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Lemon - Chapter 16

Chapter 16

Bono sends Adam off to pick Karen and Beatrice up at the hotel.

"So, you guys are sisters? You look nothing alike!", Adam smiled.. seeing the very red-headed, freckled Beatrice next to the dark-haired, porcelain skinned Karen.. "Both very very beautiful indeed!!" he added..heh.
Karen and Bea blushed. Karen sat in the front seat with Adam... and couldn't keep her eyes from him. Such a sweet man. She never expected him to be THIS gracious as he's been to her the past 24 hours.

"Yep, we're sisters. Even though she drives me up the flippin' wall most of the time. But I love her anyway", Karen laughed.
"Me driving YOU up the wall? Now that's a new one. Look who's talking, missy", Bea snapped back with a snicker.
Adam thought this was amusing.

It was such a beautiful day out. A soft breeze blowing and the sun shining. Its been such particularly good weather for Ireland the past few days.

They arrive as soon as they know it to Adam's place/studio.

"Wow! So this is the studio.." Karen said with her eyes in amazement.
"Ahh.. its nothing that wonderful. Just added the studio part a couple of years ago to the house. It could be a lot bigger, given that we need someplace bigger to hold all of Edge's excess tech crap", Adam laughed.
"Oh yes.. Edge and his tech crap. I am almost afraid to think of what his house looks like.." Karen ponders.
"Oh trust me.. it's like something out of Star Trek.." Adam laughs as they walk in and see Bono and Edge bickering about Bono spitting too much on the mics when singing... Jeannie sitting in amusement cracking up.

"Well, I see nothing's changed much since I left!", Adam points out.
"Its only just beginning!", Jeannie laughs.
They all greet Bea and Karen and introduce Bea to Edge.

"Lemme get us all some more tea!' Adam says.
"Care if I join ya?" Karen asks. "Sure thing!" Adam says taking her arm in his to the kitchen.

In the distance they can hear all the ruckus with Bono and Edge.. going at it and Jeannie in hysterics.

"Those three are gonna be a riot", Adam laughs.
"yeah, tell me about it. i'm suprised jeannie's held back her mischievious ways when teamed up with edge." karen laughs.
"Oh one of those!" adam laughs.

"yup, bono and edge seem to a have a similar relationship as jeannie and i. constant joking bickering.. its fun, i must say"

adam smiles. he can smell her lovely soft perfume and finds himself trying to sniff more of it in as she walked past him.

"I meant to tell you earlier.. you look beautiful today", adam complimented.
karen blushed.. "Aw, thankyou", shyly. Gosh.. did the Adam Clayton just say she was beautiful? lol.
"You're lookin' quite handsome yourself" she winks back.
"I try my best", Adam says with a blushing grin.

"So, how long's Bea gonna be in Ireland?"
"In a couple of days, I assume. She can't be away from her cat for too long, heh"
Adam chuckled.

There's a bit of silence for a while.. as they both listen in on the crazy trio in the other room.

"yes?" as he's stirring some sugar into a cup of tea.
"I need your advice on something.." Karen says a little nervously.
"I'm all ears. Whats it about?", Adam said, giving her all of his attention.
"Well, its kinda regarding Jeannie and Bono.."
Adam starts to get a little worried.

She tells him the whole story about Beatrice, and the astrological thing, and already knowing all about Bono and Jeannie's dream from Bono.. it all started to click in.

"Now I just don't know if they should know or not or if this is gonna cause a problem somehow.." Karen says, looking down.. worried.

"I'd think in a sense this would make them realize how much indeed they ARE meant to be, in this case..." adam thinks out loud...
"Thats what i was thinking.."
"then again... who knows.."

Adam was never one to believe in all of that stuff, but he sure was now. There was something very supernatural about the whole thing.
But seeing how much Bono and Jeannie were in love and they absolutely adored her.. the whole mystery seemed to not bother them anymore.
But they were of course worried for Bono, their friend.. their soul brother... the crazy guy they've grown up with... getting into something, and Jeannie as well, that might later not work.. or getting into it too fast.. but they weren't worried much anymore.

"Bea came here for that very purpose.. to tell them... and I dont know what to do now."

"Wow... this is definitely something I've never come across before, thats for sure.." Adam chuckled nervously. He really liked Karen, and they were becoming very good friends and he wanted to do all he could do to try and help... and he surely didnt want to see Jeannie and Bono get hurt by this.

They sat around at the table for a long while, thinking what the next plan should be.

"I think I have an idea.." Adam said.

"What? Tell me", Karen enthusiastically chimed.

"Lets go back in first..."

"Hey!! Did you guys drop dead in there from Adam's feckin' herbal teas?", Bono laughed, peaking in.

Oops. Bono-ish Interruptus. lol.

"No, not yet.. but would you care to sip some and test it for us?" adam joked.
"Feck no!!!!!" bono cringed.
"I bet thats that green shit again... keep it as far away from me as possible, man.." bono said making the funniest face.

they go in and join back in with the crazy gang.

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