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Invasion on Planet Pleba pt 8

Larry and Adam were having quite a time of it. They and the three girls had left the ship, it was starting to get light again, and once more the sound of the Yawneeks awful music could be heard in the streets.

“We really got to do something about that” Adam cringed, “I think this is where we should let the Yawneeks know we are here” he then added thoughtfully.

“What are you going to do?” Greeneyedgirl asked seeing the mischievous gleam in Adam’s eye.

“We are going break those speakers” Adam replied pointing to the large grey boxes attached to the walls at the corner of the street”

“Do you want to help?” he looked at Greeneyedgirl enquiringly

“Just try and stop me” she replied enthusiastically

With the help of Adam and Larry lifting them up to reach, the three girls took turns in sabotaging the speakers pulling out the wires battering the speakers with Larry’s drumsticks till no more sound came out of them.

It was quite an enjoyable experience for the three girls, apart from the fact of dismantling the speakers and finally being rid of Yawneek music it was quite a thrill feel Adam and Larry’s hands on them whilst they held them up so they were in no big hurry to break the speakers quickly.

“Ahhh!” Adam sighed in relief now there was silence, “That is so much better”

“What we need is some good U2 music blaring” Crimson stated

“Well I think I know where we can find that” Carmel replied, “C’mon follow me”

She led them to her apartment situated a few blocks away where she had manage to hide her U2 CD’s in a nifty secret compartment in the back of her wardrobe
“Will these do?” she enquired grinning?”

“Oh yeah” Crimson pounced on the CD’s then turned to Larry and Edge

“Now we need to find some speakers of our own” she exclaimed gleefully

“That’s just what I was thinking” Adam nodded in approval


The Yawneeks, discovering that their music could no longer be heard went to investigate what had happened. They found the speakers sabotaged and they were not very happy. These Plebans were really starting to get out of hand, but when out of nowhere U2’s beautiful day started blaring from somewhere in the distance they really got mad.

And calling for back up they went to find the source and put a stop to this new defiance

Outside Carmel’s apartment building, curious Plebans gathered around, not believing their ears that U2 ‘s beautiful day was playing instead of the terrible Yawneek music and they wanted to know what was happening.

Carmel had her music centre pulled over beside her window and was blasting the music at full volume and the three girls were singing along much to the amusement of Larry and Adam

“Well if this doesn’t grab their attention nothing will” Adam rubbed his hands together, then nudged Larry

“Righto, time for you to give a little speech”

“Huh?” Larry looked round at Adam in confusion

“Do you see all those Plebans out there gathering around, we need to get them to revolt against the Yawneeks. The fact that they know we are here could do that. But as Bono isn’t here to do the talking, you can tell them that they must no longer take any crap from these Yawneeks

“Go Larry, Go Larry, go!” Crimson chanted

Larry shot her a quick grin, then hastily pulled Adam to one side so the girls couldn’t overhear.

“Why do I have to give the speech, why can’t you do it?” he demanded. In a low tone

“Well, you are the Pleba Lurker” Adam reminded him, “If anyone knows how to get into the minds of these Plebans, its you. So you would know exactly what to say to get them all fired up

“But I don’t want to make a speech” Larry pouted “All those Plebans will be drooling at me”

“Ok then I will make the speech” Adam replied “And I will just have to mention how you love Pleba so much you can’t keep away from their website, that should rally them into action” he went to walk towards the window and Larry pulled him back by the arm frowning at him, knowing his friend had him right where he wanted him

“OK, OK I will do the bloody speech” he relented gruffly

“I knew you would see it my way” Adam smiled

Larry grudgingly went over to the window Adam followed behind him, quite a crowd had gather down below, and when Adam and Larry appeared at the windows as beautiful day song came to an end there was an collective gasp and excited fingers pointing towards the window, as the Plebans couldn’t quite believe their eyes

Adam waved cheerfully at the crowds down below, and once they realised it was really him they all waved like crazy back, yelling his name

He motioned them with his hands to quieten down, and they did so, wanting to know what he was going to say

Adam nudged Larry, “You are on” he told him

Larry stared down at the swamp of female faces below him, all awaiting eagerly to hear him speak and he gulped, he so hated being in the limelight, especially with the fans, but there was no backing out. He cleared his throat, tugged at the neckline of his tee shirt, envying how Bono done this with so much ease

He tried to blank out the faces, imagining he was behind his drum kit. It helped a little

Sensing he was not very comfortable in the situation Crimson, Carmel and Greeneyed girl give him smiles of encouragement also

Larry took a deep breath and started to speak “We have come to Pleba after receiving news about what the Yawneeks were doing here, and we wanted to help you, with the help of the U2 underground movement here” he turned to acknowledge the girls behind him, and there was a loud cheer from down below then he continued feeling a lot stronger and speaking with more conviction.

“We are really pissed that the Yawneeks are trying to deny you our, music, and force you to listen to their dreadful noise, and we want to put a stop to it, and we are going to put a stop to it, but we need your help to stand up to them, so are you with us?” he demanded

There was a loud cheer of agreement, and shouts of we love you Larry

But at that moment the Yawneeks arrived on the scene breaking roughly breaking through the crowds down below

“Uh oh, looks like we got trouble” Adam remarked with a troubled frown

"humph" larry grunted in irritation "Just when I was getting warmed up".....

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First comment!

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It's still really good...
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I hope they make it out ok

Can't wait for the next chapter of course
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Yea Larry!
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I hope we make it too Pleaban's!!!

We have something to use against them at my apartment. We have each other and two awesome members of U2!!

This story get better and better great job annj!
BTW-Larry's speech
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Um.....Can Larry help me bust up some more speakers?

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Loved it! Keep on writing!!

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