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Invasion On Planet Pleba Pt 1

ok this is just to get the story started, of course none of this is true just a bit of fun and a big load of rubbish, if you think its worth continuing let me know I havent put in any specific names yet, but could do in future chapters

The majority of the female population on planet Pleba had joyfully continued for Eons the wonderful adoration of their favourite band U2.

On every corner in every street were pictures of the four band members so they could constantly drool over them.

The Pleba girl parties were renown and held constantly when ever they got the chance.

U2 music and lyrics were everywhere, then there were the weekly rituals of MOOB day and leather day and RSOC day as well as the wonderful free stylin’ Friday’s to celebrate

They knew the band were aware of their existence, and they lived in the hope that one day that the band would hear of their absolute adoration and would come visit them on their tiny blue planet when they took time out of their busy schedule of making wonderful music and touring.

Unfortunately for the Planet Pleba they had also caught the attention of some benevolent Anti U2 Aliens the Yawneeks, who despised U2 and would preferred to see them wiped out of existence, as the music from their planet was getting nowhere, because everyone preferred listening to U2.

Which was why they came up with the great plan of invading and brainwashing the Pleban’s from their love of U2 and stamping out the worship of the band at its greatest source.

It would be a great victory for them.

They took months planning and preparing their invasion, waiting until they knew the inhabitants of the planet where at their most relaxed during a massive Pleba’s girl ‘s party before beginning their attack taking the poor planet Pleba unawares, and not knowing what was happening.

One minute they were having fun. Getting drunk and having the usual fantasies of what they would like to do with Larry Edge Adam and Bono if they ever came to the planet.

The next thing they knew great big stonking black space ships belonging to the Yawneeks were taking over their skies and landing in their streets and invading their homes, ripping down all the beautiful pictures of the band members they had so carefully collected and prided in and drooled over.

And pointing their blaster weapons on them informed them from now on U2 and the members f U2 where not allowed to be mentioned, their music was not to be played
Anywhere on the planet anymore, the penalty would be imprisonment in the dingy holding cells on the Yawneeks ships, listening to their music none stop day and night.

Pleban’s aware how awful Yawneeks music sounded would have preferred death than that horrible punishment. It was bad enough looking at the ugly grey skinned aliens without having to listen to them sing as well.

They found themselves under strict curfew, as the U2 celebrations were halted no more Pleba girl parties, no more RSOC days or MOOB days or Leather days.

It was a dark time for the planet Pleba, but they were not entirely going to give in so easily without a fight. No one, especially the Yawneeks were going to prevent them from showing their love of U2, and they would do it one way or another.

So the underground movement started, a few very brave fans got together when they could when they knew it was safe and they would talk about their favourite U2 member and exchange pictures they had manage to save.

The underground movement grew, and many of the Pleban fan fiction writers continued writing their stories sneakily passing them around to desperate U2 starved Plebans under the Yawneeks noses without them being aware of it, they were careful as could be.

But unfortunately the Yawneeks got wind of what was going on, raiding the homes of those in the underground movement including the fan fic writers and sentenced them to spend the rest of their lives in the holding cells to be brainwashed by Yawneeks music.

Those who managed not to get caught and escaped realised the horrible fate that awaited their comrades, and knew something had to be done before it was too late

Already the planet Pleba was flagging and suffering under the Yawneeks tyranny, U2 were slowly being eradicated the population were sad and miserable and getting desperate, and they knew they could not let that happen.

They needed help, outside help. They needed to let the U2 band members know what was going on, in a hope they would come up with something,

After all Bono was a great believer in justice and freedom for all, how could he ignore the cry of help from his fans at this great injustice, the fact that their freedom to enjoy U2 was taken away, surely the boys would want to do something about it, they would not ignore their pleas?

Somehow they were able to send out a secret distress signal directed to the band, they just hoped they would get it and help them save the day before the Yawneeks found out their plan and then it would be too late…

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Oh thats it. Those Yawneeks are GOING DOWN!


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What???? No RSOC day??????? Take the oxygen, but not the RSOC day!!! Go on brave fan fic writers!

And go on, annj, it was fun!
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Like my sister scha said, WE MUST FIGHT for our rights!! We shall overcome the awful aliens be GONE!!

awesone story annj, very cool and funny.
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