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Lemon - Chapter 11 !!! (major update)

Chapter 11

The poor band is left there without their lead singer.. and fiddling around with more ABBA songs.

"So, honey bear, my sweety.. what song do you wanna do next?" Edge asks Adam through the mic.. where everyone can hear.
Adam slightly embarassed but for some odd reason actually liking it, "How about we try some Captain and Tenneille songs... something like "Do That To Me One More Time?"
"Sweetybuns, I don't think I know how the words to that one..."
"Oh, I'll help. I know it all by heart, cutie."
The crowd is in hysterics at this point.

They start the song, trying to improvise shit... as Larry sits back at the drums, looking annoyed.

"Man, they must be really at it back there.." Edge laughs at Adam referring to Jeannie and Bono. Bono told everyone what had happened and that he was gonna propose. Edge gave him his blessing and offered his good luck beanie hat for Bono to use. lol.

"Cutie, that was really sweet what you did for Bono and lending him your beanie. I'm jealous!", Adam smiles gleamingly at Edge.
"Jealous of what? That you want Bono and now he's a taken man?" Edge jokes trying to piss Adam off.
"You bastard!" smacking Edge's ass.

The show is becoming a total circus now. How festive! LOL

About an hour passes....


Jeannie and Bono decided to lock themselves backstage.. in the quiet peacefulness of eachother's company.
They could still hear the music from the stage and laid in eachother's arms. Exhausted, cooling down from the love-making.

For the first time truly in her life.. Jeannie was at peace... enveloped in the protection and warmth of Bono... as he ran his fingers through her hair...
The two of them feeling like they could stay like this forever.
It was everything she ever imagined.. being with him, and him only. A type of bliss that nothing else could ever compare.

Bono starts humming something...
Jeannie looks up from under his chin.. "What's that? Thats the song you..." snuggling up closer to his chest.
He continues humming, trying to keep a straight face. he was so adorable when he did that. oh hell, he was always adorable.
"Satellite of Love...", she smiles, glowing.
"Correct, love" he chuckles, going back to humming it again...
"Thats the song you I heard you humming in the gallery, in the dream... when I was hiding on the steps...", she smiles.
"Yup! I remember it verrry well..." the biggest grin on his face as he keeps humming... and then starts singing it...sitting further up, holding her closer.. snuggling them into eachother, like as if she were a teddybear.
This was such a sweet moment.
Kissing his neck.. as he hummed, she could feel the vibration... making her tingle all over.
He knows what he's doing to her. The pressure building within her again... she moves up over him... kissing his mouth.. as he hummed back into hers.. a romantic.. exchange... so symbolic...
Feeling that familiar vibration on her fingers tips.. she caresses his neck... feeling him smile against hers...
He loved when she did that. To her.. it was the vibration of all the beautiful energy in the universe. Something so surreal, but now so truly real to her...

*knock knock*.. someone's at the door.
"Bono, ya in there?" Its Adam.
"Uh.. yeah! Be out in a few minutes!"
"Hmm, lemme guess..." Adam laughs.
"Get your arse back out there!" Bono snorts back.
They start giggling... as Adam on the other end, shakes his head and walks back out to the stage bombarded by questions from Edge. lol.

"Go ahead.. they need ya out there. We've been evil leaving them out their to fend for themselves", Jeannie laughs mischieviously.
"HAH! Well, its about time they start to do things without the help of ol' me. Those big little whiney babies.." Bono jokes... stroking his own ego.
Jeannie kisses his nose and he gives her an eskimo kiss...
'That nose...', she thought to herself.. sighing.

They then hear a door open on the other side of the room.. "Hey kids!". "Oops!"
Edge laughs.. managing to sneak into their hiding place.
Half naked and shocked, red-faced.. Jeannie and Bono throw stuff at him.
"Hey!! Why the abuse!"
"get outta here for god sake, you asshole!" bono says throwing another one of edge's extra beanies that was laying around directly at his head.
"You arsejob... dont treat my beanies like shit!"

Edge laughs and walks out.

"Damn, his big old head needs to be shoved up his ass", Bono snorts.
Jeannie gently smacks him.
"Hey! You people are evil, man!" lunging into her, nibbling about her naked skin.. wonderfully torturing her. lol.

"Ahh get your butt out there before Edge kills ya"
"Actually, I'm sure he's out there already planning my murder with Larry.. wait and see.."


The crowd is still on their toes.. waiting for Bono's return.
"BONO! BONO!" they chant.. in a rhythmic pattern.

