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Lemon - Chapter 9

Chapter 9


Jeannie hasn't slept at all. Too excited about what's happened. She would have woken Karen up to tell her what happened, but she had been fast asleep in her own drool and snoring like a hog. Besides, she wanted to let it all absorb.

Karen wakes up and starts to make it into the bathroom and notices Jeannie by the open window taking in the fresh air... with a blissful grin on her face.

"Wow... has hell frozen the hell over or something? I think I need to speak to the devil..." she jokes. Not used to Jeannie being in a good mood in the morning. Usually it takes until 'at least' noon for her to start chippering up. LOL.

Jeannie laughs at herself.. "ahh.. the devil'' if she only knew...lol.

"What's up your arse. Good morning to you, too!" jeannie snorts.

"Hmm.. very odd.. very odd indeed.." karen trails off into the bathroom... wondering what the hecks up, but amused at the same time.

"So, Jeannie-Pooh... what time did ya get in lastnight?" .. ugh, she hated when she called her that. usually she'd be ready to rip her eyes out for that.. but not this morning. karen was testing her. lol.

"Hmm... around 6 this morning.."

"WHAT?!? Where the feck did you go?"

"Just hanging around, and stuff.." she wanted to tell Karen, but wasn't sure how to tell her. It sounded way too insane to believe.

"Hanging around.. and stuff.. hmmm" her mouth full of toothpaste.



They're silent for 2 minutes...

"Alright. Out with it, lady. What's up", Karen laughs.

"Nothing. Can't I be in a good mood without it being questioned. I'm gonna smack ya upside your head..." smirking.

"Hmm.... Anyways.. I'll be back. I'm gonna get some breakfast downstairs. Want anything?"

"Sure...I don't care. Pick whatever you want.." jeannie laughed.

"Alrighty then", nodding her head.. going out the door... impatient as all hell to find out what happened. ...she notices a beautiful flower under the door with a paper wrapped around it.

"Hmm.. this must be for you." "whos it from!!!" she laughs trying to look at the note on it..

"Hey! get your grubby ass off that!" jeannie snatches it from her.

"ha ha ha someone's got a secret admirer or something even more scary"

"blah blah.. get outta here.."

"haha on my way, master!"

Jeannie shakes her head laughing.. sniffs the flower.. and opens the letter...

"Baby baby baby.. You light my way"

and beneath it, "p.s. be at the festival this afternoon. no ifs or buts. ;-) - Love, your very own little sexy devil"

she could barely keep her cheeks from exploding from the smile that bursted across her face.

his scent still on the paper.. she felt like he was right there with her. she held the paper close to her and took it all in.

next thing she knows her cell phone rings... she sees the number on the display. Its him...

She picks up..
"Goodmooorning, m'loooove", he sings cheerfully into the phone.

"Goodmorning... my little sexy devil", she said, seductively, smiling. He could tell she was in a very very good mood.

She could tell he was smiling like a little beaming devil on the other end.

"I just wanted to hear your voice..." he said...

"Hey.. Edge is kickin' me arse to get off the phone.. (as there's a ruckus in the background and a couple of obscenities passed along followed by a "you fecking sick son of a"..) "Speaking of me arse... Edge likes to grab it to piss me off...", Bono starts to say as she hears a loud smack. "Hey!"

"So, I'm assuming you guys have a very gentle relationship over there!!" she laughs.

"Yeah.. its beautiful. Oh so beautiful.." *as she hears another smack*"

she starts laughing.

"Ok, I gotta go. remember.. be at the festival, first thing."

"but.." she starts.. , he already knowing she was gonna say what she said lastnight.. interrupts.. chuckling..

"hehe.. no ifs or buts! shh!"

She laughs.

"Ok. Gotta make Edge happy. Bye, my looooooove", he sings goodbye.

and next thing she knows.. he and Edge are back at it again.. and fighting with the phone. then it hangs up.

"hmm, whats he up to.." she says to herself smiling.... as Karen walks in.

"So, gonna tell me?!" she laughs.

"Nope." jeannie smirks grabbing some orange slices off the tray she just brought up.

Karen snarls.

"AH! Just a couple more hours till the festival!!!" karen remembers as jeannie gleams. glowing from ears to ear. "wow, that's probably the most happiest response ive ever seen regarding a festival full of drunk irish and people throwing up and people forced to dress as.. erm... clovers and shit.."

"Yeah, well... " jeannie says, looking like she had eaten a canary. trying to keep from bursting out in joy or laughter.

"you are weird. you know that?"



They get to the festival before anyone else really starts showing up.

After a few run-ins with some drunken men dressed up as christmas bells hitting on them and a woman who literally thought she was Bob Geldof's cat.... the crowds start rushing in and Karen runs straight to the bar for a drink and Jeannie looks around.. intentely... for any sign of Bono.

later they'd have van morrison and the pogues play. should be fun.
she could see the stage on the other side of the field being setup... and Van doing a soundcheck.. "My brown-eyed giiirl" he sang into the mic, as it echoed through the park.

