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Lessons in Love Prologue...(another Bono story)

this only occured in some crazy alternative universe of my mind where Bono is a single guy of course.. but apart from that it never really happened not true and all that stuff.. but enjoy reading it anyway

*wonders why she can't stop writing about Bono???* never mind here we go again *lol*

"Gawd I hate formal dinner parties" Bono tugged at the stiff starched collar of his shirt, "getting dressed up like a bloody penguin is not my idea of fun" he grumbled

"Oh stop complaining it is for charity" Adam who stood next to him pointed out, "And you know how much you love doing good deeds" he grinned

"Yeah" Bono replied "If it wasn't for charity I wouldn't be here, I will tell you that much" he tugged at his collar again, longing to undo the top button feeling like it was going to choke him, he looked at Adam "Its ok for you, you look good in a tux, I just look daft"

"Oh I dunno, after all I think there is quite a few females in here wouldn't mind helping you get out of it" Adam teased

"Don't remind me" Bono grimaced, "Its terrible when all a woman sees is your rockstar status and automatically assume you wanna
jump into bed with them the minute they give you the least little come one, then look at you as if your are nuts because you don't"

"Yeah its a terrible life" Adam drawled mockingly

Bono grinned, "well you know what I mean.. it gets a bit tedious and tiring the groupie thing you have to admit... and when you try and have a proper relationship it always ends up getting screwed up" he finished with a small frown

Adam's expression now grew more serious, his tone sympathetic"You still feeling it about you and Gina busting up?" he enquired

"Yeah I guess so.. I thought it was the real thing, y'know" Bono replied, "Probably why I am in such a lousy mood now, even though its nearly been four months from we split. I'm sorry I know you expected me to be having a good time, but its not quite working out like that" he then apologised

"C'mon I will get you a stiff drink and you can keep that brave smile on your face for another while and slip away early if you have to" Adam told him.

"Sounds good to me" Bono replied cheering up a little, and followed Adam across to the bar still tugging at his irritating shirt collar.


Antonia Olsen stood with a fixed smile on her face her hands clasped tight with underlying anxiety and tension as she stood in the corner of the crowded ball room filled with a mixture of celebrities rich people politicians.

As Hostess it was her job to make sure everything was running smoothly and that everyone was enjoying themselves, and so far so good.. everything was going splendidly, with one little exception, the fact that her husband Gareth seem to take this opportunity to publically humilate her, dancing with another married woman twice her age, his hands all over her and visa versa the two of them making an exhibition of themselves on the dancefloor..

Gareth never missed an opportunity to make her uncomfortable publicly and privately, but she had to just grin and bear it, pretend she didn't notice or it didn't bother her

Move around the room with a glass in her hand smiling chatting with the guests her hair and make up perfect, her gown expensive as if everything was wonderful.. whilst inside she was slowly crumbling and falling apart.. but somehow she would get through the night.. she would not let Gareth destroy the night she had worked so hard to achieve for her favorite childrens charity or give him the pleasure of destroying her.

So when the opportunity arose when she could slip out into the balcony un noticed to escape just for a little while, she took it.
Just so she could for a few moments she could let the fixed smile slip and close her eyes and pretend she was a million miles away as she clutched the stone balcony, taking in the cold night air and letting out a long sigh trying to relief some of the tension that had been building up inside her, and that threatened to over burst in threatening tears... but she would save them for later.. when she was really alone, until then she had to stay strong just for a couple of more hours.

"I can do this, I can do this, I can do this,"she kept murmering into herself like a personal mantra to keep her going so she could face everyone inside the ballroom again, knowing they were probably gossiping about her and the way her husband was behaving, some of them probably found it amusing, those who knew her well would be sympathetic and annoyed, but would not say anything in front of her, though probably amonst themselves they would wondery why she put up with Gareth..

She often wondered that herself, and she heard her husbands voice in her head, full of dersion and scorn mocking her because she was too weak to stand up to him, to stand up to her father and would tolerate the abuse physical and verbal because she brought it all on herself.

That was her lot in life her horrible guilty secret, the London society hostess, the poor little rich girl.

But now was not the time to give into feelings of self pity, she couldnt let every one see how bad her life was she had to go on pretending everything was wonderful.

She started to fortify herself with her mantra again muttering it just under her breath as she turned to head back into the ballroom, and only now realised she was not alone on the Balcony much to her dismayed surprise......

Bono had slipped out into the Balcony himself just ten minutes before Antonia had come out, he had been standing leaning against the wall having a quick smoke and escaping the attention of an amorous female fan deciding he would be leaving very soon, now that Adam and the others had found female company to amuse them for the night.. Bono was just not in the mood.

When Antonia came strolling out to the balcony he could see she was going through some sort of private torment, earlier Adam had pointed out her husband Gareth and told him about what a rat he was to his lovely wife and he had witnessed the mans antics on the dancefloorwith some disgust.

Bono had an idea why Antonia was so upset and trying to keep it together. She was not aware of him standing there, and somehow he didn't want her to know and so he had stayed in the dark shadows deciding he would slip back inside the room after she did, and save them both some embarrasment.

But it didn't quite turn out like that because as she turned to go back in, he couldn't hold back the sneeze that seem to come out of nowhere much to his annoyance, and now he found Antonia had stopped in her tracks and was staring at him in startlement.

Realising she had been caught with her guard down, and recognising him she didn't know him personally in fact it was the first time she had met him for real when he had arrived tonight, she felt her cheeks flame, unable to speak.. what could she say??

Bono smiled sheepishly realising he had put them both in a bit of an awkward situation. and decided a hasty retreat was the best option and made for the entrance.

"Was just having a smoke, don't mind me" he told her "I didn't see or hear anything, didn't even realise you were there" he finished airily, and whilst Antonia was still getting over the shock of his unexpected presence, he was gone.

She took another moment to gather her scattered wits about her, put her fixed smile back on and go back into the ballroom, glancing around for Bono with a certain anxiousness, but noticed had gone over to the other band members who were also present to talk to them for a few moments... then he left.

She didint havetime to consider any of the implications of what he had witnessed out on the balcony as she was approached by one of her father's politcian friends who had come to tell her how much they were enjoying themselves, and she found herself making small talk with them, playing the perfect hostess again....

they will meet again if you are interested in the rest

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ooh its so good! of course i'm interested in the rest, i'm sure everyone else will be when they read it too!

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Yes! The story is very good. Please continue???
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