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Lessons in Love pt1

(Over a year later)
Alex Jameson was not used to having someone just burst into his private office, when he had distinctly informed his personal secretary he was not to be disturbed.

So when Seamus O'Rourke stormed in, jaw set, his green eyes scorching Alex with his anger as he stood in front of him, Alex was on the verge of calling security, irate and a little alarmed by the man's presence but managed to keep up some sort of bravado.
"How dare you think you can just barge in here, who do you think you are?" he demanded "If you don't get out now I will have you physically removed by security" he warned.

"Go ahead, but you will end up regretting it" Seamus stated in his thick Irish accent.

"Is that some sort of a threat?" Alex demanded his eyes narrowing

"Take it whatever way you like" Seamus replied and now leaned his hands on the desk. "I am here about Toni"

Alex frowned, "Toni?"

"Yes you know your daughter Antonia, the one who is at this minute in a special clinic after she tried to commit sucide"

Alex's expression grew stony "I don't see what my daughters prediciment has to do with you"

Seamus angrily banged his hand on the desk making Alex jump "It has everything to do with me I am her friend, her mother was my friend and I am concerned about her... which seems to be more than I can say for you"

"Your long time relationship with my dead wife does not give you the right to come in here and attack me like this" Alex felt his own anger rising now, "And how I choose how to deal with my daughters problems is nothing to do with you.. she is getting the best of treatment money can buy" he pointed out

Seamus snorted in dersion "Money, thats what you think solves everything, money power, influence. Well its not what Antonia needs, she needs to know someone loves her cares about her, that she matters in this world, she is damn well languishing in that clinic lonely and depressed, suicidal and you or that creep of a so called husband bother to even visit her, what kind of father are you?"

"How dare you" Alex own anger rose into cold fury and he now stood up to face Seamus head on, "Just who do you think you are to come in here and question me like this about my daughter and decide what is best for her.. you do not have a clue what she has put me through the anxiety, the stress and strain.. and I am doing what I consider is best for her in the circumstances to try and help her recover.. the doctor at the clinic informed me that It would be better if I did not visit her to often.. because it only seems to upset her more.. why I have to explain this to you I do not know, you have no say over our affairs"

"Maybe because I am the only real friend she has, because I damn well care about her" Seamus replied "Haven't you even wondered why your presence upsets her.. have you ever asked yourself that?.. But then again maybe you have and you don't like the answer.. because you are a lousy father.. and you and that husband of hers are responsible for the state she is in now"

"Right that is it I am calling security right now and have you taken out of here, if you think I am going to stand here and take this abuse from you, you have another thing coming"

"Go ahead get security, kick me out of your building, but I am letting you know now I am taking Toni out of that damned clinic and taking her back to Ireland to stay with me.. she doesn't need drugged up in some bed feeling worthless.. she needs to get away from all of this situation to realise her life is worth living and she won't do it in the enviroment she is in at the moment"

"You are not taking her anywhere.. if you try and take her out of the clinic without my permission I will have you arrested" Alex warned.

"And if you don't give me permission to take her out of that clinic, I will go to the newspapers and the media and let them know exactly what has happened, how Antonia tried to commit suicide, and the reason why.. and the part you played in it.. it would make interesting reading, don't you think.

Seamus now looked more confident as he watched Alex visibly pale, his expression harden even more.. but he continued.. knowing he had the man right where he wanted him

"You have been very smart so far being able to keep this all hushed up, but I will blow this whole thing out of the water.. how will it look in the tabloid newspapers Politician Alex Jameson's daughter socialite Antonia attempted sucide.. they will love it... but what would it do to your future political, when everyone knows her husband whom she endorse and support is a wife beater and a bully, and you stood by and let him because you were too scared what would happen if the truth was revealed, pretended it wasn't happening turned the other way.. my guess a lot of people out there, espicially your apponents would make sure your career ended"

"That sound very much like blackmail to me" Alex replied grimly

"Glad we understand each other then" Seamus smile held no warmth

"You would not go to the papers and say all this, you would only be hurting Antonia as well as me, and if you care about her as much as you claim you do you wouldn't want that" Alex made his last ditch attempt to reason with Seamus.

Seamus shook his head "You are not going to get me with that one, I know you are only trying to cover your own ass, not Toni's
she has hit rockbottom, I don't think anything more could make her feel worse than she does now, I have nothing to lose here.. only you"

Alex knew he was beaten, he knew it but he was not one bit happy about it, but there was nothing he could do either

"Alright, If I give my permission to release her into your hands, just remember one thing, if anything happens to her while she is with you I will be holding you soley responsible.. and I will make sure you pay" he warned

"That suits me fine" Seamus replied with a small triumphant smile

soo he is taking her back to Ireland and guess who his nearest neighbour and friend is going to be? hehehehee

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I'm liking this. I hope to see more.


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it's good, write more please
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Part two please!
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