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lessons in love pt 21 (I know its been a while)

I kind of left this story unfinished due to personal problems in my rl life.. but now I am back to some sort of normality I will try and finish it of.. hate leaving a bono story unfinished


“Let me come with you” Bono addressed Toni a few hours later, she had used his shower to get wash and changed, getting ready to go and face her father, “You don’t have to do this alone”

The open concern in his blue eyes touched Toni, making her smile and go over to him, tenderly stroking his jaw line which felt slightly rough and unshaven.

“That is very sweet of you, but I need to face him alone. With you there he might find it more … provoking. I don’t want to cause you any trouble you have already been so good to me… believe me it will be easier if I go alone”

“If you are sure you are going to be ok… I am just concerned, y’know… he might make you change your mind, he is a manipulating Bastard, that’s why he is such a good politician, and he has this damned power over you… it scares me” Bono told her his hand stroking her hair from her face,
“I just got you, I don’t want to lose you again y’know” his lips brushed her forehead that made Toni just sigh and lean against him, wrapping her arms around him the most lightest caress from him sent a heat through her body that made her want to melt.

“The power you have over me is much stronger, believe me” she assured him “I can’t bear the thought of not being with you… nothing else matters not even my father”

She looked up directly at him so he could see she was telling the truth, hoping he realised how much she had come to care about him, how much he mattered to her.

“I have come this far… no way am I going to back out now” she smiled

“Good” he smiled in return and kissed her “that’s all I want to hear” he then murmured huskily against her lips.

It took all her strength to pull away from him; it was so easier being in his arms, feeling warm safe and loved. But she wanted to tell her father as soon as possible before he found out from any other source, and that anxiety was enough to strengthen her resolve and brace herself for what was to come.

** *** *** ** *** * ****** *********

Despite her bravado, in the end Antonia gave in and finally agreed to let Bono drive her to where her father was and wait outside in the car for her, He assured her if she needed him just call him on the cell phone and he would be right with her.

Knowing he was not to far helped greatly as she finally stood before her father.

At first he was not going to see her, because he was too busy, but she had insisted that it was important and could not wait, and she finally got his full attention when she blurted out she was leaving Gareth… that their marriage was over.
In the beginning he thought it was some sort of silly prank she was pulling on him. Then realised she was deadly serious, and he demanded to know what had happened

“Its quite simple father, I don’t love him and he doesn’t love me… I don’t think he ever did love me, our marriage was never happy I don’t want to spend the rest of my life in an empty pointless union” she paused there, not quite meeting his eye when she added “Not when I have found something better… something special”

Her father’s eyes narrowed, “Oh yes? And what would that be?”

“I am sorry father, I know this is not a good time to drop this on you, it was not my intention to make things difficult, believe me I tried hard to make my marriage work, to make you happy and do the right thing, but now I have realised I have to go with my heart… and my heart belongs to Bono

She had expected him to explode… and she was not disappointed as he thumped the desk in front of him making her jump
“Dammit I knew it… I just knew it” he snapped

“I knew no good would come out of letting you be around that Irish git Seamus O’Rourke… this is all his fault” he then started ranting, Antonia felt the indignation rise inside her at this unfair accusation

“This has nothing to do with Seamus-“ she started to protest

“No? Did you not meet this Bono through Seamus? Is he not his friend and neighbour? Don’t tell me he hasn’t helped in plotting and scheming in this... his way to get back at me… I know he can’t stand me” her father finished bitterly.

“Seamus has not got a malicious bone in his body” you are talking nonsense father” Antonia exclaimed, “My decision was nothing to with Seamus, in fact he was not happy about it at first, this is about me and Bono, falling in love not some feud going on between you and Seamus… So don’t even start blaming him”

Her father’s expression was grim and stony as he looked at her “How could you do this to me Antonia? Why? Do you realise this kind of scandal is the last thing I need right now with the election coming up… What will people say or think… they will all be having a good snigger behind my back the tabloids will have a field day with this” he ran a hand through his hair as he give further consideration of the implications of what she was doing.

“You can’t do this… I won’t let you do this; you are not going to ruin me, do you hear? I want you to forget this ridiculous idea of ending your marriage right now and going of with this Bono… I won’t allow it”

Antonia stared at her father seeing him in a new light, someone who only ever cared about himself and his needs, not her happiness or caring about what she wanted or needed. It all had to be about him and his political career, All her life she had looked to this man for some sort of love and approval, sacrificing her own happiness and well being doing so… now she didn’t care anymore.

“I am sorry father I am not a little child anymore you can’t order about, I am a grown woman, and I have a right to some sort of happiness, Bono loves me, do you understand, he is the first man who has made me feel special and good about myself… he makes me happy, more happier than anyone has ever made me, I need him and he needs me… doesn’t that matter to you… can’t you put my happiness before your political career for once?” she demanded almost tearfully

Her father remained unmoved, “You do this to me Antonia... I wash my hands of you I want nothing more to do with you... do you understand?”

Antonia realised she was not going to get his approval… and she found she did not care for it either anymore; she had came here out of courtesy, to try and explain and make him understand.

But he never would she realised

Facing him tall and erect she just nodded “I understand completely father” she replied her voice sounding strange and stiff even to her own ears.

“In that case I guess this is goodbye” she forced herself to turn and walk out of the office…..

************** ************ *************** *********

Bono sat chewing anxiously on his thumb nail, keeping his eye on the building, wondering how Antonia was coping, he still had this niggling fear she would back out and leave him again.

When she came out of the door twenty minutes later, heading straight for the car, her expression was unreadable.

Bono hurriedly opened the door so she could get into the car.

“So how did it go? How did he take it? Are you ok?” he bombarded her with anxious questions as his blue eyes raked her pale face

She looked around at him, managing a wan smile. “I am fine actually… and no he did not take it well, but that’s no more than we expected is it?” though her tone was light, there was a slight tremor in it, that warned the sensitive Bono she could quite easily burst into tears at any time.

“I’m so sorry Toni” He murmured his hand covering hers in support.

“Just start up the car and drive” Antonia told him heaving a deep breath trying to keep herself together, “I need to get as far away from here as possible.

Bono was only too happy to oblige

PS: her dad is not out of the picture yet.. more trouble ahead

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glad to hear things are back to normal for you
i missed this story! love it!

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hurra, i was wondering what had happened to this story.
good to hear that things are better with you.
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I'm glad things are returning to normal in your life, and that you've taken the time to write more.

Excellent writing as usual.
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I'm glad to hear things are getting back to normal for you

Great installment!
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thanks my mind is over working already for when I finish this story.. to do a prequel to the first ever story I wrote on this forum.. the little stranger... Covering Bono's early relationship with the childs mother.. it will be a much darker story because if the plot (her being sexually abused as a child by her father and ending up a drug addict).. but something I would really like to try and explore as a new challenge
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So glad to hear that things are getting better for you!

Great job on the story, as always!!

Can't wait for more!!!
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This would just be a repeat of everyone else, but glad to hear things are getting back to some kind of normalness.

And what a great story!

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