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lessons in love pt 12

Antonia wasn't sure why she was feeling so jittery, as she got changed to go out with Bono.. it wasn't like it was some sort of date.. and she would not even be alone with him as they were heading for a crowded football stadium, and he would be probably more interested in what was going on at the match than paying any attention to her.

But from the the night of Aileen's birthday party she had become aware of how charismatic and attractive he was, even when he didn't intentionally mean to come across that way.

She had never been quite so aware of this kind of attraction to the male sex that had made her insides turn upside down, not even with her husband Gareth.

Because of that she did was not to sure how to deal with it, except push it to the back of her mind, avoiding Bono seemed out of the question, as a friend she she enjoyed his company too much, and those fleeting moments of attraction didnt seem worth spoiling that for.

It was not like anything was ever going to happen between them, he had jokingly flirted with her occasionally, but he was like that with everyone, so she paid no attention to it. Tonight he just needed a companion to go to this football match.. she had conventiently been available nothing more nothing less.. she had no reason to feel bad or guilty or anything else....

She heard the Bono 's car horn beeping, she hastily grabbed her bag and left the house. Seamus was already gone to Pat's to pick her up, but he would be back for her return.

She tried to ignore sudden twinge of excitment that seem to knot in her stomach as she opened the car door to see Bono smiling at her as she got in.

"All ready then?" he asked

"Yeah I think so" she replied "Am I dressed alright for a football match?" she then enquired anxiously looking down at her black jeans she wore with a light blue long sleeved top and black jacket over it. "Like I told you I have never been to any kind of football match before"

"You look great-- Oh hang on a minute there is something missing-" he replied

"What?" Antonia replied with an anxious frown and watched him bend down with some difficulty and start searching for something on the floor of the car under his seat

"This" he replied triumphantly holding up a yellow and red scarf that were obviously his football teams colours. He then proceeded to drape it around her neck., "Now you look the part" he finished with a satisfying grin

"Thanks" Antonia grinned back

As they drove to the football stadium Bono attempted to explain the game to her. Rather than seem dumb Antonia pretended she more or less had an idea what he was talking about, but in truth he might as well be talking gobbledygook to her.. but she was too polite and ambarrased by her own lack of understanding to let him know. Besides he seemed to be enjoying himself explaining it all and it was a nice neutral topic that didn't lead to anything more personal.. which was fine by her.

When they arrived at the football stadium twenty minutes later, Antonia smiled as she watched Bono put on his shades and cap which had been sitting on the dash board

"You know wearing those isn't really a good disguise, considering they are your trademark, everyone will recognise you anyway"
she pointed out

"Who says I use them to disguise myself ?" Bono queried lightly with a mischevious smirk "Don't ya think they make me look cool and sexy?"

"Ahh, a rockstar's vanity.. there is no end to it" Antonia drawled in mock amusement

"I hope I have not shattered your illusions of me of being Mr perfect" Bono remarked trying not to grin.

"Oh I am sure I will recover from the terrible disappointment" Antonia assured him dryly making him chuckle

"The other good thing about being a rockstar is we get the special VIP treatment" he then said as they got out of the car.

He walked around the car to come beside her, slipping his arm lightly across her shoulder and leading her towards the entrance

"Our VIP booth awaits us ma'am"

The VIP booth turned out to be a stall of about ten boxed in seats in the front row, Antonia felt a little uneasy that as it filled up she seemed to be the only woman amongst them, Bono seemed to know quite a few of the others some of them local Irish celebrities and sports stars, they exchanged greetings,

He introduced her to a few of them, she just smiled and shook hands and remained sitting silently in the background feeling a little out of place whilst Bono exchanged general conversation with them until the match was about to start then he settled himself next to Antonia.

"You ok?" he enquired, "Sorry if I seemed to abandon you to talk to the other guys.. some of them I haven't seen in a while and I was just catching up... but I promise you will have my undivided attention the rest of the evening" he smiled that charming smile, that Antonia reckoned had more likely melted many a girls heart

"It's alright" she told him, touched that he was even concerned that she might be feeling left out, it was a novelty espically when she was used with the other men in her life like her father and her husband who seemed obvilious to her personal feelings and rarely give her any sort of consideration

The match finally got underway, and Antonia made a brave attempt to keep up with Bono's explaination even through the roar of the crowds cheering on their teams, she got the giste of some of what was going on, and found herself cheering along with Bono when his team scored a goal, the atmosphere was lively and despite her lack of knowledge, she still felt herself getting caught up in it all.
and quite enjoying herself.

