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lessons in love pt 3

(two weeks later)

It had been a while from Bono had spent some time in the small country house he had in Donegal, he had bought it two years ago and kept it as a holiday home, when he wanted to stay in Ireland but get a break from Dublin.

And that was exactly how he was feeling right now. The band had just finished their latest tour and he really needed a break and to unwind.. this was the perfect place to do it surrounded by moutains on one side and the rugged irish coast on the other, he was almost isolated with the exception of his neighbour who lived a few miles down the road, who also happened to own the local village pub which was situated six miles away and which Bono had become quite attached to on his previous visits and had come to think of it as his local

He had invited the rest of the band members and their families along, but told them to give him a week so he could get the house sorted for their arrival.

Not one for housecleaning, he decided to stop first at his neighbour knowing that his sister would happily help out with that side of things, he would pay her of course for her trouble she would probably be glad of the extra income and it would be doing him a big favour.

Bono pulled his car into the driveway glad to see that his neighbour's car was also there which meant he was home. Hegot out of his car and took of his shades as he went up to the front door, looking forward to seeing Seamus O'Rourke again, it had been a while.

He give a small sharp knock on the front door and waited for Seamus to come to the door, which he finally did after a few moments
His eyes widening in surprise at Bono standing thee grinning at him.

"Hey Seamus my man how are you doing?" Bono greeted him as he held out his hand to shake.

"Hello stranger" Seamous exclaimed heartily shaking hands with him "What has you out this way, come to stay for another while eh?

"Yeah, thought I would drop by and see how things were going" Bono smiled

"Come in Come in" Seamus urged him as he stood aside to let him enter, actually I have a friend staying with me I want you to meet" he grinned as he led him into the living room.

Antonia was still filled with the anxiety at the thought of meeting new people, when she had heard the knock on the door she had been in Seamus's kitchen and froze to the spot, not sure what to do, Seamus had went out to answer the door thinking it was maybe one of his four sisters coming to pay a him a visit

Now Antonia stood at the kitchen door wringing her hands wondering how she was going to cope with meeting whoever it was, she heard the male voice, and how Seamus sounded pleased to see whoever it was, now he was bringing him in, but her anxiety give way to surprise when she found herself coming face to face with Bono who she recognised almost straight away... she was not aware that he and Seamus knew each other.

When he first set eyes on Antonia Bono did not recognise her immediatly, they had not met again from that breif encounter at the charity ball a few years back, and she looked so different now, nothing like the sophisticated hostess, with no make up on her pale face, her dark hair just tied back in a pony tail and dressed in faded jeans and top.

"Bono this is Antonia Olsen she is staying with me a while" Seamus introduced and now with the familarity of the name, came realisation, that made Bono look twice.

"Toni, this is Bono, but I am sure you know him already" Seamus then chuckled, "I forgot to tell you Bono bought that house just a few miles up the roadfrom here and is my neighbour now"

"N-no you didn't tell me that" Antonia manage to find her voice, whilst Bono for once seemed to have trouble speaking, still too busy trying to figure out if this was indeed the same young woman he thought it was as he continued to stare at her.

"Nice to meet you again Bono" she managed a small smile and confirming that she was indeed who he thought she was, though feeling uneasy at the same time.

"So you two already know each other?" Seamus eyebrows rose in surprised delight

"Not very well I am afraid, we only met breifly at a party" Bono replied

Antonia felt her face heat up at the memory of the moment out on the balcony and lowered her head unable to look him in the eye, it suddenly seemed like an age ago and so much had happened since then, she just didint want to think about

"Well this is great, you will have a chance to get to know each other even better now" Seamus beamed

"Yeah I guess so" Bono smiled, glancing at Antonia again wondering what had happened to her, she looked so different from how he remembered her.

He guessed he would find out in the weeks ahead.

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I love these quck updates!! Love the story so far!

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Your very fast with these updates! The story is very good, I can't wait to for more.
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I have only got this far this quick because I have had the plot this far in my head for a while *lol*... now the hard part is continuing from here.. might be a bit slower
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I've been away from here for over a week between being on vacation and then being sick. I am sorry that I have missed this until now.

It's off to a good start and I really look forward to reading more!
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Great story so far!!!!

You've got me hooked!

And I love that they're in Donegal!
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Nice work!

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