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Lemon - Part 14 (gets a little interesting..)

Chapter 14

Its the following morning... and Jeannie awakes to find herself in Bono's sleeping arms. Basking in the reality that yet again... it hasn't all been a dream.
The night before had been exhausted them both entirely. heh.
He had made love to her all through the night.... and still.. she craved him even more in spite of both their bodies and souls being pushed passed the normal limit. lol.

She look over at Bono... sound asleep... such a peaceful look on his face.
She hadn't ever slept so well in her entire life. She wondered what he was dreaming. Even in his sleep he somewhat grinned. LOL. A little bit of dried drool on the side of his mouth.. and his nose occasionally twitching like a rabbit. For the rest of her life.. from this day on... she'd be waking up to this angel beside her. Or so she hoped. She knew this was meant to be... but with the way things have always gone in her life.. she feared something would come along and fuck it all up. She was so used to it.
He's the best thing that's ever happened to her.. and she didn't ever want to lose him.

God, he looks just like an angel. She couldn't get over it. She couldn't explain it.. but either way.. he was her own little angel. Always was and always will be.

He starts to snore. "hah.. the angel snores.."

She reaches over and kisses his nose, which has just twitched yet again. lol.
He sniffles in his sleep..
She kisses him on his forehead. "heey" she says gently.
They had to be up at 10am... they were going to meet up with Edge this morning.. and if Bono was late.. Edge would be pissy. lol.

"Heey, sleepy.." tickling his nose with her lips.
He starts to wake up... "Ahh, the little snoring angel awakes", she smiles.
A smile forms across his face and jumps right in to kiss her.
"Goodmorning, m'beauutiful lady", smiling with the most heavenly morning glow.

"Wow, now that was one heck of a morning kiss!" she gleamed.
He rolls over ontop of her, suprising her... looking down into her eyes with those beaming blues.. "So.. how did you sleep?" kissing her all over. seeming to be on a quest to cover each and every inch. "So long to being a bad morning person!" she laughed.. as he tickled her stomach with his mouth... looking up with the most craZiest grin. "yep, i've got the cure, love" smirking once again, going back to town. lol.
"I slept amazingly well.... the best sleep of my life", she smiled.. running her fingers through his morning bed hair.
He purred. She giggled. he crawled back up towards her, giving her this look that could drive any woman's hormones into a lunatic frenzy.

"Jesus... you are so goddamn sexy when you do that.."
"yes, jesus is my name. THe jesus of... making you squirm ....in ecstasy.." he grinned tickling her... knowing that'll get her going.
"AHHH!! Not this early in the morning!!"
"early? its 10am.." he laughed.
"HAH!" almost accidentally swapping him in the head.
"ow! watch the hair, man.." winking. she starts messing it up even more.
"Leave it like that. its adorable"
"Hmm..." he looks over at the mirror on the wall a few feet away...
"Hmm.. actually, i just might!"
she smiled and kissed him again.
"and... i didnt get to properly say goodmorning yet.." he grinned.
"hmm.. and whats that supposed to be? mm?" she smiled a crooked grin.
"hmm.. we'll just have to see...shall we?" he crawled back ontop of her ... giving her the most devilishly cute grin.
"gotta continue where we left off lastnight", he winked.
"ahh, i see..." she grinned and winked back... as he bit at her neck... making her moan out.
their mouths start a pursuit of attacking eachother with the deepest kiss... taking eachother all in.
he glides further into her, pushing all of his weight against her, making her go insane.. legs going weak.. as she allows him access to her once again.

The phone rings.

"Ahh feck", he looks to Jeannie...
She nods not to answer it.
He smiles as they continue what they started...

the phone stops. no one leaves a message.

"riiiiing", damn thing rings again. again, they ignore it. no one leaves a message.

"riiiing!!" "Hey, its Edge. Lemme guess.. you guys are probably at it for the 10th time since lastnight..."...(followed by a little chuckle).

"goddamnit!" bono freaks.
Jeannie starts laughing.

such a beautiful moment cut short by a damn phone... and damn edge. LOL.

edge stops rambling and hangs up.

Bono looks to Jeannie shaking his head.. "That little feckin'... beanie fecker.."

"HAHA what the hell does that mean?" laughing.

"I have absolutely no idea.. He drives me nu..." *riiiing!!!!*

Jeannie nods for him to get the phone then, lol.

"WHAT?!" bono screams into the phone as he hears Edge still talking away thinking the answering machine came on.

