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Lemon - part 15

Chapter 15

Bono is trying to think this out in his head.. and keeps looking over at Jeannie. Who's habitual paranoia and such start taking over in her brain.

"Hey, guys.. come by the studio with us in a little bit when you're done. It's a little place at Adam's. I'll send someone to come pick you up.", Bono offers.

Karen's getting a little nervous now. lol.

"Alright. We'll be here for a while anyway!", Karen laughs.

"Cool! See ya guys then. Edge is gonna kill me if I don't get there within his little time-span", Bono smirks.

They all laugh and say their goodbyes.

In the car its kind of quiet. Bono looks over at Jeannie, "So, how long've you known Beatrice?"

"Oh, as long as I've known Karen. A very long time..." she ponders off.. still trying to figure out that expression on Bea's face.
She knows something. She definitely knows something.. and is up to something.
But for some reason she didn't like the feeling.

"So, when was this that you guys met?", Jeannie asked.
"About 2 weeks before our dream, actually..." he says.. thinking it out in his own head.

"I had no idea that she'd met you earlier.. no clue at all..", Jeannie said.
Bono laughed. "That was freaky. I had forgotten all about that whole thing..."

Jeannie knew it. Either Bea was up to something or she was just part of this odd cosmic plan to bring them together.

The rest of the drive to the studio.. Jeannie was pretty silent and thinking in deep thought.

"Something wrong, love?" Bono asked.
"Oh. No.. sorry..", Jeannie said. He didnt look convinced.
"Just.. thinking", she said..
"Got something to do with this whole Bea thing?" he asked.

Knowing Bea's involvement in all kinds of astrological things of the like.. she started to wonder if she had something to do with this.

"Nah. Nothing really..." she said.. not wanting to get into all of it or get all weird on him. Besides, they had just arrived at the studio.
He knew she was being bugged about something.. but didnt want to push her to talk about it either.

"Its okay. You can tell me anything, if something's on your mind. Don't be afraid to say or ask me something..." he said.. reaching for her hand with his.. giving it a comforting snug. He surely had a way of calming her soul.

"Weeee're here!" he chimed, cheerfully. jumping out of the car and right as she was about to open her door, he had already popped on ove to open it for her, giving her a little MacPhisto bow. heh. That should cheer her up, he thought.
"Hahha aww.. my little gentleman. you didnt have to do that..."
"Nah, its my pleasure, love", he said taking her hand in his and walking to the door, kissing her cheek.

Edge sees them walk up through the window and rushes towards the door and opens it, greeting them.. "AHHhhhh.. mr. pain in the ass is here.. on time!!!!!!! its a miracle!", edge laughs... winking at Jeannie.
"So, was he as difficult with you as he is with me when it comes to getting his big butt out the door?", he whispers to Jeannie... making her laugh. "if he ever starts being a pain in the ass.. kick him straight in the arse. that works like a charm everytime", he laughed.

"Hey, dont go putting evil thoughts into m'lady's head, y'hear?" bono smirked overhearing Edge.
"Oh trust me... I'd never kick that cute little arse", Jeannie laughed.
Bono smiled. Edge rolled his eyes, "man, you must REALLY be in love", winking at her.
"Yes, she is, and how could anyone resist my cute little ass?" bono says, shaking his butt at Edge.
"get that damn thing away from me.." edge cringes.

they walk inside and edge just wanted to play a few instrumental demos he'd been working on a couple of days ago and let jeannie hear it, too.
plus, he wanted for she and the guys to spend more time together and get to know eachother some more.

adam comes in shortly after.. bringing everyone tea greeting jeannie and bono delightfully. LOL.

larry was out running some errands with Paul, so he'd not be joining them this morning. lol.

bono loved jeannie being there with him. just looking in her eyes, were a world of songs waiting to be written.

Bono goes off to use the bathroom and edge, adam, and jeannie continue listening to some of the demos. jeannie was really into it. she and edge into a total musical chat... as adam sat back.. sipping his tea... listening to them chat away. heh.

"So, I hear you're a musician, too?" Adam asked very interestedly.

"Yep! I am. For a very long time... Music's my world."

Adam and Edge beamed. They already thought she kicked ass, but a possible other music buddy to chat with made them giddy. Especially Edge when Jeannie mentioned she was becoming obsessed with guitar tech stuff and effects. But she was mainly just a singer.

