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Lemon - Part 8

Chapter 8

"I can't believe it was all real. You're real...", Bono said holding her face in his hands... wiping a tear from her eyes.
"I'm not dreaming again, am I?" she laughs, smiling so much it hurts.
"Who knows! No, I definitely think this is real. Dream or not... I'm not letting you go again..."
His words shocked her...
"You don't know how much I.." they both start saying at the same time, and laugh at eachother. They sure had a knack for saying the same exact things at the same exact time.
"You don't know how much I thought about what happened. You never left my mind. I thought I was gonna have to have Edge admit me into a crazy house", he smiled.
"Same here, it was too real. I'm not insane (well, depends on who you ask), but I just could not get it out of my head either. Everytime I closed my eyes... I saw your eyes. I thought I'd never..." she stops herself..

Oh fuck, she's saying way too much... come on, don't get all emotional.... jesus christ. she argues with herself in her head...

He looked at her for what felt like the longest time, with those eyes, penetrating her very soul....

He took her hand in his, and brought it to his face...
"...get to look into them ever again..." she finished... in a low voice, almost in a trance...

"You won't ever have to worry about that again, m'love.." he said, guiding her hand to his chest...
'm'love..', she loved it when he called her that... her heart could just explode everytime she'd hear those words. something about the way he said it.. made her feel so warm inside and content. she didnt know what it was...

"Its all real now..." he said, reassuring her, taking her in his arms once again.


The two of them went to a favorite pub of his and spent the following 2 hours just talking, going over the past week, and trying to figure out what had happened to them.
She had her head rested on his shoulder...her hand in his.... just taking in and enjoying being back together. Still no closer to knowing the answer. But oddly, neither of them caring anymore. Just being together, was a miracle in itself.

"Hey... I'll be right back. I've got something for you..." he said, grinning ear to ear... eyeing the jukebox across the room.

She was curious what he was up to. That mischievious face could only mean trouble, heh.

He puts some change in and selects a slow, soft, beautiful Irish song, by a woman with the most angelic voice.

He walks back to Jeannie, and holds out his hand.. "Care to dance, m'lady?"
"I would love to", she gleams back at him taking his hand and moving out to the wide opened floor.

"I used to spend many nights playing this song over and over again.. ", he said softly into her ear as she rested her head on his shoulder as they danced.

"Who sings this? Its so beautiful..." she asked.
"You know, I don't know... it has no label on the Jukebox, and I never asked anyone. The song, with no name...."

He starts singing along to it, into her hair.. "... my love... when i look into your eyes.. i see a light that shines, like the sun. i've waited all of my life... for you..."

his voice giving her chills up and down her spine... she could feel it through her veins. good thing he was holding her, or else she'd have fallen to her knees already.

he keeps singing sweetly and softly to her.. as they danced. she could feel her body melt into him. she didnt want to ever let go. neither did he.
no matter how crazy it sounded to her.. she loved him. but she could never say it out loud.

but, he already knew.

fighting herself from crying, she held onto him even more tightly as she felt him exchange the motion.

the song had long ended.. but they were still up there.. lost in eachother.

for those moments, it was as if she and he were the only people in the world...


It's now 6am, and the bar was closing up. Hours just talking and enjoying eachothers company... neither was tired in the slightest.
"This place has the most fucked up schedule.." he laughed... "Hey, where are you guys staying, anyway?"

"We're staying at the O'Emerald Cow Hotel"... she cringed at the name, laughing.
"AH! thats 8 blocks away. Ouch. You know.... my friend Pappy runs that place"
"Yep, we've met Pappy. Had no idea he knew you, though... He's definitely a character though, heh", she smiled. God, he missed that smile.

"Hey, lemme drive you back", he offered.
"I hear you're a very scary driver..." she laughed.
"Well, not as bad as everyone says I am. I think its everyone else who needs to learn how to drive", he snickered.
"In fact, before I found you... some guy almost ripped me a new one about my supposed bad driving on the Park Street.."

She remembered back to such an incident... "Oh shit! That was you!"
"I was sitting out on the bench and was gonna get up to go back to the hotel, and I hear all this yelling and some guy yelling about the other wearing sunglasses..."
he smiled.. "Ahhh.. did one of them happen to blurt out about sticking their face up their arse?"

"You little runt, you!!" she laughed.
"Yep.. that was me. I told ya I'm a devil." he winked.
A wink that made her weak in her knees.


They drive to the hotel and he walks her up to her door.

"Thankyou... for everything..."
"Ahh... for what? You'll get a good rest now not having to hear me talk your head off.." he winked.
"I could listen to you forever.." she said kissing his lips. She could feel him smile against hers. The heat dangerously escalating between them again.
It was almost overbearing.

She could only imagine what it would be like, being with him.
The thought made her crazy. But, this was too sacred to mess up.. by jumping into it.

She'd never even been with anyone before... sexually. She had wanted to wait until she had found that special person. Someone who she truly loved and they truly loved her... and there was a trust between them. And besides, she'd realized she'd never actually truly been in love before. Until now.

"I had a very beautiful, special time with you tonight, m'love..", he said.
her heart was melting. he had already won her heart a hundred times over.
she knew he wasn't doing this to get her into bed with him, and her be his fling, or whatever other such thing, she'd normally be paranoid about. but she wasnt with him. this was genuine. besides, who the hell could explain their uncanny situation? maybe this was meant to be....

"Me too. I..." she said, kissing him again before she even finished her sentence. the look he was giving her, just.. made her lose control and give in.

A peaceful quietness between them....

"I should probably try and get some sleep..." she said.
"Yeah.. sleep.. I should try that sometime, myself", he laughed.

They both didn't want the night to ever end.. or afraid they'd both wake up and it'd be a dream all over again.

Fighting with herself.. she knew within a couple minutes she was going to give into her thoughts and she didnt wanna take the chance.

"So, how about I pick you up tomorrow.. er, well.. this afternoon for the festival? we can go together..." he said.

"you think that'll be a good idea? you're.. well.. bono", she laughed.

"actually... you're right..." he laughed at himself realizing it might not be such a good idea afterall.

"how about i suprise you", he smiled.. a mischievious grin.
"Hmm, now i like how that sounds..."
"oh trust me, you will.." he gleamed.. kissing her once more.. before they said their goodnights. she almost didnt let go this time.

"Goodnight, Bono.."
"G'night, m'love..." he said, doing a little theatrical MacPhisto entrance thing.

She blushed at his charm.. watching him in the hallway, like a giddy schoolboy.. "Look what you've dooone to meee!!!! I'm in love!!!"

She threw a kiss to him and he threw one back.. accidentally running into the wall. lol.

"Don't mind me!! I'm okay. I run into walls all the time!.." he joked... heading into the elevator. her face lit with love and laughter. god, he made her feel so good. and she made him feel just the same.

They exchanged one more airkiss before the elevator doors shut.

She opened her door and threw herself on her bed ... "I'm in love with that man. I really am." she knew she'd be too excited to sleep tonight.


(part 9.. coming soon... )


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this makes me go AWWWW!

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i was thinking though, that im making the character seem way too over -irrational, LOL. but whatever. LOL

i was still gonna bring it to this conclusion anyway.
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These last few chapters have been divine!
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aww thankyou! i'm glad you're enjoying it.

the next chapter is very long and revealing.. but it isnt the end. lol.
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