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Lemon - Part 12

Chapter 12

(Sorry if this gets way too weird and wordy, lol)

"I'm listening..." Karen says.. almost afraid to hear what she's about to say.

"I've known Jeannie as long as you have... and I remember how much that band meant to her.. especially Bono. There was something very unique about that. I could not put my finger on it, but there was something in her, that I also saw in him. I have a knack for these kinds of things..." she says.

"Something in her and him? What?"

"I can't explain it. Its a specific energy... and its an energy in the souls. It IS actually.. the souls. i see it. its like a mix of colors and a vibration of sorts.. which is unique to each person. like a song... their "soul song", per se. Like musical notes on sheet music. all different to each person, but theres different levels of similarities. relatives may have a certain.. pattern alike.. but its different with lovers... true soulmates."


"3 weeks ago.. I ran into Bono..."


"yeah. he was in town here... for a couple hours meeting with a charity organization... and i happened to be in the same building that day, dropping off some paperwork to an unrelated office... and we passed eachother in the lobby. I said, "hey, you're bono!"
"he said.. "Yup!, that'd be me!" and we talked for a long while, while he was waiting for Edge. i was going to ask him for an autograph, so i could give them to you and jeannie, and he did. i was gonna suprise you guys with them when you got back from your trip. since you planned it earlier. i was gonna do something nice with it. and get it framed. anyways.. a lady came down and asked him back upstairs... and i never got to see him again. but during that meeting.. i sensed those same patterns and colors... as Jeannie's. it was very intensely alike and i remember being just as shocked myself.
so, i went home and checked some of my books.. and did some research on both of their birthdays. both were born on different days, but the same month... but they both have something very unique about their patterns. they seemed to have had a psychic connection of sorts all along. she felt something.. but he of course.. not knowing anything of her.. sensed something.. to someone.. out there somewhere.. picking up things, but not knowing where or who.. or what..."

"i'm lost already.. but at least i know why you didnt let us know you met him yet", karen laughs.

"heh, yeah well. anyways..they were both born under the same moon... and other cosmic situations were aligned.. exactly. this just added to the bigger picture."

"ok, i think i got that.."

"i remember a couple of days after that... talking to jeannie about bono.
it was so obvious that he did something to her soul that i could see totally lit up... there was so much love there.. and yet they'd never even met before. i think she thought she was crazy.. but no.. she wasnt at all. i was gonna tell her about my run-in with him, but didnt."


"thats not all. whenever she listened to his music... a link would cross through the universal portals.. and he'd feel what she was feeling. since i had met him... it kind of left an impression on my senses.. where i could feel emotions off that person... even miles away. its something i was born with. its something i dont try to use.. but this was something that was so obviously meant to be."

karen is silent... and taking it all in.

"just their lives, and distance.. was what kept them apart. if they had met along the street one day.. hey, they'd feel it and who knows, maybe they'd get together... but there was more to it. something like that, with his life.. the band.. everything... they may have not had gotten time to really meet and get to know eachother.. or even give it a chance, despite their feelings.
the cosmic fates were aligning again, and i had to make my move then... or else.. there was no guarantee they'd ever meet or... work it out."


"so, i didnt want to wait any longer.. these two souls... meant to be together... worlds apart... had to be.. together. and i had the opportunity.
the night she had her dream.. the moon was a new moon. and everything was aligned the same way as it was on the days they were born.. even though this wasnt their birthdays. i somehow was able to join their souls together... in their subconscious. only certain souls can achieve it.. like this especially...
and i put them into a real dimension, as a test.. to see what happened and give them that time they'd need. i wanted to give them more.. but the way certain things were.. it shortcut and was only one night."

"i think i see now..."

"I would have had no idea what they had dreamt exactly... the setting would be random.. but their own imaginations and souls would create the rest.
and i could only sense a change in the distant sensation of their souls, to tell if anything had changed. i never asked nor could i know if they fell in love. but that was up to them to see where that went. and it looks like.. it worked."

"so, the feelings they have for eachother.. are real? all you did was give them time to meet up and fall in love?"

"yep. thats why you said that they said they felt like they had always known eachother. thats why. they are cut from the same mold."

"oh my god.." karen started crying. this was the most amazing, beautiful thing.

"it'll last. its real. the bond there.. is way too strong to ever be broken. "

karen felt such a burst of happiness for her best friend right then and wanted to call she and bono up and tell them.. but it wasnt right just yet. she didnt know how to bring it up.. but beatrice didnt want them knowing...

"I know you're probably wondering how they should find this out..." bea said. reading karens mind. lol.

"damn you, bloody psychic!!"

"hehe. ok, i tell you what. im gonna fly to dublin in a couple days and i'll tell them myself.. with you there, of course... "

"but how the hell.. this is so... unbelievably... not believable!"

"well, the dream happened... and they know that was real..."

"this is true,"

"and i can convince them.. with a few thing i do know.."

(part 13 soon!)

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ah honestly, come on. lol. my story sucks!
it does. it really does.
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no I like it!
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I like it too!
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i really like the story too... it so original!
i love it
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This is a good story,I like it.Looking forward to the next part.Hope they stay together.
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i love your story too garfield, great name by the way

6 countries,11 shows. AMAZING FRIENDS AND MEMORIES = Jem's priceless 360 Tour
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Wow...This is a truly amazing story!

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