"Another tecchie!!! Bono really picked an awesome one", he winked. "Finally, someone else to torture Bono about guitar tech stuff with. My new partner in crime", edge said. lol. Jeannie blushed.
Adam laughed and shook his head.. sipping more tea.

"Hey, you know... there's this one song that Bono's been working on.. that would sound really neat with a female vocal on it... maybe you could try a little harmony with it..." edge suggested.

"Nah.. his voice is perfect by itself.." jeannie said.

Bono came back in... "talkin' about wonderful me again, guys?" he laughs.. standing like he's a king, jokingly.

"In fact.. yes! I was just telling Jeannie that a female voice would sound great with that one song you were working on.." edge chimes in.

Bono's eyes light up.

"And i was asking jeannie if she wanted to try maybe doing a harmony with you.." edge said. "But she thinks your voice is perfect as it is.. so. " he said.

Bono smiles. She was humble.. sweet.. beautiful, she loved him truly, and... she loved his voice... "Unlike other's around here!!!" bono snorted back at edge and adam. adam still sipping his tea, "hey, man.."

"Nah.. those are Bono's. Not mine.", Jeannie said. She didnt want to intrude into bono's music like that and would not want to do anything to upset him, and besides.. she thought she sucked.

"I would really like to hear that, actually..." bono said.. looking at jeannie smiling.

she keeps shaking her head 'no'.

"Besides, I've never gotten to hear you sing yet", he smiled.

Edge runs in the back of the room and sets something up in the back and starts grabbing the mics.

"Nooooo no no no no.." jeannie protested.

Bono laughed.. "just once?"

she looked at him.. shaking her head again, trying to keep a straight face as he makes that adorable little grin.

"for meee?" he said again, giving the poor little puppy dog eye look. lol.
he wasnt trying to get her to do this.. to use her.. or anything. he was actually very curious to hear her sing... and he'd heard a lot already about her singing from Karen at the pub the night before. jeannie hated the attention, actually. and she knew she'd sound like shit.

"alright..." she said in a low voice.
"AHH!!!!" bono cheered... he couldn't wait.
edge ushered them to the mics... and says "watch and see.. we'll end up ditching bono and make jeannie lead singer.."

adam laughs. "whats with the insults today, eeeeedge?" bono shoots back.
"its love, baby. love", edge jokes.
"you are... ahh nevermind.." bono starts, then retracts.
"cute?" edge says laughing.
"erm no. your head stuck up your ass"

edge grabs his guitar, and adam his bass.. and edge says, showing her a doodled music sheet... "come in during this part and i have it marked here... sing along with bono where those marks are.."

"ok, got it." jeannie said.

"sure ya wanna try it?" bono asked.
"yeah, but i know i'll sound like shit."
he laughed. "well, then we'll sound like shit together." he winked.

"what the feck about larry?" edge asked himself out loud.
they use a pre-recorded drum track instead.

edge and adam start the song bono starts singing into the mic to the music...

god, the lyrics that come out of this man.... words from an angel, jeannie thinks to herself.
the way he was looking at her while singing.. it was like he was making love to her all over again, with that voice. this beautiful song...

she closed her eyes... and starts singing away from the already written lyrics.. replacing them with lines that reminded her of him/them.
bono starts improvising and flowing along to meet her words.. both of them writing practically a whole new song right on the spot.
edge and adam look at eachother.

they were all blown away by her voice. it was so angelic and flowed so beautifully with bono's. looking into eachother eyes... they were so madly in love and it showed. literally making love to eachother with eachother's voices and words.

they continue singing... and bono is totally blown away by how he is sounding with her. this was more than just.. musically... the meld sent electrical energy out into the air with the two of them. it was strange and beautiful.

this exchange between the two... blocking out the entire world...

they stop. intranced by one another. the things his voice did to hers. it was something that was so powerful it was hard to conceal.

edge and adam stop playing.
"My god.. did you hear those two?" adam says.. in shock.
"yeah... wow..... that was just.."
"did you see how they were lookin' at eachother too???" edge's eyes bulged.
"yep..." adam smiles..."i dont think ive ever seen two people that in love before. damn."

next thing they know... bono and jeannie are kissing up a storm, fondling eachother. lol.

"ahh jaysus.." edge says, chuckling.

(part 16 coming soon!)

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I like this story! looking forward to the next part
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