"Oh, I'm sorry. Ha ha", Edge laughs.

"What the feck is wrong with you, man?" bono gets pissy.

Jeannie's still cracking up. Which.. of course is making Bono calm down a bit.

"So, gonna get your stinkin' ass over here this morning?" edge laughs.

"Yeah.. soon. Jesus, man, I just woke up."

"ooo la la", edge teases.

"oh feck off, you bloody vulcan", bono retorts.

Jeannie bursts out in a loud laugh and Bono starts laughing.

"I am not.. a vulcan, you jackass.." edge says.
"then what the feck are ya?"
"I'm a kind.. and sensitive man, who... NEEDS MY FECKIN LEAD SINGER IN THE STUDIO TO SHOW HIM SOMETHING.. and to stop insulting me. i'm a tender soul, y'know.."

"tender, my arse.."

"hey, boy.. watch it."

"ahh feck off. we'll be there in an hour"

"an hour?!"

"yeah. gotta prob with that?"

"haha no. im playin with ya."

Bono smiles. obviously joking with edge. its their little joking banter they've always had between them.

"playing with me? you sick bastard.."

Jeannie's snorts of laughter can be heard on Edge's end of the phone.

"see.. you're our little comedian. its so fun pissing ya off in the morning", edge laughs.

"yeah yeah... im gonna go finish some business now. tell lardence i send him lots of hugs and kisses"

"HAHA!!" edge laughs.

finally.. the phone is hung up.

"Now... back to makin' sweet love to m'lady", he grins.. crawling back in the bed growling, nibbling his way back up the length of her body.
lol. Jeannie growling back.

This is gonna be an interesting morning. lol.


Beatrice arrives earlier than expected to Dublin. She took the earliest flight out and Karen goes to pick her up from the airport.

"You sure we should tell them?" Beatrice asks.
"Yes, I kinda think we should..." Karen says.

"But do you think it might ... mess things up? Or make them doubt it was ever truly real and just me doing plain old witch magic? " Bea asks.
"If anything.. I think it'll bring them closer together to realize how truly they are meant to be together", Karen says.

"I dont know. I feel weird about this.." Bea says.

They get out of the cab and walk back to their hotel and run into Jeannie and Bono driving to the studio.

Bono stops the car to say hello.

"Hey guys!" Jeannie and Bono shout out, simultaneously.. laughing at eachother. "Hey Bea!!!! When did you get here?!?" jeannie asks suprised.
"Ahh, just a half hour ago, actually!", Bea says.
"Where ya headin'?" Karen asks..
"To the studio to see Edge. Shouldn't be long. Wanna come?" Jeannie says.
"Oh.. no thanks. Maybe later. I gotta do a few things and get Bea settled... look at all these damn bags!" Karen laughs.
"Hows about we all get together for dinner later?", Bono suggests.
"I know this really extraordinary Italian place a few blocks away", Bono adds.. starting to ramble. lol.
Italian food in Ireland. haha.
"Okay! That'll be great!" Karen says.
"Hey... don't I know you from somewhere?" Bono asks.. realizing he recognizes Beatrice as she comes clearer into view.
"Um... " Bea stumbles.
"Yes!! I do!! a few weeks ago! At the City Center! Holy shite!", he smiles... once again, another crazy coincidence.
Jeannie is shocked as hell... and is looking at Karen.. who looks a little shocked. lol.
"Yeah.. I ran into you a few weeks ago and we talked for a long bit and you asked me for some autographs... Oh shit... wait.. a sec.." his eyes got really big.

Beatrice was thinking this whole damn thing is gonna go straight to hell and a misunderstanding before it even happens.
But Bono was smiling about it. Karen was confused and not sure what was going to happen. Jeannie was more confused than any of them.

"I'm Karen's big sis", Bea said.
"AHH!! You had me sign it to 'Jeanbug and Karen'... which was..." bono cuts himself short.. looking over at Jeannie... with this weird look on his face.

She shrugged at him looking back towards Karen and Bea.
Her heart was pounding.. scared at what the hell is going on.

"Yeah, I was gonna give them to you guys later, after I got it framed and suprise you with it when you returned from your trip.." Bea said, smiling.

"This is so feckin' wild..", Bono says... not mad, or anything.. but seeming more amazed.

Jeannie was totally lost and not sure what was going on.
Then she notices Bea's expression. An expression she knew all too well...

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i wanna know what that look in her eyes means...

i love this story.... oh, i just want to be greedy and read it all right now!
hehehe... meh

good work....
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