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Invasion on Planet Pleba pt 10

two more chapters to go, but I am working on more stuff with crimson.. all will be revealed at a later date


It was a somewhat ironic and a surreal experience for the girls of U2 underground movement who had spent the last twenty four hours or more with their beloved band, to find themselves. not only having to protect Bono and Edge from the Yawneeks, but also their fellow Plebans.

When Bono and Edge left their ship, they were immediately recognised by the Pleban inhabitants who had gathered in the streets, and a frenzy ensued

Of course it was understandable. It had got out that Larry and Adam had been seen, then captured by the Yawneeks, there was much speculation and concern about what had become of Bono and Edge, Plebans were worried that the Yawneeks had the whole four members of the band.

But when they realised Bono and Edge were still free and even better walking in their streets there was much rejoicing and excitement, and of course the word spread and the Plebans flocked to get a glimpse of the two band members, and that’s when the girls found themselves actually having to become bodyguards to make sure Edge and Bono didn’t get crushed or overpowered by the eager Plebans, trying to explain to them that Bono wanted to speak with them all and was here to help them,

They knew they had to work fast, before the Yawneeks got wind of what was happening and turned up

Reckoning he had enough of a crowd for what he needed, Bono decided to use Edge’s space ship as a platform to speak from. As it was cloaked and invisible to the eye, the Plebans were quite awestruck to see Bono and Edge look like they were walking on air. They fell silent to hear what they had to say

But just before Bono opened his mouth Edge nudged him “Um, Bono, I know you love giving speeches and stuff, but don’t ramble on too long we have to save Adam and Larry remember” he murmured

“I know that” Bono looked slightly miffed that Edge felt he needed reminding

“Just thought I would mention it” Edge shrugged and took a small step back to let Bono get on with it.

Bono smiled at the crowd “Plebans, our attention was brought to your plight, the injustice and the terrible torment you have been suffering at the Yawneeks hands”

A murmur of agreement rose from the crowd and heads were nodding so Bono continued.

“We came here to help you fight this tyranny, to help overturn what has been rightfully denied to you and bring back the U2 harmony that Pleba once had

There were shouts of, “Hear, hear” in response

“We came here to tell you to take back what is rightfully yours, that if we stand together the Yawneeks plan to wipe out U2 from this planet will not prevail, and we will not let them continue destroying your way of life, in their efforts to thwart the Yawneeks plan our friend and comrades Adam and Larry have been captured”

The crowd became more noisy in dismay at this information

“I know you love us guys, and I think it is time we let the Yawneeks see how much you love us guys” Bono then said “We are all going to march to where they are holding Larry and Adam and we are going to demand their release, and for the Yawneeks to leave this planet in peace, or else they will suffer the full wrath of the Pleban people, who will not take anymore.. its time to say We have had enough” he finished loudly and stirring the crowd into a determined rebellious mood and ready to take on any Yawneeks that came into their path

“I think that done the trick” Bono grinned

“Yeah, and you didn’t even have time to write it all out and memorise it” Edge said in admiration

“That’s because its spoken from the heart” Bono replied thumping his chest emotionally “I love these people” he admitted proudly.


Larry and Adam had been brought before the Yawneek Leader who was bigger and uglier than all the rest, but they refused to show they were in the least intimidated in anyway in front of him, Larry eyes him coldly as if he was ready to take him on, Adam was more laid back as if he hadn’t a care in the world.

The Yawneek leader was smiling smugly deciding he had the upper hand having these two in his grasp.

“So you think you can thwart our plan to rid Pleba of your influence” he hissed

“A lot of good it did you now we have caught you, that will show the Plebans how helpless and useless you really are”

“You think so do you?” Adam replied casually “My guess is the Plebans are a lot smarter than you take them for, and quite frankly forcing your so called music has not endeared them to you one little bit, quite the opposite in fact”

“What do I care about how the Plebans feel about us, as long as I wipe you of this planet” The Yawneek leader snarled in disdain

“And there lies your biggest mistake” Adam drawled “If I were you I would care very much about what the Plebans think and feel”

“Yeah” Larry joined in “You shouldn’t get them angry, you wouldn’t like them when they are angry” he warned ominously

The Yawneek leader just snorted, “They are no match against us, look how easy we subjugated this planet in the first place, all because they were soft with U2 love” he sneered

“Actually U2 love is a very powerful force the Plebans have, and not something you should tamper with, but now you will have to suffer the consequences” Adam stated
And even as he spoke. two rather harassed looking Yawneeks came scurrying into the room, going over to the Leader and muttering something to him that Larry and Adam couldn’t hear, but it brought a frown on the Leader’s face.

He suddenly didn’t look quite so confident, as another two Yawneeks came hurrying in this time they spoke a little louder and Adam and Larry clearly overhead the words crazy crowds and not able to control them.

“Its happening isn’t it?” Adam spoke up smirking, “The tide is turning. You went too far when you had us arrested, it made them really angry, and like Larry here said, you will not like them when they are angry”

“You better start worrying mate” Larry replied with a smug smile “I know Plebans, and believe me, you just might rue the day you landed on this planet” he stated

The Yawneek leader suddenly did not look very happy

“I guess Bono has done his stuff, now to undermine the Yawneek leader a little more” Adam murmured to Larry “Things are going according to plan” he finished gleefully

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“That’s because its spoken from the heart” Bono replied thumping his chest emotionally “I love these people” he admitted proudly.

this really gave me a broad smile on my face! I love it!
U2 love can beat anything!

Larry, the all knowing PLEBAn...

it would be terrifying if turned out he really was one of them.....

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WHOO HOOO The wrath of Pleaba I love what Edge said to Bono- “Um, Bono, I know you love giving speeches and stuff, but don’t ramble on too long we have to save Adam and Larry remember” he murmured
“I know that” Bono looked slightly miffed that Edge felt he needed reminding
“Just thought I would mention it” Edge shrugged and took a small step back to let Bono get on with it.

fantastic job annj I cannot wait to see what the Pleabans do
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At last we will bring our wrath against the Yawneeks!

Great story yet again annj
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I love it! Can't wait to get rid of the nasty Yawneeks! We have to save Adam! Oh, and Larry, of course...
Great job yet again!
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Great story! Can't wait to see how we will defeat the Yawneeks!

Insert something interesting here
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