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lessons in love pt 24

“I am still finding it hard to believe I am here… in your arms” Antonia smiled as she snuggled her cheek against Bono’s chest, as they lay together in bed later that evening, feeling more contented and happy than she had ever been in her life.

She felt his bare arm around her, his warm skin against hers; it was such a delicious feeling of intimacy, his fingers lightly caressing the top of her shoulder.

“A few months ago I thought it was just an impossible dream… but it seems dreams can come true” she smiled and let her fingers splay across his broad chest possessively

“I am still trying to take it in myself” Bono admitted, “Thinking back, it has an unreal aspect to it.
Everyone thought I was crazy even thinking of wanting to be with you… that it could never be, but we proved them wrong” he squeezed her tighter to him and she sighed.

“I just wish it had been under better circumstances… I feel bad that you have to sneak around like this as if you are doing something wrong and just to save my reputation”

“It won’t be for long” Bono replied his chin rubbing against the top of her head… I just to wait till this whole election thing is over… so your father can’t accuse us of trying to ruin it for him and use it as ammunition against you … I am hoping that if he sees it matters he might soften and get used to the idea of us being together… I know it would make it so much easier for you”

“You are too considerate, you know that?” Antonia twisted her body around, lifting herself up a little so she could look into his blue eyes, “and very, very sweet” she shifted her body upwards a little so her lips could reach his mouth to plant a light appreciative kiss on it, Bono responded by nibbling her lower lip teasingly and she returned the gesture till the teasing and tormenting of each others tongues and lips stirred their passion again and everything else was once more forgotten about…….

The weekend went in far too quickly for both of them, spent mostly in the bedroom wrapped in each others arms and with the odd evening long walk beside the beach.

But on the Sunday evening before Bono was due to drive back to Dublin they sat on the living room couch in front of a blazing fire, Antonia curled up next to Bono who had his arm around her
But his blue eyes rested broodingly on the dancing flames of the fire, Antonia glanced up at him with concern.

“Is everything ok?” she enquired, “You have been kind of quiet and distant for most of the day?”

Bono turned his gaze on her, not realising it had been so obvious, “Sorry sweetheart” he then apologised, “Guess it’s the thought of having to leave you behind is getting me down a bit” he replied in half truth.

For most of the weekend he had been too occupied to think too much about Antonia’s father and their up and coming meeting, but now that it was just a few days away, and now it came to the forefront of his mind, he was feeling slightly uneasy realising he would have to lie to Antonia about his whereabouts on the day to cover up why he would be in England.

On top of that he got the distinct feeling Alex Jameson did not want to see him to tell him all was forgiven and forgotten… in the short telephone conversation… he had made a veiled threat or implication that he could make Bono’s life difficult. Whatever it was, he would find out soon enough.


He had not mentioned the meeting to anyone not even the other band members. He did not want to mention anything until he knew exactly what Alex Jameson had to say.

Alex had insisted they should be completely discreet, he had arranged to meet Bono in a coffee bar... where it would seem they could just meet by chance and start chatting if anyone who recognised them spotted them together.

Alex Jameson liked to think he was a powerful man, but Bono would not be intimidated by the man… he was used to being around some of the most powerful men on the planet; compared to them Alex was a big fish in a small pond. The only disadvantage was the fact he was also Antonia’s father… which meant Bono knew he had to watch his step for her sake.

He wasn’t surprised that Alex Jameson arrived later than the time they had arranged… probably hoping to make Bono sweat it out for a while.

But Bono lounged on his seat sipping coffee his blue eyes hidden behind his shades, and he smiled his charming smile as Alex sat in the chair facing him

“I would say it was nice to finally meet you… except for under the circumstances you summoned me here” Bono’s tone was droll.

“Well just remember you and my daughter created these circumstances, behaving like to love sick teenagers, instead of responsible adults… but then I guess I can’t expect any other kind of behaviour from you... in your profession” Alex remarked making his distaste clearly shown in his tone.

Bono just chuckled softly refusing to be offended “I know in your own chosen line of work there are lots of unsavoury characters, they say Politics is a dirty business”

“Yet you dabble with the players” Alex drawled hoping his hard gaze pierced past the shades Bono wore.

“You do what you gotta do” Bono shrugged, “I do not dabble in politics for my own personal gain as you are well aware.. I am there to annoy and remind them of their responsibilities to those not so well of”

“Ahh yes Bono, defender of the third world saviour of the poor and needy” Alex smiled mockingly, his eyes narrowing. “What a pity you are not thinking about them now… only your own selfish desires”

Bono frowned behind his shades and shifted in his seat “And how exactly have you come to that conclusion?”

“All that hard work you have put in lobbying for your causes, here for instance, the friends you have in the political world… even the Prime minister... from what I gather you need all the support you can muster” Alex replied “It would be a shame if that support suddenly waned”

“And why would that happen?” Bono asked warily, though he had already got an idea where this conversation was going.

“I am a powerful man Mr Hewson, with a lot of what you could call clout in politics… just a word here or there… you might find yourself a little alienated from those you depend on for support for your causes… which would be a shame” Alex stated feigning regret

Bono leaned forward, and slowly removed his glasses, his blue eyes direct steady and unwavering as he rested them on the man sitting opposite him,

“That sounds somewhat like a threat Mr Jameson; strangely enough I am not overly surprised” Bono’s smile was sardonic, he slouched back in his chair throwing his shades on the table, steepling his hands together and resting them against his mouth, before continuing

“Let me guess what comes next, I send your daughter back to that wife beating womanising creep she had the misfortune to marry and leave her alone, and you in return will back of from this sudden need you have to bad mouth me to your political colleagues… how am I doing so far?”

“I think you are starting to understand me quite well Mr Hewson” Alex Jameson replied, “What is more, I personally will do all I can to help further the good work you are doing… say as recompense”

“Well that is mighty gracious of you” Bono drawled, his fingers now idly stroking the rim of his coffee cup sitting on the table in front of him. Then he abruptly stopped and looked up at Alex. Giving him once more the benefit of his blue gaze, which had turned icy, his mouth set in a straight line

“There is only one problem with this all that I can see” his tone was as cold as his expression.

“I don’t like being blackmailed bribed or threatened, not by anyone, and especially not by you Mr Jameson… so I can tell you what you can do about your offer … you can shove it! Understand?”

Alex Jameson expression grew stony “If that is how you want to play it fine… you might end up regretting it” he warned

“The only thing I regret is wasting my time coming here to talk to you and listening to this shit” Bono retorted and got up in disgust

“Have a nice life Mr Jameson, cos me and your daughter plan to have a great one... together, and nothing you do will interfere with that” he finished meaningfully and swiftly rose from the table grabbing his shades and putting them back on before leaving the fuming Alex Jameson behind.

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this keeps getting better and better

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I love bono's attitude.
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i love it
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right on Bono, right on
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Love it!

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