Edge comes back out, snickering.
Adam says, "So, honeybuns... what did you do now?", giggling.
"Oh shut it"
"Bono should be out shortly!!" he announced.
"Ahhhh.. I seee", Adam says taking a guess at what happened. lol.

Larry gets impatient and starts playing his own drumbit.. not sure what the hell he's playing, but doesn't care.
"What the feck are you doing, Lard?!" Edge shouts.
"What the feck you think I'm doing?"
"Being a manbitch! Thats what!"
"Feck you! I'll just play a drumbeat to you and Adam's little conversation.."
Adam starts laughing as Bono comes running out from behind the stage screaming as the Fly normally does.
"Its about time, you sack o' shit", Larry mumbles to himself as Adam is about to piss himself laughing.
Jeannie joins in at the side of the stage next to Van Morrison and Pappy, the guy from the hotel who just happened to pop in there.

Bono grabs the mic and begins rambling, "Hey, Sorry for my mysterious disappearance everyone. Since I'm in such a great mood.. we're gonna play an extra hour for y'all!!"
The audience is screaming in delight and Larry starts cursing up a storm.
Adam says to Edge and Bono, "As you can see.. Lardence is having a cranky day. He never got his babyfood."
"HAH HAH HAHA!!" Adam bursts out in this weird laugh making even Bono and Edge look at him weird. lol.

Bono continues talking about the next song, and makes fun of Adam and Edge.
The audience is loving it. Jeannie's cracking up.
Karen is now drunk off her butt and Jeannie brings her up over to the side of the stage with her to watch the rest of the show.
Adam comes over and congratulates Jeannie and kisses her hand, "We've heard A LOT about you. You make our B very happy. I am very glad to meet you. I think we're gonna really like having ya around" such a sincere sweet guy.
"Thankyou, Adam. Very happy to meet you, too!" and he bows to her smiling and goes back to the band. As Edge comes by and does the same, and apologizing for running in on them earlier. They adore her so far and she adores them.

The rest of the night is as crazy as can be.. and Bono happy as a kid on speed.
Bono felt a little bad about not introducing her to the band before all of this... I mean, they were all brothers to him. But he had to do this tonight. He didn't wanna do it any other way, and they understood.

During the show, Bono dedicated "All I Want Is You" to Jeannie, changing the lyrics around to fit them... everyone in tears.


After the show, they all go to a local pub to celebrate.
Bono, Jeannie, Edge, Adam, Larry, Karen, Pappy, Paul, and the Art Garunkel looking guy who'd gotten Jeannie and Karen up front of the stage... who later turned out to be Bono's friend who he sent out to make sure they got there, so he could play out his suprise.

The night gets later... hours go by and everyone's having a great time.
Jeannie gets to know the band better, they her, and they have a blast.
Karen and Adam even seem to be hitting it off! LOL!

Lots of dancing and fun had.

Bono and Jeannie spent most of the night hand in hand, constantly looking into eachother's eyes as any lovers just engaged would be.. if not maybe more so. lol.

Karen now knows what happened.. and can't believe her ears.
Bono mentions a few details which seemed to spark Karen's memory about something.

Then her cellphone rings.
Its her sister Beatrice.

Beatrice, a couple years older than Karen.. has always known of Jeannie's love for the band and Bono.
As mentioned earlier.. she studied astrology and even ventured down the route of even experimenting with 'spells' using astrological charts.

"Hey! How's it going in Dublin?" Beatrice asked.
"Oh, its going... absolutely amazing. You will not.. fucking believe what's happened today. It is just.. too unbelievable.", Karen rants.
"Did you guys run into u2 or something? haha"
"Actually, yes! And much more... I have a feeling we'll be seeing much more of them now too", she laughed.
"What do you mean?" bea asked.
"I'll tell ya later. Its so.. hard to get into over the phone right now. We're celebrating at the bar right now. I'll call you tonight."
"Yep! Something wonderful's happened tonight to Jeannie. Gotta go! Tell you about it later.."
She then hears Beatrice says under her breath to herself.. "oh my god.. it worked.."
"What worked?"
"Oh.. I was talking to myself about my.. um DVD player.."
"Uh.. ok. Talk to you soon!"

Hmm... that was weird, Karen thought to herself.
She remembered a book Bea had out one night.. about dreams and working through dreams and the fates...
Then it all started to click.

Bono was born in May, and so was Jeannie... but two different days and years...
She was trying to figure it out in her head. She'd remembered some of this stuff from being around Bea.. so... maybe there's something to this and she cna figure it out.

