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Lemon - Part 4

She had never experienced anything like this before. With anything or anyone.
Neither had he. Everything was happening so fast, that neither one of them even stood back to think. But not that it really mattered at this point...

She wanted him so badly... oh did she ever. But, this was going way too fast...
Their bodies pressed close together... feeding off eachother's warmth...

Still in a deep kiss, tongues in a dance of passion, ever so often attacking every single inch of her neck... his hand slipped down her arm and to her hand...and brought it back up to his chest... "Can you feel that?" he asked... softly... pulling his mouth away from hers ever so slowly as she could still feel the breath of his words against her lips...

"That's what you do to me..." he finished... as she could feel his heart pounding... as he moved to look her in the eyes.
The look in them brought a tear to her eyes. So beautiful... so much peace in those eyes. She just wanted to be sucked in. Like a safe haven. She noticed they were turning even more brighter than before.
'whats happening to me???' she questions herself.. 'why am i doing this..'

Jeannie, breathlessly spoke up..."Bono, I..."
He kisses her again... taking the last breath she had away.... as she brought him into a hug... resting her head on his chest...

"I...", she starts again..

They look at eachother... and in his eyes, it almost appears that he knows what she's about to say... but he isn't sure..

"Nevermind... " she says... wanting to kiss him again, but had to make herself stop. This wasn't right. Even if there was something to result from this.. she was scared to death this could go too far and ruin everything.
'why the hell am i jumping to all of this right now?' she thinks to herself.. and then sees his eyes are still on her and she loses all train of thought.

"What's the matter, love?" he asks, in the kindest voice...
"Nothing... actually, nothing at all..." as she thinks to herself.. how the hell could anything be wrong when she's in his arms? she'd never felt so happy or content. She didnt want it to ever end. That.. was her worry.

He goes to kiss her again, but she stops... "I'm sorry.. "..
"What's wrong?" he asked... realizing she seems upset. Worried that maybe he upset her somehow.
"You look upset... it wasnt something I di...", he started to ask, as she stopped him. "No.. no.. never. You could never upset me.."
"I think this is going way too fast.."... she says.. with all the thoughts in her head.. going around and around in a hectic whirlwind. Just 1 minute ago she almost told him she loved him. She barely even knows him, and he barely knows her. Though.. in her heart she feels she does.. but this was an entirely different situation now.
He had no idea how much she wanted him.. how much she wanted this, but it was for the best right now.

"I understand. It's alright.." he said, noticing she looked like she was about to cry. He pulled her into a hug. 'Ahh.... he will be the undoing of me. i know it..' she thinks to herself... as she feels his kind arms wrap around her.
She could stay like this forever.


Part 3.5

Hours passed.. and the two of them fell asleep in eachother's arms on the couch.
It was now morning. "beep beep beep" her phone alarm starts beeping in this funny ringtone... of you guessed it.. "Lemon" again. as she had it always set for 7am. her second alarm. at home, she'd have 3. her clock alarm... her radio alarm, which was a lot louder.. and her cellphone alarm. for she always was a pain to wake up and was a very deep sleeper. lol. so 3 alarms should do the trick. lol.

as usual.. she sleeps through the phone alarm.
but bono hears it, and wakes up... and starts laughing when he realizes what it was. "Holy Jesus, woman.. you're gonna make me not wanna ever sing that thing again.."
She's snoring away.. her head in his lap. Drooling... on his leg.
"She really does drool..." he chuckles to himself... thinking its adorable.
He watches her move about for a second in her sleep.. thinking maybe she's awake... no, shes dreaming...
"Rise and shine!".. "First my shoe.. now my pants!" he jokes.. but.. she's definitely fast asleep. "Ah, when I make my best jokes, everyone's either fallen asleep or passed out drunk.." he says to himself...

Instead, he watches her sleeping peacefully... wishing he knew what she was dreaming. Why is it that he felt so connected to this woman when he'd only just met her? It seemed obvious she felt the same... but did she? What happened lastnight was something that could be felt a million miles away.
and still.. what was going to happen today? they're probably going to leave this place... and what then?

then he hears Jeannie move in her sleep again... mumbling something inaudible. still dreaming. "i couldn't say it before...", he hears her say out loud still dream talking, he listens in a little closer. "jeannie? you awake?" nope, she was still sleeping.
then he hears one last line..."i love you.."... and the most serene look on her face.

he couldn't believe it. was she dreaming about lastnight? who? him?
maybe thats what she was trying to say lastnight...

strangely, he felt maybe he was feeling the same. he didnt know what it was. it was more than just lust. but he did know, he didnt wanna lose her.

he had gotten to know her a lot lastnight. they talked forever about all kinds of things. sharing things about eachother and really feeling as if they knew eachother forever. it was the strangest thing. it seemed as if the night had lasted a year.

she started to stir. "hey.." he said softly into her ear...
jeannie opened her eyes, and looked up at him smiling, happy to see his face, beginning to think it was all a dream, "Hey"
"Good mooorning" he says in a jolly voice, "Good morning to you, too. Are you always in such a good mood in the mornings?" she asked, smirking at him.
"Actually... no." he answered, smiling back.
"I'm usually a bitchy mess..." she laughs... as he interrupts, "Oh yes... literally, I see. Your drool ruined my pants.." he says, cracking up.
"oh you poor thing. well, thats what ya get for wearing a big yellow shiney suit at a fuzz gallery..", smacking his leg.
"well, actually, i have no idea how i ended up in this damn thing anyway. i just popped up here wearing it, and thinking i must have really gotten into a bad Guinness binge or something. you dont do such a thing sober, you know.."

