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Invasion On Planet Pleba pt12 party time

had to have a happy ending and please you all

Adam and Larry had to stand in front of The Yawneek leader to protect him and assure Plebans that they were not harmed in anyway and the Yawneeks had surrendered. Which caused much rejoicing.

Now the Yawneeks were no longer a threat Bono and Edge decided to give him some advice

“Y’know there was a much easier way than trying to wipe our music of the universe, to get people to listen to your stuff” Bono said.

“I mean haven’t you ever thought of experimenting with your own music, go out there find new sounds, do new stuff that will appeal to people, be original, be radical, evolve and learn, that’s what we did”

The Yawneek leader frowned contemplating what Bono was telling him and realising he had made a good point slapped himself on the head “D’oh, of course” he replied

“Y’know if you want us to give you tips and idea we will be glad to, just to show there are no hard feelings” Edge told him

“Yeah make music not war” Bono grinned then deciding he really liked that phrase memorised it for future speeches he might give

“You would do that for us, after all we done?” The Yawneek said in disbelief, “no wonder you have such loyal fans who would die for you”

“So what do you say?” Edge queried “y’know I think you would like us a lot more if you heard us play live, so we could hold a live concert here on Pleba just to show you how it goes.

“I guess it would be a start” The Yawneek leader relented “We might just learn something from you”

“Yeah we will hold it on honour of Pleba liberation and the fact that the Yawneeks are going to rock the world one day with their new music in the future” Edge held out his hand

“Done” the Yawneek leader replied shaking his hand

When word got out that U2 would be playing a free live gig for the Plebans there was high excitement, they didn’t even mind their former enemies the Yawneeks would also be there, too caught up with the forthcoming concert to care.

It was party time again on Pleba and what was more they would be partying with their hero’s, everything was working out great, maybe the Yawneeks had even done them a favour, had the Plebans not been in such dire need U2 might never have come to Pleba to help, so they were not going to hold a grudge.

Because it was a special occasion on the night of the concert they guys went along with the Plebans request that the play most of the concert shirtless, luckily it was warm on Pleba anyway so they didn’t mind, even Larry agreed without protest
much to the MOOB lovers delight

The band played all their songs and even accepted requests from the crowd to do what they wanted to hear.

And because Bono didn’t have the heart to just pick one girl up from the crowd to dance with, so he threw himself into the crowd much to their delight and let as many as possible hug him touch him kiss him, whilst Edge Larry and Adam played on, realising this was going to be even worse than the Live aid concert but they couldn’t really object, they were enjoying themselves too much.

And the Yawneeks seem to be having fun too, which had been the whole idea

When the concert ended they decided to round it of with a big Pleba girl party which the boys were honoured guests. Along with the former members of the U2 underground resistance movement who sat at the same table as the band.

They partied till the early hours of the morning, and Larry in one of his more generous moods kissed and hugged all he Pleban underground comrades much to Crimson’s delight, he even give her a pair of his drumsticks. He could hardly wait to get back on the internet to see what they would have to say about him now, he reckoned his popularity should quadruple and overtake Bono as favourite.

But all good things had to come to an end and the following evening the boys had to get back on the ship and head home, but promised they would not be strangers to Pleba anymore and as hard as it was the Plebans knew they had to let them go.

The Yawneek had already left before them taking with them lots of ideas and notes that Edge had given them about experimenting with their music to make it better.

So Pleba was once more the fun loving U2 planet it had been, their spirits greatly revived having the boys there in person.

The U2 fan fic writers had been greatly inspired and had loads of stories to write about, now they had met the boys in person and had talked with them and touched them, and even felt their lips on them, it gave them a whole new perspective that would keep them going for years.

As a token of the adventure, before they left, the guys donated their women’s clothes they had worn for a Pleban auction, But the Plebans decided they would hang them up on the walls in the Pleba girls party room as a reminder of the day when U2 came to save planet Pleba

The End (of this story anyway)

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"and even felt their lips on them, it gave them a whole new perspective that would keep them going for years.
"As a token of the adventure, before they left, the guys donated their women’s clothes they had worn for a Pleban auction, But the Plebans decided they would hang them up on the walls in the Pleba girls party room as a reminder of the day when U2 came to save planet Pleba"

you mean.. we got their clothes... and then they were..........
guh love your story... can't wait for your project with crimson!

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This has been a great series! So glad I was included!
*dances off holding the drumsticks aloft*
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Great, as always! I promise, when you and Crimson get your stuff together, I'll try to be more constructive. I mean, geez, it's not like I can't string a nice, complete sentence together without the words "great", "yay", or "love it"... But... Yay, It was great, and I love it!
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Shirtless U2 concert!!!!
This the end to a great series....and what a wonderful way to end it .

Thank you annj
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Nice...I love a shirtless U2 concert any day of the week!!! And it was nice of them to give us their women's clothes and stuff

This is a very nice store annj and I can't wait to read more like this!
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:applause: great story
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Great ending to a wonderful story! Glad we got to have a shirtless concert. Can you imagine if that actually happened?! Wow.

Thanks for writing this, and I'm looking forward to your next story with Crimson! Thanks for including me in this one.

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