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Lessons in love pt 13

"So when exactly are you planning to come back to Dublin to join the rest of us Larry demanded over the phone, he and the others had returned to Dublin a few weeks before

"Ahh, actually I am not too sure" Bono replied uncertainly at his end "Maybe a while yet"

"You sure you aren't planning on staying in Donegal permanetly? Larry then enquired half jokingly

Bono laughed "C'mon Lar, it's only been a couple of months, all I said I won't be back in Dublin this week cos I am going with Seamus and Toni to the horse racing on Saturday.

"Ah might have known Toni would figure somewhere in it" Larry remarked, "You seem to be spending a lot of time with her lately, I notice you mention her a lot as well"

"Well yeah, Seamus and her are practically my next door neighbour here" Bono pointed out

"As long as that is all she is" Larry replied

"What is that suppose to mean?" Bono got a little defensive "You know she has been through a hard time Larry, I am just looking out for her as a friend, she needs all the friends she can get"

"Yeah, I don't disagree with you" Larry soothed, "It's just that I know what you are like.." he hesitated before adding "When you see someone in trouble and you feel you can help in some way, you get this mad reckless impulse that you feel you have to take some sort of action and you just jump in doing your good deed.. trouble is sometimes you get yourself into situations that you can't stand back and see the bigger picture"

"Bigger picture?" Bono queried puzzled.

"Yeah, the big bigger picture" Larry then said " Can you tell me truthfully Bono, you don't have some emotional attachment with Toni with all this time you are spending with her?" he then demanded.

There was a pause at the other end before Bono replied

"I told you I feel sorry for her, and all that she has been through.. there is nothing else going on between us Larry I am just trying to be there for her, y'know as a friend.. if you can call that an emotional attachement"

"Well just as long as that all it is. Just remember, she is not only a married woman, but the daughter of a high profiled british politician.. so just be careful, ok" Larry reminded him.

"You worry too much Lar" Bono told him.

"Yeah well some one has to" Larry then said, "look I have to go, talk to you again soon, just hurry up and get back here will ya.. we have our next album to work on"

"Don't worry I will be back soon" Bono reassured him before saying goodbye.

Once he hung up Bono stood chewing on his lower lip thoughtfully as he digested his conversation with Larry about his involvment with Antonia.

He was just glad his friend was not there to read his face expressions, which might have give more than he wanted away.

Not that anything had happened between him and Antonia. But he could no longer deny after spending all these weeks in her company.. even so more lately, his feelings towards her were more than sympathetic, and the truth was she was the reason he was staying behind in Donegal for so long,

He had been kidding himself that it was just about friendship and being there for her.. there was more to it than that. Larry talking about it had made him realise that.

Deep down he knew Larry was talking sense advising him to maybe step back a bit.. he had been telling himself that this last week or so, realising his affection for Antonia was starting to become more than just that of a friend. But he kept convincing himself he was cool with it he could handle it.. nothing would ever happen between them. He could keep his personal feelings for her under wraps she would never know, they could just remain friends.. and he reckoned he was doing a fine job, after all a few more weeks were not going to make any dfference......


"C'mon Darcy's Gal, C'mon" Antonia was urging under her breath as she watched her horse she had put a bet on just nose into the front as they were coming around to the finishing post. When it passed the finishing line first she let out aloud whoop of joy
"Whoo hooo!!! she did it!" she exclaimed and in her happy excitment turned and hugged Bono standing next to her almost taking the neck of him with her enthusiasm making him laugh but then tell her to take it easy on him.

"Oh sorry" Antonia apologised a little mortified letting go of him "It's just I have never won before..and well you give me the tip.. and our horse came in.. she won" her hazel eyes were dancing with excitment, she now turned to Seamus a little sympathetically
"You should have bet on the same horse as us Seamus, then we all would have been winners"

"Ah well, I will know the next time" Seamus replied "You win some you lose some" he shrugged it of dismissively, not really caring, about losing money, just pleased to see Antonia having a good time.

Bono was smiling too as he watched Antonia, but his thoughts were in a different train than Seamus. He was thinking about how much he had enjoyed having her hug him, even if she had almost gave him a broken neck, and how would be nice it would be if he could hold her close all the time and how much he wanted to plant a sweet kiss on her smiling lips.

It made him recall his conversation with Larry a few days over the phone.. and he was reluctantly beginning to wake up to the reality that maybe it would be better if he returned to Dublin sooner than later and putting some distance between them.. his confidence he could go on hiding his feelings for Antonia were starting to slip.. and things could get messy or complicated.. and that was the last thing he wanted.

They decided they would go to the pub for a celebratory drink with their winnings and to buy Seamus a consolation pint because he had lost.

"Its been a great day, I have really enjoyed myself" Antonia said "I know I didint win a lot of money.. but just the fact thatI won something has made me giddy like a silly schoolgirl" she laughed.

"Just as long as you don't get hooked on gambling on horses" Seamus chuckled "Because that ewas not my intention"

"Don't worry" Antonia assured him "I know my limits.. I think I will phone Aileen later and ask her if she waantsw to help me go shopping with the rest of my winnings to get a new pair of shoes"

"Women and shoes" Seamus shook his head in bewilderment "Why do they women never think they have enough of them?"

"Its an age old question" Bono piped in with a grin "One that has baffled man from the dawn of time"

"I guess that means you won't be spending your winnings on a pair of shoes then" Antonia retorted good humouredly.

"Too right I won't" Bono chuckled and took a sip of his drink "I am glad you had a good day though, I enjoyed it to" he paused,
his finger running up and down the glass he put back on the table in front of him, unable to look Antonia in the eye as he continued in what he hoped was a casual tone, "Just a shame there won't be too many more after this, now I have to get back to Dublin soon"

"Oh" was Antonia's only response

"Yeah y'know how it is the life of a rockstar, always on the go, needed by everyone.. there are things I have to do" his blue eyes now looked up at her and he forced a small smile on his lips

"Y-yes of course" Antonia replied "I understand how you are greatly in demand, espicially being the singer of the bifggiest rock band in the world "

"So you will be leaving us soon" Seamus remarked, "That is a shame Toni and I will miss you"

"Yeah I will miss you too" Bono said soberly "But y'know we got phones we can still stay in contact" he added optimstically but hating himself for this situation at the same time

"Yes of course" Antonia shot him a strained smile, trying to quell the sudden sense of disapointment that threatened to overtake her learning that Bono would not be around for much longer.

Now the heaviness in her heart overshadowed her earlier happiness as his news sank in.. But she could not let it show not in front of Seamus.. and espicially not in front of Bono.

things are going to get a little bumpy after this.. but hey we need the drama!!!!

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this story is so good! i can't wait to see what happens
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I'll keep it simple... more please!
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Oops...just realised I should give this chapter some love too.

Very sweet

Keep it up!
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