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Old 04-09-2002, 06:15 PM   #1
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Is Bono really Fozzy Bear??

k, i know there is thread sorta like this, but eh...this particular chat i had with Dana (DML Ghettopoptart 83) came to spark a fire! here..
ghettopoptart 83: Bono is kinda like Fozzie Bear
BoNoVox2U2: he is??
BoNoVox2U2: then larry much be oscar the grouch!
BoNoVox2U2: hah! snarl!!!
ghettopoptart 83: hehehehe
ghettopoptart 83: yuppers!
BoNoVox2U2: bwhaha
ghettopoptart 83: maybe Bono is like Big Bird
BoNoVox2U2: eh..
BoNoVox2U2: hmmmmm
ghettopoptart 83: Naomi Campbell is Snuffy since she is a supposed cocaine addict.....
ghettopoptart 83: that was RUDE of me
BoNoVox2U2: hahahah but it was very truthful
BoNoVox2U2: nothing like the good ol' truth!
ghettopoptart 83: hehe
ghettopoptart 83: Adam---he should be umm....I dunno
BoNoVox2U2: hah! grover!!! nahh
ghettopoptart 83: haha
ghettopoptart 83: Miss Piggy
ghettopoptart 83: ?
BoNoVox2U2: hahhaah! cross dresser!! miss piggy is a MAN
ghettopoptart 83: Edge could be that smart scientist fellow....
ghettopoptart 83: LOL
ghettopoptart 83: Miss Piggy in a sarong
BoNoVox2U2: beaker? hahahha wait...
BoNoVox2U2: beek!
Now then- Which Sesame street characters are U2??? here's mine:
Larry- Oscar the grouch
Edge- the green scientist dude
Bono- Grover
Adam- Snuffy (he always has a frown!)

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Fozzie and Grover are my two favorite Muppets! What about Bono as the Swiss Chef? Y'know, the guy with the big hands that no one can understand?

Larry could be one of the Old Guys up in the balcony. Egde could be Bert, cos he's so much smarter than the rest of them. Adam may be Big Bird because he's the tallest one.


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Darn it, I am drawing a complete blank on muppets, but another one we came up with was Edge as Kermit. Doesn't Animal play drums sometimes? But he doesn't have a Larry personality. Yeah, I'm drawing a complete blank...


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heh...I think Bert is Edge. They're both bald, and they have sort of dark eyebrows and a 'piercing' look to them, and they wear cute t-shirts.

Tho I don't know if Bert can wail on a gee-tar like Edgie can...
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Also, they both collect bottlecaps.

*banana of bottlecaps*

"You might say I'm the 'top banana'!" ~ myself
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adam can be cookie monster!!! he is my favorite!

grover is edgie 'cause they are adorable!

larry can be oscar the grouch and bono can be snuffy
omg i just realised i switched to sesame street...

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