"hey, i brought ya some snacks!" karen said holding a bag of her favorite chips and some cookies.

"Aww thankyou! you're being nice to me. hmm... whats wrong with you??" jeannie jokes..looking at her like she stinks. lol.

"you get cranky if you dont have a carb/grain fix for the day, so.. thought i'd save myself the agony"


festivities go on, and karen gets to do her "clover" imitation, along with a bunch of other "clovers". she wins for best "break-dancing clover".

jeannie still can't find bono. pre-occupied with that thought..
she tries calling his cellphone.. but no answer.

van morrison goes up to the mic and the show is about to begin. it was supposed to be an hour-long set and then the pogues would follow, and that'd be it.

jeannie's still looking around for bono.. and moving about all over the place as karen follows behind. the crowd was so dense, and people all over the place she couldn't make her way around them.... to maybe get a look further back.
van's set is over.
a restless crowd starts forming in the distance and people acting strange, well, stranger than usual Ireland, heh... whispering about.. pointing at something. She couldn't see what was going on. She was too far back and short to see.

"Are you looking for something or someone?" karen asks.

"actually, i was gonna wait to tell you, but.." then a guy who resembled a chubby Art Garfunkel, with poofier hair comes up to them and interrupts...
"Hi, my name's Poofman. "jeannie cracks a smile.. "Would you and your friend like to join us over there in the front?"

Realizing this is a good way to get through... they agree and go with the man.

"Ok sure!" they agree.. following him.

Someone up on the stage whispers something to Van.. and he goes back to the mic... as people are getting even more erratic... and more pointing at the side of the stage.

"Ladies and gentleman.. we have a surprise for you.." he says.. smiling like an excited child.

the crowd roars... and there's a ruckus up near the side of the stage.

"well, tonight's plans have changed. it was just gonna be me and my good friend Shane MacGowan tonight.. but something else has happened.." he finishes.. looking over to the side of the stage laughing at something.

"Will the lovely people of Dublin... give it up for.. U2!!!!!!!!!!!"

the crowd starts screaming bloody murder and cheering. some guy boos behind them and another guy punches his lights out.. knocking him to the ground. LOL

Jeannie is about to pass out from shock and Karen's eyes are bulging out of her skull.. "JEANNIE!! HOLY SHIT!!"

Bono walks up to the mic... dressed semi-Fly style...
Sunglasses, and hair fluffed up so adorable and yet so viciously sexy... an untucked t-shirt and his leather pants... mmm.. the leather pants.

Trying to talk over the loud crowd... trying to settle them down.. "wow, i didn't know we were so famous here... holy shit, dude," he joked.

the crowd screamed even louder. people pushing to the front.

He looks straight into Jeannie's direction, as if he already knew exactly where she'd be. Taking off his sunglasses.. he winks at her, smiling a mischivious grin... and mouthed something that she couldn't make out.

Karen looked at her... realizing who he just winked to and seeing the expression on Jeannie's face. "What the hell?!?!?" she said in shock.
Jeannie glanced over and looked right back to Bono.

"Tonight's a very special night for us.. well, for me especially..." he says to the crowd.

More people cheer.. women on all ends screeching their lungs out. Bono finds this comical and says "Sorry, ladies.. this man's heart's already taken. " in a sweet MacPhisto-ish voice... looking back at Jeannie, smiling. Oh god, she was about to combust right there. The smile on her face said a million words. She felt so proud of him. Seeing him up there.

The ladies boo.. and Karen is in complete shock and awe at what she's witnessing... thinking back to Jeannie's dream. "Jeannie.. why'd he.." she starts as Bono finishes his ramble..

"Ok, Edge.. lets get this party started!!!!" he shouts.. as Edge bursts into "Until the End of the World"... as he and Edge do their little... antic... and the crowd roaring, and screaming, jumping.. an earthquake must have been registered on the richter scale with this.
Jeannie and everyone else singing along to every single word.

Bono decides to do his little dive into the crowd... sort of.. reaching about at everyone... and makes a point to move himself closer to Jeannie and he reaches his hand out to her... but just managing to brush the tips of her fingers before he was being pulled back.

It was a blast.

They take a short break before the next song.
Bono gets a drink of water.. and catches his breath.

"Before I go into the next song...
Ever go to sleep, and have a dream... a dream about having something, or someone special.. that you've always wanted. and in the dream, that wish comes true..but then wake up, and find it was sadly only a dream?" he starts.. as the crowd shake their heads... people talking amongst themselves.. and shouts of "Hell yeah!"

Edge looks over towards Jeannie and gives her a smile. "Ah shit.. he knows" she thinks to herself.. looking quickly over at Karen who's still in a shock trance..

