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It started with a dance....Chapter 4

Fourth installment here for you girls!

As usual, complete bull-poo and something to keep me busy lol.

This has more relevance to U2 now and so you may find it more enjoyable!

It's not too long either, so I'll have to get to work on the next chapter

I hope you like it

DISCLAIMER: The following should not, under any circumstances be taken seriously

In this I am not a 16 year-old girl and none of the U2 lads are married or involved with anyone.

Almost none of it is true




Here they come

The Edge

Larry Mullen Jr.


Adam Clayton

All out.

In all their glory

Willing me to faint

But I’ll try not to

After all, I’d miss the show and I don’t want that happening!

They all look so amazing as they give their waves to the huge crowd.

And I just stand still, I can hear Adele screaming next to me

I can hear the crowd, all of them going wild with the excitement.

Me, I’m just numbed by their being there.

I’m so close to them.

I’m so close to Adam I can smell him!

Edge is about a mile away

Larry central as usual and Bono is all over the place.

I’m so excited.

I know I’m jumping up and down and I know that my arms are in the air, waving around and hitting anyone on the head.

Oh well, it’s GA isn’t it?

They should expect to be whacked across the head.

So I continue to bounce as U2 break into an opening rendition of Vertigo.

My eyes are focused on him.


I always fancied him, but I always knew he was a long shot.

The lead singer of U2, how was I ever going to bag him?

I wasn’t and I accepted it.

But I’d never realised just how much I fancied him, I thought I fancied U2.

How wrong I was!



This whole night has just been unbelievable, unforgettable.

He’s so fine!

You could just eat him on a sandwich!

I’ve watched him parade round the stage, looking beautiful all night, and that’s enough for me.

I got to the front, which was unbelievable.

I got some Brandon sweat which was drool worthy too.

And I’ve caught Bono’s eye on a few occasions as well.

U2 have disappeared off stage.

And, I signal to Adele the way in which we are going to work our way out.

She nods her head in agreement and we turn to start making our way out of the stadium when….

The lights go down.

And the best ever chord sequence is played from the edge’s guitar.

Accompanied by Adams bass…

And then Larry’s drums come into play.

I recognise it as my best ever U2 track…

And then Bono, in his gentle voice, ready to make me swoon…

See the stone set in your eyes
See the thorn twist in your side
I wait for you…

I feel myself taken away by the music.

I can feel the tears rolling out of my eyes as Bono serenades the arena with his operatic voice.

He looks at me.

Beautiful blue eyes.

I can feel them pierce my eyes with a musical love.

He walks on passed me to the target.
He sings to his audience

And you give
And you give
And you give yourself away

My hands are tied…

He’s right in front of me.

Piercing me again with his baby blue eyes.

He points at me as he sings..

You’ve got me with
Nothing to win
And nothing left to lose.

As he breaks into his next bit of singing, he grabs my hand.

Everyone else around me is trying to latch on but he’s got a firm grip on me.

I know what he’s trying to get me to do.

I’m so overcome with excitement, I’m in an unbelievable state of tears.

The umpa-lumpa in front of me hoists me up onto the stage.

I’ve still got a firm grip on Bono’s hand, and I feel like I’m never going to let him go.

He’s still singing.

But I cant hear him.

I’m pressed against his chest and I can fell the sweat dripping from me.

I’m dancing on stage with Bono!!

I move my arms around his waist and hold onto him tightly.

His song is almost over…

The Edge is just playing it out now.

I’m still holding onto him.

I’m standing in front of a crowd, of around 70,000 and I don’t even know they’re there.

It’s just me and him.

“It’s ok” He whispers softly in my ear.

I’m still pressed up against me and he’s still got a grip on me.

He loosens it and here I am, face to face with Bono.

I’m crying uncontrollably with excitement.

He wipes my eyes and moves my hair away from my face.

The lights go down and the crowd is waiting for another song, but still, he stands in front of me.

Just looking at me.


As nobody else can see.

He leans in and kisses me.



Like nobody before.

“You look beautiful” he whispers in my ear, just as he puts something in my jeans pocket.

He kisses me on the cheek and I can see him smile…

I reach down for the security guard’s hand and as he lifts me off stage and places me back into the crowd, I cant move my hand away from my pocket.

Adele looks at me with a glance of excitement and I scream

As the show goes on…


Thats it for now girls

I'll get the new chapter posted soon

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oh, you tease us so......

its great, can't wait for more

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Nice one...very beautiful...
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I can feel the tears rolling out of my eyes as Bono serenades the arena with his operatic voice.
GOD...I really love that's SO true!!! That girl is purelly lucky (even if it's not true), it's like THE goal for every U2 fan: A dance with Bono!!!

It's really good, I'm waiting for your next post, coz I will follow...
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aaaaaawww becky i love it, another fab fan fic too read

damn yo leavin it on a cliffhanger you lil tease

cant wai tto read next part

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ah great part!
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Becky, this story is amazing!!!!

Wen's the next part?
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Fancy Bono? Me too!!!!

Well done BG - Another talent of yours!

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