"well, you did it everynight for a year straight...ha!"

"this is true... but how do you know i wasnt drunk then too?" he laughs,

"I wooon't even ask..", shaking her head.

"oh crap..what time is it?" she asked.. "7:15am.. or so your phone says", he chuckled... and started singing a line from "Lemon"... knowing that'd surely get her smiling.

"fecking hell, when does this place supposedly open?" he said jumping up in a panic.

"I have no idea. Oh shit. You know what? To be safe, lets go back upstairs and hide.. wait till they open up and we can somehow sneak out that way", she thinks out loud.

"Hmm... i cant believe this place doesnt have a backdoor. it makes no sense"

"Nothing ever makes sense when I'm around.." she jokes.

"Well, thats something I think I could definitely get used to.." he says as she can see a grin form on his face from the side... making her question what he just meant by that...

A note laying on a nearby desk with the schedule comes into view and Jeannie grabs it. "Dude! Here it is! They open at 9am..."

"So.. we got a couple 'o hours. Good! Let's clean up this mess in here. We dont want them calling the cops.."

"HAHA! Sure... "

"What's that supposed to mean, smartass?" he laughs.

"That's part of my style. I like to 'anonymously' leave behind things that make people wonder and say to themselves 'what the fuck is this?'... you know. Tom Green comedy madness..."

"you're scaring me, child.."

"hahaha, well good!"

"well, at least i know who to blame when the FBI comes runnin'..."

"well, you're the suspicious one.. walking around in that suit.."

"i thought ya said it was sexy" , as he pretends to be sobbing.

"well, it is..."

*sniff sniff*

"and my horns.. i mean.. well.. horn..."

"poor thing lost his other horn.."


"ahh shut it."

Bono then kisses her cheek.

"What was that for?" she blushes...

"Just because", kissing her cheek again, smiling.

She was different. Very different. He was used to women throwing themselves at him... or overbearing fans wanting something of him, or seeing him as something other than a real human. She made him feel normal again. For the first time in years.. he actually truly laughed around her.. and felt at ease. They became friends, and.. possibly something more.
It was very odd how they ran into eachother. Coincidences of the past 10 hours are beyond anything he can explain.
Sadly, he wondered if this was gonna be the end. They hadn't discussed it yet. Both probably felt too weird to bring it up after everything that happened lastnight, in fear of scaring the other off.

She was falling... hard. And there was no turning back....

For a while, they just sit there... in silence.
Bono inspecting his shoe, and Jeannie staring off to space.

"So.." they both chime in at the same time, and chuckle.

"So... what happens after this?" he says, still fiddling with his shoe.

"It's been on my mind the whole time...", she says looking down not wanting to meet his eyes...

He looks over to her... fully aware. "Me too..."

She wonders if she must be losing her mind or something. How the hell could he be falling for her? and how... how is any of this rational. but my god, did she want this more than anything... but was it right?

She moves in closer to him and puts her head on his shoulder.. and he puts his arm around her, kissing the top of her head.


The morning buzzer goes off.. and Jeannie springs up from her sleep..

Looking around, she finds herself in her bedroom... the sun shining through the window... a nice fresh breeze comign through... and the morning radio show guy yapping about morning traffic.

"What the hell?" she gets up from bed... looks for her dog... who's snoring away next to the bed.

Touching her head.. she doesn't feel the bump anymore...

Already a bit shaky and confused.. Her cellphone rings.. making her jump..
Same old ringtone... Lemon.

"Hello?", she asks.

"Hey!" the voice on the other end says...

(to be continued...)


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At first...I thought "why did you relese part four when part three isn't out yet" As I read the story...you posted chapter three and four...smart move

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HAH! I totally fucked that one up.

ok, consider the first half just a continuation of 3, and the last one 3.5.. and chapter 4 yet to come.

i fucked that one up, big time.

sleep deprivation fucks up the head.
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I have an excellent idea in mind for the next chapter.

I honestly think I started off on the wrong start with the story and its too rambly and going off on some very unimportant things.

right now, i have ditched my main original idea, and am just running with whats going through my head.

im too impatient with my writings. LOL.
i get an idea and just dash to the computer and type it out.

its my first fanfic... soi should give myself a break. its not too bad for a beginner, I guess...

lol. then again...
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No, it's really good. I too was a bit confused with this being part 4.... then in the middle it saying 3.5 Ah well, great story anyhoo.

Love Macphisto
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