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"Lemon" - Part 2

Lemon, part 2

Jeannie and Bono spend the next hour, talking.. about.. just about anything. Sitting on the floor of the breakroom.... ravaging all of the snacks in the cupboard. Forgetting for a while how the hell they even got locked in this place.

3 hours pass...

"So, lemme guess. You're one of the many Fuzzball artists who have an artpiece on display here.. and you decided to lock yourself in to make sure nobody steals it. Or Edge kicked you out of the band and now, you had no choice but to move to the USA, become an undercover agent and for some reason staking out this place...", Jeannie starts amusing herself. But seriously pushing the question. There's gotta be an explanation to this whole odd situation.

"Actually, I always dreamt of growing up to become a Fuzzball artiste! They always fascinated me. I even fantasized about one day marrying one! I was torn between the blue and the red ones...", he jokes..

"You are something else... " she laughs... shaking her head. Still in disbelief... here she is sitting with Bono... having this conversation, and even though she still had no idea what was going on.. she was loving every minute of it.

"Seriously, I really don't know how I got here. Just as you. Unless you are pulling a Mickey on me and you are really a burglar.. ", he grins.

"Hahahaa Nope! I've got nothing to steal in this place!"

"How dare you insult the Fuzzballs!"

She then gives him a scowling, yet comical look. Which he then returns...

"So, I don't think we should try sneaking out yet. No alarms've gone off and for some reason I doubt they have security cameras in here.. but I don't feel like getting caught busting through the door. Besides, a man like me is too beautiful to sit in a jail cell.." he says playing with his hair and tidying up his suit... trying to be funny.

"This is true. I think you are a little too adorable for your own good..." she finds herself blurt out. Quickly realizing maybe that wasn't a good idea...

Bono's face lights up with a grin again, "Well, thankyou, m'lady.", as he reaches for her hand gently with his to kiss it.

So soft and warm, she feels his hand envelope hers...
Her pulse racing... and feeling a type of warmth come over her that she'd never felt, like that.. before. A spark exploded within both of them. He looks into her eyes, and still holding her hand in his... she finds herself get lost in his... and hearing her own heartbeat in her head. The intensity of those blue gems... staring into her soul... with such kindness... she felt herself go weak. They both felt something electric between them. He was getting lost in her, too.
At that moment, she wanted to reach out and kiss him... Oh God did she want to ever so badly.
He sensed that in her, too...and wanted to act on that, but felt it wasn't right. No matter how much he wanted to. Hell, they had just met... and he didn't want to scare her off. He respected her, and didn't want to push anything.

They both sat back for a moment.. taking in what just happened.
Everything was so surreal... almost like a dream. And happening so fast.
He was everything she had imagined. She didn't see him as a God, or some rockstar... or anything like that. She had the greatest of respect for him, and saw him as a person. A person who's soul could light up the whole universe with its smile. he was real. more 'real' than many people she'd even known. she felt at ease around him, and loved his company... and he loved her company.
Earlier on in the night, the two of them were practically finishing off eachother's sentences... as if they could read eachother's minds.

"I wanted to say this earlier... but.. you have the most beautiful eyes.." he says... looking down rather shyly, and then meeting his eyes back to hers again. They were so kind, and had an inner joy about them, that he rarely ever saw in people. They were 'alive'...
But more so when she was with him. He lit something up in her that she never even knew existed in her before.

The way he said it, and the look in his eyes as he said it... shot right through her. He kept looking at her... a look of wanting... but in a very loving, honest, serene way. That look...

She can feel her heart thud in her chest. One loud thud after another...
If only he knew what she felt when she looked into his...
It was almost too much to bear.

No one had ever said that to her before.

Feeling like she could burst, Jeannie replied, "Thankyou... no one's ever said that to me before..."

"What the hell?! You have the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen...." he says... and shocked that no one's ever told her this.

She thinks to herself, 'yeah, bono... have you ever seen yours?' heh.

Always putting herself down... about anything. and even thinking of herself as an ugly-duckling ever since growing up... she would automatically shove any compliment off, and think it was a joke. be it about her looks, or her music, or anything.
But.. he meant what he said... and he kept staring at her... almost unnerving her. And she wasn't an ugly-duckling.

"Nah, I'm hideous..." she said. "Hell, look at me.. dried up drool on my face... ", she says looking down at the floor ready to laugh at herself... then all of the sudden as she's about to look up, there's Bono... eye to eye with her and kisses her. The shock of his lips against hers... nearly just about made her lose all sense...

"Shush... Well, *I* think you're beautiful..." he says softly, separating his lips from hers for a short moment.. only to return them back to hers once again. She returns the kiss passionately.... wanting to give all that she had, all that she'd been wanting to do all of these years... but she didn't know if she could control herself....
Those lips of his... the doorway to that beautiful voice. The world where all of those songs came from, the home of those lyrical words that were so inbedded into her soul... against hers...
She felt their souls connect... his hands touching her face... cradling it in the gentlest of ways. She felt so safe with him. Those hands... those lips.. those eyes..

The kiss quickly turns into an intense snogfest... almost as if the two of them were depending on the other for life-support. In a sense, it kind of was.lol. She had never felt so much love for someone in her entire life. She'd always loved him.. but... this, here.. was real... it was different. She didn't know what was going through her head, how? why? what next?... but she didn't care.
She brought her hands to his chest to feel his heart beating... *thump .. thump* ever so fast... in tune with her own pulse in her own ears...
Like a beautiful musical tune...

(Part 3 coming soon...)

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What I would give to Jeannie... A lot.

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Originally posted by SimplyConfused
What I would give to Jeannie... A lot.

hehe what do you mean?
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is all I'm saying

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Just let me drool....
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