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Lemons, Gold Shoes And A Promise That Was Never Forgotten

This is one of my first fanfics i wrote it for english its lame but i got 8/10 for it and my teacher seemed to enjoy it

This is set during the break after Zoo TV and before Zooropa was recorded

Lemons, Gold Shoes And A Promise That Was Never Forgotten

The door bell rang and Bono’s wife Ali gets up from the lounge to answer the door. A short Edge walks into the lounge room to greet his band mate Bono.
“I will be in the kitchen making lunch, sing out if you need me” Ali said to Bono and Edge.
Bono and Edge sat on the lounge and watched TV.
“What time will Larry and Adam be here” Edge asked Bono
“Larry will be here after lunch and Adam will be here at… well he will be here when he gets here” Bono replied.

“Drop me off at Bono’s house…. You know where that is everyone does!” Adam said as he fell into a taxi after being out all night partying.

The doorbell rang for the second time. Edge and Bono got up to answer the door. And where surprised to see a very scruffy man walk up Bono’s drive way. As the man walked closer they realized it was Adam. He stopped in the middle of the drive way and yelled “HAPPY NEW YEAR” not taking any notice it was the middle of September. Once Adam managed to get to the door step of the house he turned around to wave to the taxi driver “oh he left, how rude never said goodbye...” Adam mumbled
“What did you do last night?” Edged asked but Adam had no reply
As Adam walked into Bono’s house and walked through he hallway he knocked over thirteen things he was that hung- over to notice
Bono, Edge and Adam sat at the dining room table, Ali made some very strong coffee to try and shake off Adam’s hangover.
Ali, Bono, Edge and Adam sat and had lunch together.
“I’m going out” Ali said as she went to get her things together. She had to be at a meeting for benefit that was being held for the children in Chernobyl.
Larry arrived and the band went down to Bono’s study
“Ok I know that our Zoo TV stage was great and since we are going back into the studio I had this crazy idea that…”
Bono was interrupted by the delivery man standing in the door way
“Sorry, I knocked on the door but no answer, I have a delivery for a Mr.… er Bono for the delivery of a one hundred and twenty lemons” the man said
“Yes that’s me” Bono said as he signed the piece of paper.
“What…lemons? Why the hell would you order lemons?” asked Larry
“Well you see, I had this dream and I was thinking we could use my ideas on the tour…anyway we could have a giant lemon made out of all these” Bono said holding up one of the lemons
“You thinking, that’s a scary thought, no wonder this idea is mad” Larry said
Bono ignoring Larry decided to ramble on
“And I was working on this song that goes LEEEEMMMMMOOOON and I could wear a gold shiny suit with red shirt and devil horns and wear white face paint and have dark eye shadow on…..oh and gold shiny shoes with glitter on them” And Bono continued to ramble on
But was stopped by Edge
“Maybe next tour… even if it’s not a real lemon ok I promise” Edge told Bono hoping that Bono would have forgotten all this madness
And that’s how the “Lemon” song and MacPhisto was made up all because of Bono’s dream
But it looks like Bono never forgot Edge’s promise.
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