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It Started With A Dance....Chapter 6

Hey all!

I'm back with the 6th installment of my didnt take me long to write....I went on a roll so there might be a few spelling errors


Disclaimer: Now...none of the following is true. It's all complete lies and a little dream I had a few weeks ago. In the story none of the U2 lads are married or involved with anyone and I am NOT a 16 year old girl

Enjoy! and feel free to post a comment


It started with a dance….

“Hurry up will ye, we’re gonna get the mob soon” Larry says hurrying Bono and myself up.

He’s still clinging onto my hand, squeezing it with all his might…anyone would think he was juicing a lemon the way he was holding it.

“We’re coming, we’re coming…” I interrupt Bono as he answers Larry…

“I have to see my friend.”

“What?” Larry looks at me like I’m not of a sane mind. “You cant go now! We have to get out of here.”

“Well, if your man here wants me to go with him to Vienna, then you lot have to wait till I get to see my friend.”


Listen to me!

Shutting Larry Mullen Jr. up…like I’m the Queen of the World.

He should just tell me to get lost after that but he doesn’t.

I look to my left to see Bono giving Larry his puppy dog eyes.

God that’s gorgeous…

How could Larry refuse them eyes?

“Oh, alright then but hurry up!”


Knew he couldn’t do it!

No one can refuse those baby blues.

“C’mon” Bono looks at me and suggests that we run.

And off we go…

Running down the corridor, like to lost lovers trying to find a place to *hide*

“Down here!” I shout to B as he continues to run down the corridor.

As I grab his hand to run down the next corridor……


Oh sweet Jesus…

Bono takes three back steps and collapses in a heap on the ground, like a sack of potatoes.

And I do everything I can not to laugh.

He sits up and leans on the wall.

With his head back, I can notice a crack in his shades.

“Aww, what have you done to yourself soft lad?” I say removing his sunglasses from his face.

“F***k that hurt! Jesus!” Bono puts his hand to his head and moves it around.

I’m still trying to stop myself from laughing at him.

“Here, try stand up.”

“Oh, just laugh!”

“What? I’m not laughing!”

“Yeah, ya are! You can hear it in your voice!” He’s saying with a giggle in his own voice.

“Ok, so maybe I am just a little bit.”

“Lets ram your head into a wall then…see how ya laugh!”

“Haha, I’m sorry! How did you even manage it? It’s a big colourful wall!”

Bono doesn’t answer me, but just looks expressionless as I continue to giggle to myself.

“C’mon you, you little minx, lets go find your friend” He takes my hand again and we walk calmly back into the stadium,

I’m still giggling to myself…every time I look up at Bono I start to laugh as I relive his bash.

So, here we are.

Aha…there she is!


She’s in sort some of embrace with this Paul fella.

“I told ya she was a slut” I say to Bono.

He laughs and releases my hand in order for me to run up to her.

“Adele, Adele! Woman let him go!” I say pulling her away from Paul’s lips.


“Here, here’s the keys to my car, and the keys to the hotel. I’m going to Vienna and I’ll see you soon, sorry ‘bout the rush…bye!”

And before she has time to answer me, I’m away, back to being hand in hand with Bono and back to running wildly.

My hand is enveloped in his big, manly paw….

It’s so warm and secure.

And, I know, I’ve known him for what? Two hours? If that.

But you know when it’s different and….it’s different now.
I cant help but keep my eyes focused on him all the time.

Analysing each and every line and curve in his face.

Staring up along his big arms, up to his broad shoulders….his kissable neck and his beautiful face.

It feels like that’s all I can do.

Just stare at him.

I’m still living in a daydream…..far away in my little fantasy land.

With him…

And his neck..


“C’mon you can run faster than this!” Bono says to me, releasing me from my daydream faster then you can say Bob’s your Uncle.

“Haha, you’ve seen nothing yet!” I answer him, again being cheeky and competitive…its like something I cant help but do.


“You challenging me?” He says.

“What if I am?”

“Oh, that’s what it is now! C’mon then, lets see you beat…”

And he’s away.

We’re not far from the exit of the stadium, but he’s done the 100M sprint right to the door.

Well I’m not running after him, I think to myself.

Let him do the running.

Let him have his little boy moment.

“See, told you I could beat you!” He’s saying proudly.

“Beat me doing what? I didn’t accept the challenge” I say as I walk out of the stadium exit.

It’s complete darkness outside and the place is lit by only the headlights of a few passing cars and the stars above.

I suck in the night air as Bono comes behind me.

I look out down to the right hand side of my body to see his arm slip through mine and rest on my stomach.

Without me needing to look, I can feel his left arm doing the same thing and taking hold of my whole body.

If I tried my very best I wouldn’t be able to keep my eyes open at this moment.

All I want to do is get lost in arms.

With the feeling of his solid body behind me I could stay here forever.

And why try to keep my eyes open?

Why not just close them and disappear for a few minutes while we wait for the car?

Why not turn around and do exactly what I want and kiss his soft, delicate lips like I did on stage?


That’s why.

“C’mon get in the car quick!” Edge yells from the very swarv limousine.

You fecker.

5 seconds later and I don’t think I would have heard The Edge’s calls!

Bono releases me and I dive into the car.

With him behind me and Edge, Larry, Adam and some other person I don’t recognise already in there…the car speeds off to the Airport.

The U2 boys and this new person I’ve never seen before are all talking away.

I’m finding it hard to concentrate on what it is that they’re talking about when Bono is there…he leads my mind onto…

More interesting subjects.


