cold day in Dublin when the boys were waking up in their mansion after a hard night of partying.

Bono: *lips stuck together* *mumbling*

Edge: *stretches for minutes*

Adam: *in the loo*

Larry: *on the floor, wimpering like a puppy*

Bono: *kicks Larry playfully* Hey wake up!

Larry: *wimpers*

Bono: Oh geez he's probably having that dream that he's a labrador again.

Larry: *scratches ear with foot*

Adam: *leans down and whispers in Larry's ear* Go fetch the stick boy!

Larry: *wakes up on all fours* What the..???

Edge: *grins* I think you were having that dream again Larry.

Larry: I don't know what you're talking about! *snarl* *pop*

Adam: *thud*

Bono: Damn Lardence! I thought those new buttons you got were pop proof!

Edge: Well guys we need to start getting ready so that we can head to the grocery store. I've already uploaded our list to my PDA *grins*

*The guys hop in their car, Adam driving*

Bono: *from backseat* Man Adam you drive like an old woman! Give me some speed baby! *kicks Larry's seat*

Larry: *turns around quickly and growls* Look Bono if you keep kicking my seat i'm going to throw you out the window!

Bono: *grins and kicks it again* I'd love to see you try it!!

Adam: Look you two, if both of you don't stop i'm throwing both of you out the window!!!

Bono & Larry: *pout* Sorry

Edge: *giggles*

*They arrive at the grocery store and quickly run into the store to get out of the rain*

Bono: Ohhhhhhhhh I want to ride in the kiddy seat in the shopping cart!

Adam: *puts in a euro to unlock the cart* You can't fit! You've tried so many...

Bono: *puts legs through and pouts* I'm stuck! *walks around with the cart floating in the air*

Larry: *snorts* You dumbarse!

Store Manager: Oh God not again! *talks into walkie talkie* We've got a code 23. I need all available employees to help.

Adam: *to Bono* We'll be back for you

Bono: Don't forget my cookies!!

*The guys walk around the grocery store getting all the necessary items*

Adam: I need a bottle of Champagne *grins*

Larry: Oh having someone over tonight?

Adam: Of course! My lovely CatDubh is coming over tonight *grins*

Edge: But it's not on my list!

Adam: But I NEED it!

Edge: *pouts* Well I guess i'll add it on my list NOW.

Larry: Hey what the hell was that??? *looks around*

Edge: *hears the thud and cans flying everywhere* Oh please don't let it be...

Adam: *laughs* Yep it's Bono of course!

*All three run to where Bono is lying in a mountain of cans, grinning innocently*

Bono: Woops *blushes*

Larry: Man we need to keep you on a leash!

Bono: Did you get my cookies?!?!?! Huh huh huh???

Adam: Yes we did you baby!

Edge: Well it looks like we got everything on the list.

Bono: There's something I missed on the list.

Larry: What's that?

Bono: That hot lookin chick over there *growls playfully*

MG: *shopping* Man I can't believe these Walkers are 5 euro..*sigh* Well i have to have my crisp fix.

Bono: *strolls over* Well hey there groovy chick *grins*

MG: *looks at Bono* Um, hello. *turns back to the shelf of chips*

Bono: I see you dig those Salt & Vinegar walkers. *smiles*

MG: Um yes i do. Can I help you?

Bono: Well I think you're a lovely lass and i'd like to ask you out tomorrow night.

*The rest of the group observe from far away*

MG: Well I would love to but...I'm too busy washing my hair.

Larry: *busts out laughing, also busts button off shirt*

Adam: Ohhhhhh shot down again!

Bono: Oh well how about the next night?

MG: Um...well see you're a bit too...well how should I say this without being mean...

Bono: Just say it baby *winks*

MG: Well you're a bit too ecentric for me. But i'd love to date your friend. The button popping one. *waves to Larry*

Larry: *winks and mouths to MG* You want to go out with me tomorrow?

MG: *smiles and nods*

Bono: *pouts and walks away*

Edge: Aww it's ok. C'mon let's pay our groceries and...

Bono: *whines* I'm stuck in the cart again!!!

Adam: Oh here we go again!

The End.

I hope you guys enjoyed this...

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Old 10-27-2003, 11:51 AM   #2
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although...I really feel for Bono

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Originally posted by FallingStar
although...I really feel for Bono
Haha, so do I. Poor guy.

"Bono: *strolls over* Well hey there groovy chick *grins*"

*Laughs hysterically*

So Bono's doing the Greg Brady bit from the "Brady Bunch" movie? ! That's priceless.

Funny thing is, I would hate it if most guys actually said that to me...but I wouldn't mind so much if it were Bono.

Maybe 'cause he wouldn't actually be'd just be a way to break the ice.

Anywho, very funny story. . Well done. .

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Old 10-30-2003, 09:35 PM   #5
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Nice job!
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Old 11-01-2003, 05:29 PM   #6
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I can imagine them shopping like that!
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Old 11-02-2003, 11:05 AM   #7
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Vewy good MG!

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