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lessons in love pt 2

ok this chapter is just backtracking and explaining Seamus's relationship with Antonia so I can get that all over and done with
and get on with her and Bono meeting up again


Seamus O'Rourke had arrived In England earlier that week in a furious mood. Furious that he had been trying to get in contact with
Antonia for the past month and told that she was away on holidaying in France which was a smokscreen to what had really occurred,

Four months before she had tried to commit suicide and had been put in a mental care clinic. It seemed Antonia's father did not want anyone to know the truth in case it ruined his reputation and future career, and had managed to keep it hushed up and with this made up cover story that Antonia was out of the country.

But Seamus had his contacts and finally after many phone calls in Ireland to England trying to find out why he could not get in touch with Antonia, and growing more worried by the day, he finally found out the truth thanks to one of Alex's employees who was concerned about Antonia.

The first thing Seamus did was to find the clinic Antonia was staying in, it took some of his irish charm to persuade the nurses to let him see her, they finally agreed if Antonia was ok with it.

Seamus got the shock of his life when he finally was allowed to see her, how thin she was, and pale with datk shadows under her eyes, she tried to put on a brave smile at the sight of him, but overcome with emotion had just sobbed in his arms.

It was over the next hour he finally discovered what had happened to her.. how desperate she had been to try and take her own life as a cry for help because of the abuse of her husband and the total lack of concern for her plight her father seems to have, even now he had just tried to keep her in the clinic and have the whole matter hushed up.

By the end of the week Seamus was determind to get Antonia away from her father and her husband and out of the clinic, he felt sure a whole different enviroment would do her the world of good, he had discussions with her doctors in the clinic wanting to know about her progress, if she was getting any better, when she would be able to get out, they didnt seem to optimistic, because it seemed Antonia had given up on the will to live and did not seem to want to get better ot just didn't care.

This distressed Seamus greatly. Twenty years before that when Antonia was only four years old he had attended her mothers funeral, which had broken his heart, It was hard for him to come to terms with the fact he was still in love his childhood sweetheart even though she had gone and married another man, and for the sake of that love he was determind he was not going to see her daughter being buried beside her just yet.. which was why he had decided on such drastic action,

If he could just get her out of the clinic and take her back to Ireland with him and help her find a reason to want to live again, to know that she did matter to him.

The doctors at the hospital where still sceptical about his plan, but there was nothing much they could really do when they recieved permission from her father that Seamus had his approval, and Seamus pointed she was making so little progress in the clinic and he assured them he would talk to some of the best psychiatric doctors in Ireland and make sure she was getting cared for still so in the end they reluctantly agreed to release her into his care as they also realised that since Seamus arrival, he seemed the only one she was willing to respond to.

She had been sitting listlessy in the chair in the day room when he came to inform her that she would be leaving the clinic with him, and he was taking her back to Ireland for a while. She seemed a little dazed and bewildered by the information, her mind in its present state unable to fully understand the implications other than she was getting out of the clinic and she would be with Seamus, it was enough to lift her a spirits little

So now two weeks after his arrival Seamus was returning to Ireland with Antonia, She had been very clingy with him the whole journey over, not wanting to leave his side for a second espicially when they were in the crowded airport, it pained Seamus to see this bright young woman, so like her mother turned into this frightened shell of a person, he always had his concerns this past few years about her, when she had less and less contact with him, espicially when he hinted he was suspicous of how her husband treated her.

He had cursed himself for not paying more attention and being there for her, maybe she would not be in this mess today.

She had been just sixteen when he had gotten to know her better, her father had finally agreed to let her visit Ireland to see her grandmother on her mothers side, before he had not considered contact with them of any importance from his wife died when Antonia was little.

When Seamus had first spotted her in the garden with her grandmother while passing one day, it had stunned him, because she reminded him so much of her mother Mary when she had been that age.. the age he had fallen in love with her in what seemed a very long time ago.

So he had found himself unable to resist introducing himself to the young woman, saying he knew her mother, this had got her attention, she semed greedy for information on her mother and with anyone who knew her, so the friendship had started to develop over the years when Antonia came to visit her grandmother, and even when her grandmother died a few years later the bond between Seamus and Antonia's friendship had grown stronger.

Then he learned of her getting engaged to be married to Gareth Olsen, he met the young man once, an found his pretensious and condensending atittude irritating but didn't say anything for Antonia's sake, It seemed Antonia's father approved of Gareth because he had a great future in practise of Law, and by now Seamus was aware the one thing Antonia longed to do was have her fathers approval, it was the most important thing to her, that maybe then he would awknowledge her existence for a change.

Two years after the marriage when Seamus had visited Antonia in England he could tell she was not happy, that things were not right.. he could not put his finger on it exactly, but when he tried to talk to her about it she insisted everything was fine, as time went by she seem to deliberatly have less and less contact with him... now he knew why, she had been scared he would find out the truth and cause a kick up about it. Now he wished he had been around for her more and had not ignored his gut feeling..

But he was going to take this chance to make it up to her, he would get her better one way or the other of that he was determind... no matter how long it took if nothing else for his beloved Mary's sake.

She had fallen asleep in the passenger seat of his car when they finally arrived at his place, it was starting to get dark.

When the car had pulled to a halt he realised she was not heavily sleep as she opened her eyes, blinking as she took in her surroundings and realised where she was, for the first time since he had set eyes on her a few weeks back at the clinic she smiled what seemed a genuine happy smile

"Oh we are home at last" was her only remark

"Yes Seamus smiled patting her hand, and feeling his own spirits lifting suddenly by her response "We are home"

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can't wait for the next part

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Something tells me this story is going to be really sweet!
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i this story so far!
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