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Lemon - Chapter 6


Friday night.

Time for the trip to the airport to Dublin.

Jeannie's pretty much all packed. packed her ipod (cant go without music!), her

crazy little odds and ends: lotion (which she is lost without..), her favorite

slippers, ahh... some batteries! never could have too many batteries on hand...
and a bunch of other things that were gonna be a pain in the ass to carry. lol.

her buzzer rings. ah, must be karen. right on time.

"hey, crazy lady. open the door!"

"yeah, hang on, you pain in the ass.." jeannie laughs getting the door.

"so, ready for the big 'ol trip!"

"yep! i think i'm done packing! finally..."

"took ya long enough. what the heck is all of that you're taking?"

"trust me.. you dont wanna know.."

Karen shakes her head at her friend's little neurotic comical ways.

"I swear. you remind me of woody allen.."

"woody allen? well.. thankyou.. he kicks ass.." jeannie laughs.

"just you're more of a nut than he is.."

"ha! smartass, aren't ya!" jeannie snaps back jokingly.

"isnt it great?" heh.


They arrive at the airport.. and just as they are about to turn the car off..

"Mysterious Ways" comes on the radio...

"AHH!!" Karen starts laughing.

"I'm gonna beat your flippin' head in..." jeannie snarls...

"dont ya just love it?"

*smack!* jeannie smacks her across the head. lol.

its been a week since the dream, and things all seem to be fairly back to

normal. lol.

if you wanna call that normal. LOL


the flight over was fairly sane. lol.

they enter Dublin International Airport... and try to catch a cab to the hotel

they setup ahead of time.

"So, this convention.. its gonna be super fun. I heard they're gonna have

people dressing up as leprechauns and clovers.. and shit like that. and

everyones gonna get drunk.. and dance around like Riverdance.. and maybe Bob

Geldof will arrive.. HA HA.", Karen rants on like a lunatic.

Jeannie starts cracking up.

"yeah, i can really see you dressed up as a 4 leaf clover... attempting to

dance, after 10 beers... and falling on your ass.", jeannie snorts.

"you mean evil arse wanker!!" karen tries her best attempt at sounding Irish.

it ain't workin'. lol.

"sorry.. that sucked..." jeannie laughs.

"ahh... fuck you.."

"dont ya just like it??" jeannie laughs.. imitating karen.

"very funny. im laughing in pain. haha"


they get to the hotel. and jeannie starts unpacking all of her crap.

"tomorrow's the big day! 3 days of irish madness!", jeannie says...

"yeah, i cant wait to fall on my ass dressed as a clover."

jeannie snorts.

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SO good and funny I want an update!!!
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