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Lessons in love pt 23

keeping in mind the rules and regulations for the forum I kept it toned down as much as I could.. hope it is ok..

I am saving a more steamier scene between the lovebirds for a future chapter tho to give it added signifigance so hang on to your hats


Despite the fact he was missing her like hell, even though he phoned her every chance he could, Bono realised if he had brought Antonia to Dublin, she would have more than likely been lonely, as he was spending most of the time in the studio, still he would be with her soon, the weekend was approaching and he could hardly wait to drive to Donegal to see her.

He was busy going over some of the production details with the others on one of their new songs, when his cell phone went of.
When he answered it the male voice at the other end was English and unfamiliar to him.

“Is that you Mr Hewson?” it enquired

“Ah yeah, its me” Bono replied a little puzzled, it was rare that anyone called him Mr Hewson, it was mostly always Bono, “can I ask who is enquiring?” he asked

“Yes, you don’t know me personally” the voice at the other end informed him “But I am Alex Jameson”

Bono felt himself stiffen “I see” he finally replied in what he hoped was a neutral tone,

The other band members noticed the difference in Bono’s stance and expression, and stared at him questioningly wondering what was going on

“Can you hang on just a moment” Bono then spoke into the phone to Alex Jameson, and then looked up at his friends.

“Um… you guys, will you excuse me for a bit, I need to take this call in private” and with that he turned and walked away into the next room, his heart thudding loudly in his ears… wondering how Antonia’s father had got his cell number and what he wanted with him.

“Alright Mr Jameson” Bono now spoke into his phone “I have to say I didn’t expect to hear from you... how can I help you?”

“You could help by making my daughter see sense and return to where she belongs... but I don’t suppose you would be happy about that?”

“Toni is where she belongs, Mr Jameson…. with me” Bono stated, “And that is not going to change anytime soon, maybe you should just accept that”

“I really think we should meet and discuss this in person” Alex Jameson replied “I don’t think you realise the implications of your actions how it could affect you, and I would like to speak with you privately, Antonia doesn’t have to know about it…In fact I think that would be best if we just kept it between the two of us.

Bono was torn between telling him to feck off and curiosity to know what Alex Jameson had to say… in the end his curiosity won out

“Ok” he finally agreed “You name the time and the place Mr Jameson, and I will be there”…..


Antonia had not slept all night knowing that Bono would be coming the following day, and when she seen his car pull into Seamus’ driveway, she flew out of the house to greet him, launching herself into his arms as soon as he got out.

He chuckled at her welcome and happily enveloped her in his arms... it felt so good to hold her again, his lips found hers in a hungry kiss , “Hmm I miss you so much” he told her finally pulling away

“I missed you too” Antonia replied glad to feel his arms around her, when he was near all her anxieties and insecurities melted away.

She had been so starved of affection most of her life from her father and her husband Gareth that she lapped up every bit that Bono give her with appreciation…. which was why he was so crazy about her.

He was so happy to be with her, yet at the same time he was aware that he was secretly meeting her father in a few days time cast a shadow over their reunion… he hated not being able to tell her and keeping secrets from her, even though he thought it would be for the best, at least until he found out what Alex Jameson wanted no need to get her any more worried and upset, she had been through enough.

So he smiled, put on a front as if he hadn’t a care in the world as he followed her into Seamus’ house.

He sat with Antonia talking to Seamus for a while, discussing their future plans… how soon, one weekend, he would be driving Antonia up to Dublin, to discreetly introduce her to his city and his surroundings so she could gradually get familiar with it all and how much he was looking forward to it.

But after a while he felt himself get impatient to be alone with Antonia… that had been the whole purpose of the weekend, the chance they could just be together.

“You don’t mind if we excuse ourselves now and I have my lovely lady all to myself for a while” Bono said, “Just we have a lot of catching up to do” he squeezed Antonia’s hand and she blushed

“Don’t let me stop you” Seamus grinned “I don’t want anyone to say I got in the way of true love”

“That no one could accuse you of” Bono assured him as he stood up and shook Seamus hand “I want to thank you for all you have done to help me and Toni… you will never know how grateful I am”

“It’s nothing” Seamus shrugged modestly, “All I want is for you both to be happy”

“We are” Antonia assured him and give him a hug of gratitude as well, before she and Bono left to go to his own house just down the road.

As they walked into the lounge it hit Antonia that this was the first chance they were actually getting to be alone as a proper couple, she was excited and a little nervous at the same time, and amazed that despite all that had happened, being with him now felt so right and so natural, that when he pulled her into his arms to kiss her again she responded happily,

Having a warm ache of desire stir somewhere within her as his mouth and hands explored her body, her previous inhibitions melted away under his expert caress and kisses, she was to occupied discovering the taste and touch of him with her own lips and mouth to let anything else get in the way,

Feeling like this was still all new to her and held a wonderment as she discovered he was evoking sensations through her she never thought existed, making her realise in delight that this was only the beginning… and they had their whole lives and future ahead to discover more.

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Eee! Can't wait for the next chapter!

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love it! can't wait for the next chapter!
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great job
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good one
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