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lessons in love pt 22

Not a lot going on in this chapter just using it to set the scene of Antonia settling in Ireland.. but it will get a bit juicier in the next chapter


“So you went away and done it then?” Were Larry’s first words to Bono a few days later when he returned to Dublin studio.

“Done what?” Bono enquired mildly feigning ignorance

“Shacked up with that Politicians daughter… whatsername? Antonia” Larry replied, “Edge told me all about it, how she left her husband so she could be with you, of course I can’t say I am surprised, it’s just typical of you to get yourself into this sort of mess right now when we are in the middle of making the new album”

Bono grinned “Relax Lar, first of all I am not exactly shacked up with Toni… actually she is staying with Seamus for now, we thought that would be best, and I have no intention of letting my personal life interfere with the new album so no need to get your knickers in a twist about it”

“So how come she is in Donegal with Seamus?” Adam sat across the room, looked up from his guitar now enquired with concerned curiosity, “She might as well stay in England for the distance you are going to be apart”

“Well it’s just a temporary move right now” Bono informed him, “Everything happened even more suddenly than I expected, I never thought, when I went over I would end up bringing her back with me quite so soon and what the consequences or the complications could be” he admitted with a small frown

“There is a surprise” Larry couldn’t help retorting good-humouredly

“Ok go ahead and say I told you so” Bono drawled, “But y’know I have no regrets things have turned out this way, neither does Toni… we just thought it would be easier for her to settle here in Ireland where she knows best with Seamus and be amongst friends for a while till things blow over… we want to be discreet as possible Antonia’s father is in the spotlight at the moment with this election, and so am I with getting our new album finished, we prefer the media to keep it that way and not get wind of what is going on in our private lives just yet”

“Sounds like a good plan to me” Edge replied. “I guess once the election is over and our album
is finished in a few months time, things will be a lot easier and the pressure will be of you and you can eventually be seen together in public… if things work out with the both of you between now and then”

“Things will work out fine for us” Bono assured him “We have got this far.. I won’t let anything or anyone ruin it for us now”

“You are really serious about this relationship? You got it bad” Larry realised

“Yeah I guess I have” Bono smiled.

“Then I hope for both your sakes it works out mate” Larry told him graciously


It was strange being back in Donegal again Antonia realised, mostly because so much had changed from her last visit, and she had changed as well.

She had felt a guilty taking advantage of Seamus’ hospitality and friendship under the circumstances she now found herself in, but there had been no one else she could turn to, and he had insisted it was fine for her to stay with him until eventually she and Bono sorted themselves out.

She wasn’t even sure he wholly approved of what they were doing, but she sensed it was out of concern for her that things might get screwed up and send her of the edge again. So she spent most of her time trying to reassure him she was a lot stronger now and could handle things far better.

Although she had some money by in her bank account to keep her going for a while.. she knew she could no longer depend on her father or Gareth to support her financially , and having made the break and a new start she was determined to become more independent, not wanting to rely solely on Seamus kindness and insisted that she should pay her way by taking a job at the pub for now until she could try and find some other means of supporting herself.

Everyone was glad to see her back and welcomed her warmly. The only two people who knew the truth and her real reason for being there was Seamus and Pat, everyone else thought she had just come to stay with Seamus again for a holiday break,

Despite all the sudden upheaval that had occurred, it was easy for Antonia to settle down in her environment and realised she had made the right decision to come here, rather than go straight back to Dublin with Bono…which would have been more unsettling and strange for her, at least here she was amongst friends and familiar environment, the only drawback being Bono couldn’t be there with her, which left an empty ache that she done her best to hide convincing herself it would not be like this forever… and they would be together soon… it was the only thing that kept her going.

But he would be coming up from Dublin to spend the weekends with her, and that was something she was looking forward too, the whole point of coming to Ireland was to be with him.. and that was all that mattered.

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2 chapters in one day! I'm off to read the other one...
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