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Lemon - Chapter 18

Chapter 18

after dinner, they all head downtown.
"people, would you mind if we stopped in a guitar shop for a few minutes?", edge asks comically.

"a few minutes? is that the equivalent of 5 hours in your world, eeeedge?", bono laughs.

"fuck you. we're going", edge says as bono mocks him.

edge scowls.

adam and karen walk behind the group... quiet as can be.. listening to edge and bono bicker.

"besides, jeannie and i have some tech stuff to discuss and i wanna ask her opinion on a few gadgets", edge adds... trying to add more flames to the fire. lol.

"tech stuff, eh?" bono says... looking at jeannie winking...
"yes, she's gonna be my new partner in crime as far as this shit goes...", edge says proudly.

"this is gonna be frightening...", jeannie says.
bono laughs. "So, does this mean if I marry you, too.. that i'd have to spend the rest of my life hearing this kind of stuff or else i'd have to shoot myself in the head?", bono laughs.

"To put it simply.. Yes", edge says, like a professor.
"HAH! Nah Edge, I'd just have to kill your beanie ass. He's all mine.", Jeannie laughed, snuggling up to bono as they walked down the street.
"Thats right, m'lady. I'm all yours.. to do whatever your heart so desires", bono says in the most adorable voice, as they exchange nose kisses.

"Ahh jaysus.. how cute", edge smiles.
Adam and Karen smile at the couple in front of them. Beatrice cant believe her eyes. Happy with herself that she was able to make this happen. and jealous at the same time. not that she wanted bono.. but a love of her own. but oh well...

"I remember when Bono would give me nose kisses all the time... and when he'd look me dead in the eye.. as if he was craving my luscious body..", edge snickers.. but actually was very precise in his comments. bono and edge did indeed do such things, LOL. especially in concerts.

"HA ha ha... and hah..", bono said grinning.. bringing his attention back to Jeannie.

they arrive at the guitar shop.

edge runs right to a huge, red Gibson guitar on the display and molests it. lol.

"hey, this isn't a feckin' porno, eeedge", bono feels the need to point out.
"yeah well... look at this beauty. my god..", edge said... adoring the guitar.
edge makes a speech about all kinds of different guitars he has and experiences with each... almost as if he were a tour guide.. and discussing each and every details.. even down to the paint and wood finishes...

bono keeps mocking edge as adam is intently listening to edge's yaps.

jeannie starts sniffing an acoustic guitar.

"and here i thought people only snorted cocaine..." edge laughed.
"exactly", bono smiled.
"i looove the smell of unused, newly painted guitars...." she says sniffing it again.
"guys, they're gonna kick us out if you nutjobs keep molesting the instruments and equipment", adam says.
"feck it", edge says.

bono walks up to an electric guitar and starts kissing it... and pretending he's licking it. oh wait.. he actually was.

"I should buy this", bono says... adoring it.
"ya sick bitch", edge says.
"and i should name is Jeannie", bono smiles.
jeannie blushes.
"yeah, like you haven't licked her enough today... she's gonna need a break, y'know.. so maybe that's a good idea. go ahead..", edge jokes.
"nah i doubt id ever get tired of that, edge", jeannie says.

"thats right. i have the most amazing tongue in the land.. universe... " bono gleams.

"come'ere you little adorable pest, you.." jeannie says, signalling for him to come hither to her, with her finger... a mischievious look in her eye.

"yes, coming m'love.." he says.. ushering to her like a little puppy. lol.
great.. now they're making out again.. in the guitar shop.

"feckin' hell, guys", edge laughs... going back to examining the effects pedals. "you guys can barely even walk properly.." he adds.. snickering.
"feck off.." bono says, going back to kissing jeannie.

this goes on forever and finally edge decides he's done with the shop. buying a bunch of guitar equipment goodies, strings, wires of some sort, etc... two huge bags over his shoulder.
like a kid in a toy store.. edge sure found his. lol.

beatrice realizes she has to get back to the hotel to do a few things, and call her friend about her cat.. who's staying with her.

karen decides to walk back with her and tells adam she'll be back at the studio in an hour. adam kisses her cheek goodbye. she felt her cheek flush.
she kissed him back. he was really starting to like her and so was she.
edge looked over and sees this.. and smiles. "seems our adam boy's found someone, too...", he says to bono and jeannie.
"Soon as we all know it... it'll be one giant pornfest. wait, thats just you guys", edge laughs.
jeannie and bono smile and try and mind their own business.

they say goodnight to beatrice as she and karen make their way.

they all go back to adam's.

bono flops himself on the couch.. getting gunk from his dirty shoes all over it.

