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Lesons in love pt9

Well I must say, you have been a great, helping me get this altogether for our Aileen, she won't forget this birthday party in a hurry" Pat addressed Antonia cheerfully "I don't know how to thank you for your help".

They both stood on the Village hall which was decorated with pink and lemon shiny balloons around the walls as well as pink and lemon crepe paper streamers twisted and strung across the ceiling and a huge banner across one wall in pink with lemon leters with Happy 17th Birthday Aileen on it. The tables were adorned with lemon crepe paper with little plastic silver bowls with assorted snack such as nuts and potato chips and the odd balloon scattered strategically on the floor

"Oh it should be me thanking you for letting me help.. it was fun" Antonia replied with a smile, and opened the box of party poppers she held in her hands "Lets get a few of these on the tables and that is us finished with the exception of bringing the food over in an hour or so when everyone starts arriving" she then said enthusatically

Seamus admission that he had almost been in the same boat as her, because of her mother's death, had given Antonia much to ponder on. But more importantly it had made her reassess her own actions, and discover that suddenly she did have a purpose to try and keep going, a reason to want to live.

The thought that she could hurt Seamus after all that he done abhorred her, so she had made up her mind that she was going to get better and put in much more effort to try and be more postive about things in her life from now on, it wasn't easy at times, but she was determined to try harder now.

Her biggest test came the following week when Pat had decided to have a party for her second oldest daughter Aileen who was turning seventeen, most of the village would be there, so quite a crowd.
It would be the first time she attended any sort of social function in several months. But Antonia comforted herself that she would be surrounded with familar faces such as Seamus and Pat and her family.

So she decided to dive into the deep end and help Pat with the party arrangments with the food and invitations... it had been a while from she had done such things, but it was a lot easier than sorting out big glitzy charity functions like she had done in London, and she found she was enjoying herself getting involved with it.. suddenly felt like part of the family and now stood feeling pretty pleased with her efforts Now the hardest part would be when people started arriving in the place, but she would deal with that when the time came.


Seamus had invited Bono and the rest of U2 to attend the party, but he and Pat understood at the same time with them being high profiled celebrities they might not want to come in case they got mobbed by people wanting their autographs and pestering them.

So they were surprised but delighted when Bono and Edge sauntered in, just as the party was getting well under way in the village hall, most people had arrived, it was quite a mixture of young people and older ones friends and family and relations, and the hall seemed quite filled with people talking and laughing, there had been a special table set aside in the room where the birthday presents had started to pile up.

Aileen could not believe her luck when she realised that two members of U2 had just joined her for her birthday party, and hurried over to her Uncle Seamus, "They came they came, I didn't think they would.. but they did!" she exclaimed excitedly."Can you imagine it, having Bono at my birthday party, its going to be the most talked about thing around here for ages" she finished laughing.

"Yeah well, now they were good enough to come to your party, just make sure they get treated right, no one annoying them and pestering them, so you may warn your friends, they are guests like the rest of them and want to have a good time" Seamus told her

"Oh yes of course," Aileen replied "But still Bono and Edge at my birthday party, my friends are going to be soo jealous" she gushed making Seamus chuckle

It was not long before Bono and Edge joined Seamus across the room, "Thought we would drop by and see how things are going, and wish your neice a happy birthday" Bono smiled.

"Well you know we are delighted you could be here" Seamus replied shaking his hand "And thank you you have made it extra special"

"Well we never could turn down an offer to a party" Edge grinned "Espicially a good old Irish shindig"

"C'mon I am unoffical barman here tonight, I will get you a drink" Seamus replied with a wink.

Antonia was the only one who wasn't in a high state of excitment that Bono and Edge had arrived, though she was pleased they had come for Aileens sake, she was quite used to seeing them around,

But she was too occupied helping Pat sort out the party food, making last minute extra sandwhiches, heating up the cocktail sauasages and sauasage rolls, making sure the birthday cake had arrived safely in once peice and getting the candles on it, this also took her mind of the fact she was in a crowded room with a lot of strangers, she was just concentrating on making sure they all got fed and making sure things went smoothly.

But once all the food was served out and Aileen was finally presented with her huge birthday cake complete with 17 candles and every one sang to her and cheered after she blew out the candles, Pat insisted that Antonia stop rushing around after everyone and relax and enjoy herself.

Feeling pretty exhausted as she had been up from the streak of dawn, Antonia relented, and decided she would leave the dishes and mess till later to sort out after the party had finished.

Local villagers and friends had brought accordians guitars penny whistles flutes to provide some music and entertainment, playing lively irish tradition tunes, people were clapping and singing along, and others started to get up to dance.

Aileen had been standing with her mother Pat and the two of them were whispering conspiringly together and grinning, the next thing they walked across the room and pulled Antonia from the seat she was sitting in one of the more darker secluded corner of the room and insisted she come and dance with them.

"Antonia protested laughing, pointing out she she didn't have a clue about Irish dancing. But they insisted they would learn her, and to just watch them and follow their movements.. so she tried to keep up with them, but not doing a very good job but the mood was jovial and fun and she ended up laughing at her capers and determined to get the hang of the steps, getting delighted praise from Pat and Aileen when she got it right.

Across the room she was totally unaware of Bono and Seamus watching her

"Nice to see Antonia enjoying herself" Bono remarked "I think its the first time I think I have seen her looking so natural and having fun....she seems so different"

"Yes" Seamus smiled in agreement "I think she is starting to come out of herself at last I am happy to say.. its good to see her happy for a change, reminds me of when I first met her, she was so full of life"

"Yeah and she has you to thank for it" Bono replied "I have great admiration for you Seamus, the way you have helped her... you should feel proud.. I am sure her mother would be if she was here now"

"You think so?" Seamus looked at him

"I know so" Bono replied with a certainty, his blue eyes going back on Antonia as he watched her hooking onto Aileens arm and swinging around with her laughing, she looked so carefree and was having fun. He realising she was quite captivating when she was happy and it would be good if she was always happy, to see that smile and look on her face was worth it.....


this chapter turned out a lot longer than I planned so I will be continuing it on from here in the next bit

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looking forward to more.....
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