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Invasion On Planet PLEBA pt 3

I want you all to know I am pleaing temporary insanity whilst writing this story, but I am having fun too


Back on the planet Pleba, A few members of the U2 lovers underground resistance movement where in their secret hideout wondering if the message they sent out had been received.

“Do you think they will come?” Greeneyedgirl asked anxiously, as she looked across at her companion Carmelu2fan, “what I mean, they never came before after all those other invitations we sent out”

“Yeah but that was different” Carmelu2fan replied, “That was because their management was scared that we would never let them leave once we got them here” she pointed out

“But this is an emergency, a crisis situation, our U2 way of life is being destroyed by these Yawneeks who want to wipe out U2 love. The guys have to come and do something to help us, and I am sure they will when they get our secret distress message and find out what is going on here”

“Well I hope it is soon” Greeneyedgirl replied “Before everyone gives up hope” at that moment from outside the building they could hear the dreadful Yawneek music
coming from the loudspeakers they had attached outside to brainwash the Plebans, which was played every two hours through the day.

“I don’t know how much longer I can take this before I crack” Greeneyedgirl exclaimed screwing her face up and covering her ears

“We have to be strong” Carmelu2fan replied, “Remember what we trained ourselves to do” she reminded her, as also covering her ears with her hands, then counting to three they two girls started to chorus at the top of their voices
“How long, how long must we sing this song?” from U2’s rousing Sunday bloody Sunday to drown out the noise of the Yawneek music


“What do you mean we have to disguise ourselves as women?” Larry demanded staring wide eyed in dismay at Adam.

Back on Edges space ship, they now had their cloaking device and Edge had punched in the co-ordinates to get them to Planet Pleba in double quick time. They had been discussing their further plan of action, when Adam came up with this particular suggestion

“Well considering Planet Pleba consists of mostly females, we would stick out like a sore thumb, we need to be in disguise” Adam then pointed out logically

“He has got a point, we don’t want to get there just to have the Yawneeks stop us before we can do anything” Bono pointed out

“Well, Edge was able to cloak the ship from being undetected, can’t he invent a cloaking device for all of us as well?” Larry then suggested looking at Edge hopefully.

“I am good, but I am not that good” Edge replied dryly, “Besides I don’t have the time we will be arriving on Planet Pleba soon, I think we have to go with Adams plan”

“Well you know what that means for you then don’t you?” Larry couldn’t hide his smirk

“Edge just looked at him questioningly.

“You are going to have to shave of that beard”

Realising Larry had a point Edge frowned, then he shrugged “I guess you are right, the things I do for my fans, but never mind I can always grow it back” he added philosophically.

“There is another problem” Bono spoke up, “Where are we going to get the female disguises?”

“No problem there” Edge grinned, “We order them online of course and have them transported onboard the ship”

“Lets do it then” Bono was getting excited, after all it wasn’t the first time they had dressed up as women, he decided to would be fun.

But the boys found that it wasn’t quite so simple as before, on the previous occasion they had makeup artists and wardrobe people to help and advise them them, doing it on their own was a bit more of a challenge
Adam almost wept when he laddered his stockings whilst putting them on when they caught on the ring on his finger. Larry complained that the lipstick colour was not of his liking and did not suite him and demanded Bono let him use his.

Edge almost poked out his eye with the mascara wand whilst trying to apply it to his eyelashes. Bono regretted buying such big high heeled shoes as he wobbled about and almost broke his ankle twice walking in the things.

But there wasn’t time for too much fussing as they finally arrived at the planet Pleba the cloaking device seem to be working s they landed undetected..

Doing a last minute check, straightening up their false chests and checking the hemlines on their skirts and their make up wasn’t smudged, and that their hair wigs looked combed and natural, the four U2 members finally set foot tentively on Pleban soil, and where immediately met by the sound of Yawneeks music.

“Ugh what is that terrible droning noise?” Adam demanded.

“Its Yawneek music” Edge replied grimly “I checked up on it before we landed, now we know what our poor Pleban fans are having to suffer, we need to help them as soon as possible.

“The poor souls” Bono exclaimed mournfully feeling his compassion reach out to them “ You are right Edge We have to put a stop to this right away, where do we go from here?” he said all fired up

“Well we have to find the source of the distress message on the planet, the ones who asked for our help” Edge replied opening his handbag and opened what looked like a makeup compact but it was really a device to track the signal, after studying its readings for a moment he glanced around him then smiled

“Right lads this is the direction we go” he started to walk, and the others followed him, Bono still wobbling a little and hanging onto Larry’s arm to stop himself from falling

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How Long.......


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WHOA!!! annj!!! You used my name in your story! Thank you!!! You really captured my character too. I would have totally sent out a distress signal to the boys and I am sure greeneyed girl would agree the boys look damn good dressed up as ladies!

great job annj, you should write for SNL
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