"bono... take the shoes off.." adam instructs.
"what?" bono asks... confused.
"take the shoes off. dont get that crap all over my couch. i just cleaned that.." adam says.
bono slowly takes off his shoes.. and adam walks over and takes them.
"what the feck are you doing?" bono asked.
"im gonna clean them off.."
"have edge lick them clean.." jeannie giggled.
edge gives her a look... and bono starts laughing.
"fuck the both of you", edge says.. scowling... studying his new gadgets he just bought.

jeannie and bono snicker.
"you guys are too much alike. its makin' me ill", edge says.. still scowling.
ahh edge liked it. he was just pretending to be an arse. lol

"even the grins.. what the hell? you're both evil..." edge adds.
jeannie and bono are in tears laughing.
"it isnt funny. its frightening.." edge says.. going back to his gadgets.

adam, meanwhile.. is in the back of the room.. scrubbing bono's shoes.

"what the hell did you get all over these fucking things, bono?" adam asks.
"edge's shit", bono says, flatly.
edge looks at him. the evil eye again.
jeannie laughs. "after his doggy walk, he didn't clean up after himself.."
"feck you, man.." edge says.
"hehehe... thats what ya get for swatting bono earlier", jeannie laughs.
"I own him. i can swat him whenever and however i want." edge says.
"i am not your goddamn property, sweety", bono informs edge whos laughing.

they were having the best times of their lives tonight. all in good fun.
they werent seriously bashing edge nor was he them. it was all in jest and they all knew it.

adam is done with bono's shoes and puts them aside.
"arent you gonna give them back to me?" bono asks.
"no, im keeping them hear until you go. i dont want them back on my couch." adam says.
"but you just cleaned them.. whats it matter?"
"just because", adam says.. giving bono a smirk.
haha adam is now getting in on the madness.
edge looks at him.. "whats gotten into you tonight, adam?" smiling.
bono and jeannie smile.
adam had a great time with everyone tonight and with karen. he really liked her, but didnt know how such a thing would work out....

hours go by... they all sit around and talk.. and edge intensely studying his gadgets and reading pamphlets... pretty much making occasional insults and comments here and there... as he so pleased. lol.

the phone rings. its karen.

"hey, where'd you dissappear to?" adam asked.
"oh, after we got to the hotel, bea wanted to stop at a pet shop and look at the animals. which.. was forever. like edge and his guitars", she laughed.
adam smiled. "so, think you'll be back here tonight?"
"yeah, i'll be there in 30 mins"
"ok, good. the gang's here... and edge is being a pissant as usual.." he laughed.
"I fuckin heard that!", edge said.
karen and adam laugh... and hang up.

adam goes into the kitchen to make more tea.. and jeannie gets up following behind him. bono still taunting edge some more, lol.

adam turns around and sees jeannie popping her head in.
"ahh hello. want some tea?" he asked.
"sure. got any honey?" she asked.
"I have every kind of tea accessory here", he gleams.
jeannie smiles. "ya love your tea, dont'cha"
"yes i do. its one of the most healthy and relaxing drinks one could have. anti-oxidants and calming ingredients. it helps me keep my sanity some days", he says. jeannie smiled. she thought adam was one of the coolest people ever. so kind, sweet, and gentle. very trustworthy, too. she liked that a lot.

they could hear bono and edge flipping out at eachother in the other room, and they laugh.
"man, those two. all day long..", adam smiles. jeannie shakes her head in agreement.. as she studies all of his teas on the shelf. lol.

adam wanted to tell jeannie about what karen told him earlier.. but he didnt know how to say it. he'd rather tell her and bono for some reason.. instead of beatrice. at least for bono's sake. he hardly knew bea.
adam was always looking out for them.. and vice versa.
he genuinely cared for jeannie, too. she made bono so happy and he made her so happy, and even they felt like they'd known her forever.
he didnt know what to say or do. something told him he needed to tell them before bea did, wasnt sure why though. he was never an impulsive person.. but he trusted his instinct.

"Hey Jeannie?", adam said.. looking at his tea.. stirring it.

"Yeah?", she turned around.

"Um, I really gotta tell you something..." he said...
her face grew concerned... as she sit down to listen.

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