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Lemon - Chapter 10

Chapter 10

Karen stands in front of the stage.. watching Edge sing "Dancing Queen" in a duet with Adam... with her mouth still hanging open. Wondering what Jeannie and Bono were doing back there..
Edge notices this and can't keep from laughing at the look on her face.
The crowd is having a great time and cracking up at Edge and Adam together.. acting out the whole ABBA thing, which, well.. is quite a humorous sight to say the least. I guess Edge thinks he's Frida tonight.... just with less hair. lol.

"Hey.. come on up here!", Edge invites Karen to come up on stage.
"Who? Me?" she mouths. This is her favorite band, ever... and the day still isn't short of suprises.
She goes up and finishes the song with .. um.. Mr. Frida Edge and Adam... who'd be the blonde one in ABBA.. whatever her name is.
"I guess I'm Bjorn then", Karen jokes into the mic, the whole crowd bursting out in laughter.

Backstage, they move to the little guest area festival house.. where no one's around. Bono is as ecstatic as ecstatic can be.

"Damn, you're adorable", Jeannie smiled, jumping him, knocking him to the floor... attacking him with a passionate kiss... literally eating him alive... "You.." (she kisses him aain).. "Are.." (*kiss*)... "the most.." (kisses him on the nose)..."adorable" *kisses his nose again, lol).. then lunging at his lips again, taking him all in as he returns the gesture... even more intensely. Like a challenge at who could reach the back of who's throat... lol.
Moving onto his neck.. shes devouring every inch of flesh... down to his chest... moving back up again, he meets her there.. grasping her lips with his once again, hands fumbling to unbutton her shirt... her hands fumbling to remove his pants... but then as a tease.. he grabs her hands away and then pulls her beneath him. She snickers at him as he gives her the most evil little MacPhisto grin.. "Gotcha, m'lady" he snarls playfully.

"ooh. playing devil, eh?" she playfully growls ... ready to attack his lips again.. grinning full of desire and madness.
"oh yes, m'lady... i'm gonna do things to you that you won't ever forget...", kissing her again.. exploring every inch of eachothers mouths and lips...
she could feel his tongue frantically moving about hers... as if it were deperate to reach the abyss.

she lets out a moan..feeling his weight upon her... oh god, this drove her mind wild. straddling her, he pushes himself harder against her... making her body cry and crave for what was inevetibly about to happen.
she could feel the pressure build within him in that once untouched place between her legs, making the pulse race and pound against it.. she pushed herself further up to meet his.

they break free from their, what seemed like a neverending kissing fest, to catch some air...
he looks down into her eyes... her into his...

"You okay?" he asks.. so sweetly, and gently...
She smiles at him, "Yes.. I'm better than okay.." looking into him, adoringly... brushing a curly lock of hair away from his face... kissing his chin. He looks so content and happy....
"Sure you wanna go ahead with this?"
"Yes. I'm very sure. Very... " holding him close to her... kissing him again.
(they kiss a lot huh? LOL)
"Yes, my love.." caressing her cheek.
"This is my first time..." god, this was embarassing.. but she was happy it was going to be him.
He smiled, "It's okay. If you feel like you want to stop, tell me.. I won't be upset at all.
Are you sure you want to do this?" he asked gently and genuinely understandingly.
God, she loved him. He was not like other guys.. or like most people in general. He was different.. he was kind, he was gentle, understanding.

"I've waited for the time that I found someone I truly loved and they loved me... for that special person. I don't think I've honestly ever even been in love, until I found you. I feel like I've waited a million years for you... and I honestly can say that I could never love anyone as much as I love you"... smiling, with tears coming down her face.... looking straight into his soul as he did... She saw so much love in his eyes at that moment. Seconds, just staring into eachother's deepest part of their souls... Its that connection that they have had from the very start.
"I feel the same way about you, Jeannie. I mean that with everything inside of me", holding onto her hands... gently kissing away her tears.

He pulled her even closer to him... as she reached to his pants and undid them... letting her hands move wherever they may roam...
Feeling his hand move along her thigh... skin on skin... dancing making her nerve endings scream... as it moves higher.. and higher.
"I want you."

He takes her hand and holds it to him... their bodies wrapped around eachother... with the need to be as close to eachother as if their lives depended on it...
He looks into her eyes.. never letting them leave hers...
"It'll be okay." he says comfortingly, kissing the top of her head...

Gently and lovingly, they become one...
The deepest parts of their souls.. connected in the most intimate of ways.... feeling the love between them... its almost too much to bear.

She cries out in waves... wanting him more and more...
Wanting to be so close to eachother.. despite the limitations of their bodies... their bodies meld into one another...
Hip against hip... hand in hand... fingers tangled with eachother.. they make love... into the night.


(part 11, coming up soon!)

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Amazing chapter... the fact that they are now engaged!

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OOH that chapter was excellent!!! I can't wait for part 11!
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haha thankyou! i was trying to keep away from getting too graphic or sexual. i like my stories like that but didnt wanna get banned or whatever.

glad you liked it.

im still kinda deciding on where to go with chapter 11. it seems like im steering a little too off from my original plot...

But, an interesting thing is...
i had this other scenerio to this story which took place after she first woke up and realized the event between her and bono was a dream... that was REALLY far off and a little confusing, so i didnt go with it. but i still have a copy of it, and might post it here when im done with this one.. so people could see where it may have gone.
instead of karen calling her that mornng.. it was someone totally different. nope, not bono either!

i have a habit of writing things and getting it all confused and mangled, which in a sense could be quite fun, but it depends. LOL

chapter 11 should be interesting. im already working on a couple directions for it.

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You're AWESOME!!! Totally love that story!!!

An update PLEAZ!!!
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working on it now! hehe. should be up in a bit.

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