Then they took a break for half time and the score was even two all .

"So how are you enjoying it?" Bono asked.

"I think I am getting into it actually" Antonia confessed with a small laugh, and pulled her jacket closer around her, now it was later in the evening she was feeling the chill and wishing she had put on a warmer coat.

"Are you cold?" Bono asked noticing her shiver a little, then not waiting for her reply he removed his leather jacket and placed it around her shoulders, it was still warm from the heat of his body, but he wasn't finished with her quite yet, taking the scarf he had draped around her neck he arranged it around her throat and neck to keep the chill from her further, "Does that help?" he enquired.

"Oh yes" Antonia manage to reply, avoiding looking into his face, feeling her heart quicken betrayingingly at his closeness and wanting to put some distance between them, as she became aware of his hand brushing lightly against her cheek as he was fixing the scarf, and she tried to get a grip of herself and not make a big deal of it.

"B-but now you will be cold" she protested a little guilty seeing him in his shirt.

"I am fine, as long as your all right, if you catch anything Seamus will never forgive me" Bono pointed out, "C'mon I think they serve tea or coffee somewhere around here, it will help keep us warm.

Taking her lightly by the elbow he led her out of the VIP booth and up around the back into a building where there was a table set out with large urns of hot water at each end and a few stacks of polysterene cups for drinking out of.

"Here this should keep us going hopefully till for the rest of the night" Bono handed her a hot cup of tea and took one for himself.

"Thanks" she replied and eyed him for a few moments wonderingly "You are a very nice guy.. I just don't understand why some woman has not snapped you up already"

Bono laughed and took a sip from his cup staring into it, almost seeming embarrased by her remark "Well its not for the want of trying, but I guess I just haven't found Miss right yet.. or she hasn't found me"

Antonia smiled and shook her head, "Y'know I find that so hard to believe, I mean you must have lots of females after you.."

"Oh yeah I have that alright" Bono agreed "Just seems so far my relationships always end getting screwed up, part of the casualty of rock'n roll fame I think" the he shrugged, "Or maybe its me, maybe the kind of love I want from a woman, I just can't seem to find, I am a bit of an idealist probably expect too much, then get disapointed when it doesn't work out" he sighed heavily "Love is sometimes complicated, I am still trying to figure it out"

"Yeah I know what you mean" Antonia replied, "I thought I knew about love, when I married Gareth.. shows how stupid I was"
she frowned into her cup,

Bono remained silent watching her.. it was the first time she had mentioned her marriage and her husband
he knew it was still a sore spot for her.

She looked up at him "You know what he is like, you seen him that time at that charity Ball.. how he was behaving you probably heard others talking about it too.. that was him on a good night.. and I keep asking myself where did it all go wrong.. where did I go wrong?.. I guess being stupid enough to believe he actually loved me was the beginning" she finished sadly.

Bono felt his heart go out to her, he wanted to go over and put his arms around her and give her a comforting hug.. but at the same time it didn't seem appropriate.

"Well I think he is a fecking fool, he doesnt know how lucky he is having you" was all he said, "And maybe I will tell him that the next time I see him"

Antonia smiled, "I am so glad we have become friends.. real friends I mean not the pretensious type I have so many of back in London.. good friends are so hard to find, and I think I am going to need them to get me through the next few months" she confessed

Bono took a step closer to her, and with his free hand tucked the scarf that had come loose closer to her neck and then pulled his leather jacket which was still drapped around her shoulders closer together she could feel his warm breath on her cool cheek.

"I will be here for you Toni, you just have to holler, and I will come running I promise" He told her

"Thank you" she replied finding herself having to resist the urge to rest her for head against his shoulder which suddenly looked very inviting, she was only saved by the fact the game was about to restart and they had to get back to the VIP booth.

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Hi guys I meant to thank you for all your well wishes.. still got a bit of a headache and sore throat but filling myself with tablets to hold the darn thing of
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Well ain't you the little trooper - writing more even when you're still unwell!
I hope you're feelin a bit better!

I really like the interaction between the two, very nicely done. So sweet!

As always, i wait for more!

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awww this part is so cute. keep writing!
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this story!
get better soon!
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Waiting for more!
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Keep up the good work... great story!!!

Feel better soon!!
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Oh *sniff* this quote made me tear up!

"I will be here for you Toni, you just have to holler, and I will come running I promise" He told her

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