"Ahh okay. Ever have something so.. unbelievable happen to you. that defied all logic and universal answers. something wonderful.. " the crowd is wondering what he's babbling about, but whatever it is, they like it anyway...
Edge and Adam looking at Bono with the funniest expressions...

"Well... sometimes.. dreams like that can come true, you know. Sometimes miracles do happen.." looking towards Jeannie.

"Anyways... I couldn't sleep lastnight.. and this song came to my head. It's only a few hours old! So,.. erm.. don't be too harsh on ol' me.."

Edge hands him an acoustic guitar.. and he starts out this beautiful tune in harmony with Edge's guitar...
It kind of sounds like a mix between "Satellite of Love" and "Love Rescue Me".

"My angel, she took my hand and took me to places I'd never been. She shined like the sun.. lifted me up, and never let me fall.
I've fallen in love... lost in her eyes forever... She colored my world that was once black and white and showered it with her love. " he sang with his eyes closed... deep in the lyrics... slowly opened his eyes and looked towards Jeannie.. taking the mic off the stand, dropping the guitar off to the floor.. walking closer across the stage to her never letting his eyes leave hers, intensely piercing her.. singing...
her insides shaking, she felt her legs about to give in... so much love she was feeling for him right there and then. the way he sang the words... hugging her her soul and made her cry. Totally unaware of Karen's reaction and the crowd's.

"I travelled forever... through the darkest of days.. to look for her... she found me, and took me in her arms.. and I finally found home.
I love her... I want to spend my life, loving her.
I love you....." kneeling eye to eye... he drops right in front of her. those beaming eyes of blue, caressing her soul... and those words.. as if he were making love to her.

They were speaking with eachothers eyes. He was feeling so much love for her right then and there... he wanted to shout it to the heavens. She felt the same, oh god, did she.
"I love you..." he said, bringing his face to hers, putting down the mic.. and kissing her lips. The crowd starts cheering and Karen starts crying... this emotional scene melting everyone's hearts.

Bono helps her up to the stage... and he pics the mic back up.. bringing her closer into his arms... and starts singing again. this time breaking into bits of "ultraviolet" but changing the lyrics... "baby baby baby.. light my way.... baby baby baby.. baby baby baby.... light, my way, m'love.." looking right into her eyes... forgetting about the world around them...
The beauty of his soul... giving off heat through his eyes.. holding her so close... he whispers into her hair.. "I love you, too."
'Too?' he never once forgot when he heard those words from her mouth as he watched her sleep...

Each and every cell in her body jumped at those words... "I love you so much. I always have...", she said to him...kissing his closed eyes... as their mouths reached into a deep, long, intense kiss.
"I know.." he said, touching her cheek with his fingers. As Edge continued the rest of the instrumental and Larry.... slowly dancing in eachothers arms...

Karen was still in shock at what she was seeing before her. Was this real? was this part of the show? this must have something to do with the way she's been acting...

Bono gestures at Edge to sing something.. and takes Jeannie back behind the stage...

the crowd is in their own trance and shock at what they just saw...

"Jeannie.." he said... sitting her down on the stage steps...
"I meant every word of what I said up there. that song was for you.. not anyone else, not the crowd, .. but for you. "
She was watching his eyes at every single word... the sincerity.. she could never doubt.

"I know that this might.. well.." he says... nervously... sweat pouring off him.. almost shaking himself...

She could still feel her insides shaking and heart tripling up a beat.... blood racing through her veins.. wanting to take him right there and then, and at the same time, so nervous as hell... and not sure why.

"Jeannie..." he says.. still.. stopping himself.. looking down for a second..
He stands up off the steps... and gets back down on his knees... in front of her... taking something out of his jacket pocket..
Its one of Edge's beanies..

He grins.. looking at her.. and then the hat...
Shes not sure whats happening here. He looks back down at her.. and then it again.. sort of teasing... and lightning to atmosphere back down from such an intense one...

"Jeannie..." he says... pulling something out of the beanie...
"Oh my god..." she says, almost falling off the side of the steps.. as he grabs her...
"Will you marry me?" holding out a beautiful ring....

tears start pouring out of her eyes and she notices he does too...

"Yes, of course, I'll marry you..." she says as he slips it on and attacks her with kisses.


(Chapter 10, coming up soon! oh and a conclusion to what really was behind their coming together.)

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Ok, chapter 10, will cover a lot of things... what really led them together in the first place... and will also get quite.. erm.. well.. steamy.

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i get the feeling that not many people like my rambling story. LOL!!
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Oh dont worry about it

My story didnt get many replies for a good while!

I had to plug mine a lot

Its called...

It Started With A Dance...

If you wanna check it out

See, plugging?

Lovin' the story by the way!
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Originally posted by GarfieldTheCat
i get the feeling that not many people like my rambling story. LOL!!

Well I love your crazy, rambling story!

It's awesome!

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