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Lemon - Chapter 5 -

Sorry about the confusion about chapter 3. its mixed in with chapter 4... so.. nothing's missing.

ok, chapter.. erm.. 5. LOL

"hey!!" the other voice says.

"Hey Karen... whats up?"

"Nothing much. You up for lunch again today?"

"Uh.. well.. Ok. Yeah.. sure."

"Hmm, had something else planned?"

"Oh.. nah. Just had a weird night and wanted to maybe sleep in.. or something. But its okay."

"ya sure?"


"oh, and i got some cool news, too! i got us plane tickets to fly out to Dublin for that Irish music convention! i know its"

"wow... thats great! um... when do we fly out?"

"this friday night... isnt it great?! Finally!"

"Yup! but not looking forward to the airline food. if you remember what happened lasttime..", jeannie laughs.

"yep! its great having ya along for plane trips. nerves.. vomiting.. yelling at stewardesses. its gonna be a riot", karen jokes.

"yeah, well. go ahead.. laugh at my torture..." jeannie teases karen.

"its fun, isnt it? heh. but i'm sure they'll have a lot of u2 stuff at the convention to cheer ya back up after the flight."

Ah, U2. Bono... she thinks to herself recalling back to her dream.
a dream that oddly seemed all too real to be a dream.

"yup, yup..."

"oh hey. i gotta go! i'll see ya at lunch, mmkay?"

"alright. see ya!"

she hangs up the phone and walks back to her bed... looking for her dog, whose sitting on the other side of the bed on the floor.

"karen's a pain in the butt, eh?"

her dog barks in response as if he actually knew what she was saying. lol.

"thats right, boy! you're a smart doggy, heh"

Karen was a good friend to her. Liked to tease a lot! But hey.. she oddly liked the jokes.

The two of them met at a music store years ago, both finding they had a common bond right away: U2.

They hit it off right away.. and became pretty close.
Karen shared an apartment with her nutty Astrology obsessed sister Beatrice a few blocks away from Jeannie.

This was gonna be a fun weekend. She'd always wanted to visit Ireland. And getting away for a while would be a very nice thing.
'2 weeks! Ahhh.... niiice.' Jeannie thought to herself..

But she quickly started recalling her dream again.

She rarely ever dreamed vivid dreams.. and certainly nothing like this one.

She still couldn't remember what the hell had happened after lunch yesterday. No recollection whatsoever. So, I guess she'll ask Karen later... who she was sure was gonna have a tease-fest over that one.

She laid back on her bed.. closed her eyes and could see Bono's eyes in her mind. No matter what she did, they seemed to be burned into her brain.

She could even still smell him. How can you remember a smell from a dream? You can dream an actual smell like that?? Too vivid...

Laughing at herself at how insane this all sounds.. she gets up to wash up and get dressed.


"So! you look tired as hell. what happened lastnight?" karen asks, eating her soup.

"Ahh... nothing really.."


"Had this weird-ass dream... it doesnt matter. Its stupid..."

"Nah, it doesnt sound stupid."

"hahaha, trust me..."

"ah, it was nothing. really.", jeannie muffles...stuffing her mouth with a turkey club sandwich. dropping lettuce and bacon all over the place.

"well, if you dont tell me then i'm gonna eat your last sandwich half.."


"hahaha!!" karen loves to piss her off.

"alright.. alright.. damn you"

*as karen snickers*

"first of all.. what the hell happened yesterday after lunch? i dont remember anything after that..", jeannie asks.

"Hahaha, you know how you get drunk after just one little beer...."

"ahh shush it"

"heh, you got a little tipsy on that drink i had you try, and we had a drinking contest. knowing you'd be knocked out in 2 minutes, i thought hey, it was easy. and then afterwards you said you were gonna throw up.. and you kept going on and on about forgetting to feed your dog... so you went home... and i guess you passed out. ha ha ha ha."

"that was it?"

"yep. why?"

"i just didnt remember anything. oh well. i guess thats it. hmm.. weird", jeannie chuckled to herself.

"so, what about this dream thing??"

"oh.. yeah...." jeannie thinks to herself how she could explain it. she did want to tell karen, but she didnt feel like rehashing it in her mind again and well, .. it was a little weird, you gotta admit.

"I had a dream that I woke up at a Fuzzball Gallery..."

"A fuzzball gallery? what the heck is that?!" karen laughs.

"yeah.. im telling you. its odd..." and she continues to tell the entire dream..

(an hour later... she finishes. lol.)

"wow...", karen says.. looking into her drink. not sure what to say.

"yeah... something about it just didnt make much sense. my god, it was so real.."

Karen was always interested in dreams.. and their meanings, and all of those interesting kinds of things.. and this one in particular interested her.

"well, i guess you wont be able to see bono in the same light ever again, eh?!" karen jokes..

jeannie gives her a scowling look.. "ha... ha... and hah.."

"ooh.. jeannie's pissed now.. hahah"

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More please
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