Bono and Jeannie are engaged in an intimate conversation across the table...
"This has been the best day of my life.. and I know they'll be many more just like that to come. Not everyday does something happen like it has with us. I could never afford to lose you again, and even though I sound like I'm more psychotic than I normally am (laughs).. but, I know we are meant to be.
I want you to know that I'm not asking you to marry me because of this whole dream. Or think that I'm in love with the thought of that. Or think I automatically think we're meant to be because of that. That's just... not it at all and I hope you didn't ever question that. I'm being paranoid.. and a drunken one at that any second now", Bono said... as Edge's piled up a bunch of Guinness's he didn't want over to him.

She smiles at this, and looks him straight in the eye.."I never thought anything like that. I know what happened between us.. in that dream, and what we felt then.. and I know whats happened to us.. here.. and what happened between us this afternoon. That was more than real. Ok, so we got into this really quick, but I know this is gonna work. I just know. I am a pessimist at heart..but this is something I'm very sure of."

He smiles, puts his head to hers.. and says, "What did I ever do to deserve you.."
"No, what did *I* do to ever deserve you", kissing him.

"Oh great.. the lovebirds are makin' out", Edge teases.
They don't even notice Edge's comment.. and in their own little world... yes.. literally about to make-out... lol.

Everyone starts clapping... embarassing the two of them, lol.

Paul and Pappy excuse themselves.. they had business to attend to downtown with a Sushi place guy who just called Paul on his cellphone begging him to come down now. LOL. Paul says he is busy at the moment.. and hangs up on him, only to have the guy keep calling.

"This guy is a rampent little fooker.." Paul growled.
"Sorry we gotta leave you all here.. but sure we'll be all seeing much more of eachother!" he winked at Jeannie and Bono... congratulating them again and all of that good stuff, heh.

The band decide to head out too.. and leave Bono and Jeannie to themselves the rest of the night. Karen decides to check out a Spoon Gallery with Adam. lol.
"Make sure they don't lock ya in!!", Bono winks.
Adam and Karen make a silly face and then they say their goodbyes.
Jeannie was spending the night with Bono.. So.. Karen had the place all to herself.. or um... so we think. ;-)

Karen still wonders if Beatrice had anything to do with this though.
And if so, was this love between Bono and Jeannie real? Or just.. a spell?

So, she and Adam spend a couple of hours at the Spoon Gallery before they kicked them out for closing time, lol... and he walked her home.
He kissed her goodnight on the cheek, like a gentleman and asked her to dinner the next night. She happily accepts and they part ways for the night.
He throws her a kiss as he heads to the doorway. lol.
She tosses one back.
"Weird... I think I really like him." she smiles to herself.

back inside.. she recalls back to her earlier thought about Beatrice... and grabs her phone and calls. "man, its gotta be late back at home .. oh well.." she calls anyway.

Bea answers. "Hey, its Karen. I really wanna ask you about something.. and please be honest with me.."

"ok.. shoot." bea says.

she tells beatrice the whole story. about jeannie and bono's dream and what happened the past 2 days.
"WoW!! are you serious????" bea says exstatically. seeming genuinely suprised...w hich is confusing karen a bit.

"yep! it was beauitiful... ive never seen her so happy.. and bono.. wow... he's just.. on a constant high about it all. oh and the band are so so so sweet and well, bono and jeannie really really love eachother.. its just.. its so odd how they came together. you know?"

"yup... that is.. quite.. bizaare.."

"bea.. ok, im gonna just come out and ask... did you have anything to do with their dream??"

there's silence for a moment.


"yeah, i'm here.."

"did you?"

"those things dont have much to do with me. im just a conduit. i see whats already there.. be it in this time or a past time, or something in the astrological madness of things.. thats just meant to happen... and i work with them."

"what do you mean?" karen gets a little.. nervous. she never believed in this shit, but she was sure believing it now.

"im saying..."

"did you... do this?"

"yes..." bea trails off.

karen's heart sinks for a moment... scared and upset for both bono and jeannie. if that love isnt genuine and is a spell, then.. what happens now?

"bea.... is this love a spell?"


"what do you mean? i dont get any of this.."

"ok, here's what happened. and please.. dont tell jeannie or bono.. or anyone, okay?"

karen felt odd agreeing to this.. they had the right to know if it wasnt meant to be... and was in danger of wearing off. or could put them into some kind of other danger.

"its witch magic, beatrice!", karen interrupts.

"no... it is not! not this... at least not in my eyes..."

"ok, please tell me everything. is this gonna wear off? is what they feel.. real? is there any danger in this?"

bea was silent for a moment..

"karen, hun.. calm down. lemme explain..."

"i'm listening."

(to be continued!!!!!!)

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