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Invasion On Planet Pleba pt6

did I ever tell you girls I have a thing about Adam's chest


When Galleongirl came around, she found her fellow Plebans leaning over her in concern

“Are you alright?” Carmel asked

“I am fine” Galleongirl sat up, “I just had this weird but wonderful dream, that I got caught by the Yawneeks but Bono rescued me dressed as a woman”

The others couldn’t help giggling, because she thought it was just a dream

“Ok I know, I told you it was weird. But I-“ Galleongirl broke of there as her eyes caught sight of the boys standing a few yards away, Bono even gave her a little wave.

“You are not going to faint again are you?” Weldy asked anxiously seeing the dazed expression come over Galleongirl again

“No I am fine” Galleongirl replied hazily “ Actually I am wonderful” she then assured them

“We haven’t time to explain much” Greeneyedgirl informed her, “But the boys have come to help us, we are showing them the ship where the others are being held, they have a plan to rescue them, so we got to get moving, will you be alright?”

“Sure” Galleongirl replied “I am up for it, lets go”

When they reached the ship Edge took down the areas co ordinates

Then they carefully manage made their way back to Crimson’s café without running into more Yawneeks

But when they got there, Crimson was opening the back door when she heard a loud


They all looked around warily wondering where it was coming from, then out of the shadows Thora another member of the U2 underground movement appeared, when she seen Galleongirl she looked relieved

“You are ok? I came her to warn Crimson that the Yawneeks had captured you, and also I overheard them say they were coming here next, you can’t stay here” she told them urgently

“Oh no what are we going to do now?” Carmel clutched Adams arm as he stood next to her.

Thora was staring hard at Adam, “there is something about you is familiar?”

“It’s Adam” Greeneyedgirl replied, “And we got Bono Larry and Edge here as well, they got our coded message they came to help us”

“OhMyGod! so it is” Thora’s eyes widened in excitement, and then she pounced on Larry standing nearby giving him a tight hug it almost choked “ Oh thankyou, thankyou, thankyou!” she exclaimed gratefully

“Please don’t faint” Larry pleaded in a strained voice feeling the breath slowly leaving his body and not sure if he would have the strength to catch her if she did

“ I might have, only I don’t have time for that” Thora replied now releasing him, much to his relief, “The Yawneeks will be here any minute. But hey, still its great to have you here, but they cannot capture you, then it will be over for us all” she realised. On dismay

“There is only one thing for it, we will have to bring them all back to my ship with us, they will be safe there its still cloaked from any Yawneek detection” Edge spoke up

The other band members agreed, and they decided to move fast before the Yawneeks caught them


The Plebans were very impressed with Edge’s cloaked space ship, feeling a lot safer from the Yawneeks, they relaxed a little better, and Edge told them to make themselves at home they only too willingly obeyed

The boys decided to dump their disguises now, and Edge got busy putting in the co ordinates of the Yawneek ship he had written onto the ships computer

Adam was busy trying to wash of the smudged mascara around his eyes, he had removed the pink dress he had been wearing and sat in front of the mirror glad to see his own bare chest again.

Larry had happily changed into dark jeans and a tee shirt, now there was a bit of time
Adam decided to question him on something that was bugging him from they had met up with the Plebans

“Y’know, I think it’s a bit funny”

“What is?” Larry asked looking in the mirror also as he stood behind Adam checking his hair looked ok

“Well that you out of us all seemed to be reluctant to want to come here and help, like you were scared of the Plebans, yet you seem to have great knowledge about the place, more than the rest of us know about what goes on here. Knowing names and stuff” Adam pointed out meaningfully watching Larry’s expression through the mirror.

Larry stopped concentrating on how his hair looked, and seem to squirm uncomfortably.

Adam now turned to look up at him “C’mon, fess up, how do you know names and about the parties?” he demanded

“It was quite by accident actually” Larry finally replied looking guilty “I was checking up a new hair gel on the net called Lebars, only I got the Pleba site instead,
where they put up their fan fiction and Pleba girls parties and pictures of us, at first I just couldn’t help checking the pictures they had of me, wanted to see what they said, before I knew it I was hooked” he confessed with a frown

“I found myself revisiting the site several times, lurking around, reading the stories, finding out what was going on, only I never said anything to the rest of you, knowing you would never let me live it down”

“So you are a closeted Pleba” Adam couldn’t hide the smirk, “well, well, well, who would have thought it” he drawled

“Don’t you start” Larry warned

But they never got the chance to pursue it as the door slid open, it was Carmel, she found herself frozen to the spot as she ogled Adam’s bare chest, not believing her luck, it almost made her forget what she had come to say, until she noticed the way Larry and Adam were looking at her enquiringly.

Carmel forced her eyes from Adam’s bare chest “Um, Edge says he has the co ordinates thingy sorted out, so anytime you are ready”

“We will be right there” Adam smiled, and turned to Larry “Now to rescue some more of these lovely ladies…..

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I can SO imagine Larry saying that
and now I have a way to thank you for writing these, I present you, Adam's fine chest (I can barely see any hairs there did he shave it????? )
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oh momma!!!!
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Oh, my... Give me a few secs to stare at that picture... before I...
Oh, well, where was I? Oh, yeah, now I remember!
This is just getting better and better! Keep it up annj!
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Larry's a lurker
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Local Time: 01:12 AM that Larry is a lurker...

Galleongirl......I would worry way too much if you fainted again

Still a great story!
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It's fun to see my name in your story. More please!!
Insert something interesting here
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I... am at a loss for mind is over loaded with .... thoughts of Adam touching my hand...
I know there is no way I would get one word out of my mouth if I was standing there looking at Adams bare chest..NOT A WORD

annj. This story is getting better and better!! Action, comedy, romance,more please!

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