Ooh yeah…


Now, again I’ve got no idea what they’re talking about!

They must think that I am this big dull person that cant speak unless they’re spoken to.

Well, I’m afraid they’ll just have to think it for a while.

In a matter of around 4 hours my life has been completely transformed.

I’m on my way to Austria!




Shit, shite and big crusty sugar lumps!

I haven’t got a passport.

WTF am I going to do?!


I’m going to have to tell him…





“Yeah.” He says looking up at me.

“Sit here for a sec.” I say pointing at the tiny bit of seat left next me, by Adam.

He gets up and crouches a little bit so he can shuffle over and sit next to me.

He plonks his arse and slips his arm around me again.

That’s good.

That means I don’t have to shout very loudly.

“What’s up honey?” He says with a quiet, sweet, sexy voice that makes me tingle inside.

I can feel his hot breath on my face and I’m trying with all my might not to lean in and kiss him.

All I can do is look!

He captures me so much with one glance, that I’m stuck and it’ll take me forever to escape!

“You just brought me over to stare?” Bono says seductively.

I look up and mouth the word “What” to him, then I shake my head and realise what I called him over for.

“Bono, I haven’t got a passport.”


“I haven’t got a passport.”


“What do you mean *okay*, what am I going to do?”

“Erm, walk through with me and the guys…I’ll put my around you, just like this.”

And there he goes again…

Ready to capture me.

But no.

I wanna hear his plan!

“Yeah…and? You show your passport, Edge, Larry and Adam show theirs… basically the people who’s faces the whole world knows are the ones who are giving the ID? Bono, they’re not going to let me through.”

“Trust me, they will.”

“What if I have to stay here?”

“I wouldn’t let that happen…you’re coming with me to Austria, I wanna try and get to know my dancing girl better.”

“But, what if it does happen? I can see the headline now….*Groupie gets left behind in city airport*”

“Don’t worry, If they don’t let you through, then I wont go through…and they kinda need me to go through, haha.” He says kissing my forehead, which makes me feel so secure it’s unbelievable.

He draws me into his fine chest again and I close my eyes.

To take in this moment.

Its value is beyond belief and I don’t want it to slip away….like it did before.

But it does….

“C’mon now, this is us here” Edge says, signalling for us to get out of the car.

I sit up and Bono scoots over to the door of the car to get out.

I follow him and as soon as I’m out a herd of press comes rushing towards me.



I feel Bono grab my hand and then put his arm around my shoulder again to guide me through the hysteria of The Paparazzi.

I put my head down and rush through the crowd with Bono holding onto me so tight I don’t think that he could ever let me go.

I hear a sort of scream.

A Manish sort of yell….a man in pain.

I look up but I don’t notice anything out of the ordinary….well apart from the bus load of people taking pictures!


We’re through!

Managed to get into the airport….strange how the press seem to be locked outside.

Oh well, that’s not really for me to question.

The airport is almost empty.

The place is completely quiet apart from a few of the employees just walking around.
I stop for a moment.

Just to breathe and try and take in what’s just happened.

To me, that is the stuff movies are made of….weird how it can happen to someone like me.

“Are you ok?” That sexy Irish voice is back to seduce me again.

I look up to face him as he slips his arms around my waist.

He draws me in and we’re facing each other now.

“Yeah, I’m fine….just that was a bit crazy.” I answer

“It can get a bit mad sometimes, I’ve had worse than that though”

“God, I don’t see how it can get much….omg, you’re bleeding.”


“You’re bleeding” I say, wiping some blood from the side of his temple.

“Ack. I got a conk on me head from one of them cameras…knocked me out a little bit actually! I got sent to the stars and back again….where I want to take you.”

“You want to knock me out with a camera?”

“Haha….you know what I mean.” He says, kissing my cheek.

I give a smile to the world and then go back to talking.

“Well that thing looks nasty, it’s an awkward place too….you wanna watch it.”

“I know…its hurting like hell too….as I blink my eyes water…..anyway, we’re gonna miss this plane.”

“But it’s yours”

“Haha…so it is!”

“Well lets get moving then, but seriously…you ought to keep an eye on that, it could turn even nastier than it already has.”

“I will do.” He says, kissing my forehead again.

Every time he does that I feel like my knees are going to give in!

But, he does it anyway.

He’d probably like to know that my knees were about to give in to his kiss.

Hopefully they wont as we walk to my pit of embarrassment…

Getting through without a passport!


Thats enough from me!

I dont know if its long or short as I'm posting before i go to bed


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Sooo Exciting!! Good Job!!!

*must get daughter a passport*

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I think it was just right. But I don't think any of these entries could be too keep going. I love it!
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I am really enjoying this! I'm stuck in boring-ville with nothing much to do because I am a little under the weather and I came across your story... Just what I needed!! Thank you, thank you, thank you - and keep it up
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Very nice chapter BG! I'm really liking this story so far
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Very awesome chapter.
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I'm really getting into this story I love it! Keep up the good work!
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lovely chapter

hahah bono crashed into a wall...

I'm looking forward to the next chappter
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Like youtooellen have said: Bono crashed up against a wall !!!

Bono kissing her forehead...

God!!! Your fic is just an AMAZING!!! Hope she'll get in the plane...with bruised Bono...
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Wish i could write so well!
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Well done BG looking forward to the next part *hint hint*

you rock hun

awww he cut his head, can i kiss it better


6 countries,11 shows. AMAZING FRIENDS AND MEMORIES = Jem's priceless 360 Tour
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You are such a good writer, this story is excellent becky, keep up the gud work!!

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