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Old 09-27-2001, 08:38 PM   #1
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International Pleba

I would be interested to know where are all the PLEBA girls are from.

Please state your country and what do you like and dislike about the place where you live.

I'll start:

I live on the south Shore of Montreal, in the province of Quebec, in Canada.

Like: I live in a pretty,clean, charming town. It takes me about 30 minutes by bus and 15 minutes by car to get to downtown Montreal.

Dislike: Nothing happens in my town ! I'll be in the bus and sometimes I'll realize that I'm the only person under 50 ! A lot of old people live here. Also, the south shore of Montreal is somewhat cheesy, and all the museums,repertory cinemas, cool bars and nice clothing shops are in Montreal.I'm planning on moving to Montreal next summer, because I spend 90% of my time in downtown Montreal !!! END RANT.

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Old 09-27-2001, 09:49 PM   #2
Rock n' Roll Doggie
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Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina
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Well, i live in Buenos Aires,Argentina...
The best thing about my city is..."you humble servant"..LOL..Just kidding...The best thing about this place is the night life and the people....They are warm and nice but they can be a real pain in the arse when it comes to football or politics!
And the worst thing.....well, i think it's the economic situation...Things are not doing so well and a lot of people are going through a hard time... ( THat's why i always try to do something about it....In any possible way)

I think that's all...


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Old 09-27-2001, 10:04 PM   #3
The Fly
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I'm from Mexico

I live in Tijuana, a city located at the border to the US, near to S. D. and Chula Vista.

What I like about my city is the people: Here, a lot of people from all over the country live together in a continous interchange of lifestyles, habits, and cultures.

The thing I hate is that is too fuckin' big. To go downtown, takes about 2 hours !
Sometimes the traffic jam is a terrible headache we all have to deal with.

But hey: It's a living!

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Eat your heart out, gals! (LMAO)
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Old 09-27-2001, 10:32 PM   #4
War Child
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I am from Mexico too, but I live in Guadalajara..

I really don't like where I live, is a bad copy of Mexico City a lot of polution and people.. I like more small places and near to the sea.. so I will move to Panama City, Florida because I will be married soon..

I love my country and I like all its culture, the only think that I dislike is that I can't find all the U2 things that I want.

Winter Halcyon
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Old 09-27-2001, 10:47 PM   #5
the invisible woman
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Well, I'm from the USA of A! But I come from a Mexican background. I've lived in the Capital of California all my life! (Sometimes I want to move badly! )

What I dislike: Um, Sacramento, is a small city compare to the huge cities in Cali like SF or LA! So there's not many cool hang out places. And Raves aren't as good as in The Bay area!

What I Like: I live in the WEST side of Sac, and its very calm and peaceful and I live near the river, which is so pretty. Also that any entertainment place is within minutes of me and so is the University I go to!

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Old 09-27-2001, 11:42 PM   #6
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im from montreal, quebec... in a city called dorval...

but now im living in london ontario..which is a 9 hour drive west of montreal, and it's 3 hours north of detroit.

"What fish don't know"--Marshall McLuhan
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Old 09-27-2001, 11:50 PM   #7
The Fly
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I am from Shawnee, KS, which is a suburb of Kansas City.

What I like about it: People are generally pretty friendly around here, it tends to be quiet, and there are lots of parks around here where you can go to relax when you need it.

What I don't like: Shawnee is one of the towns in what is considered the Yuppieville of Kansas! That means you have to deal with the accompanying attitudes and tastes of said yuppies!
Most of the stores that I really like -- the ones more to my taste -- are in Lawrence, which is a 30-minute ride away from here. It's too far away from my work to even consider moving there...
I won't even get into the problems of Kansas City itself; it's way too sad...

...And my old man was into opera, which, as far as I was concerned, was just heavy metal. I like those bawdy opera songs: the king is unfaithful to the queen, then he gets the pox, they have a son, the son grows up and turns into an alligator, and in the end they kill the alligator and make some shoes for the king. But because it's sung in Italian, people think it's very aloof. Not at all.

--Bono, in a Rolling Stone interview, 1987
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Old 09-28-2001, 04:27 AM   #8
War Child
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Location: Perth, Australia
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Ok I'm from Perth which is on the west coast of Australia.

What I like about it:

The weather first of all, it's warm and sunny 9 - 10 months of the year. We have beautiful unspoilt beaches. It's quite pretty around the city centre with the river and this big park overlooking everything. As the city is very small by world standards we don't really have a problem with traffic or pollution, it's very clean. The people are pretty laidback and friendly.

What I don't like :

There's a flip side to everything I guess; sometimes the heat can be a bit of a pain and I love winter so the fact that we don't really have much of one kind of sucks. I don't like the smallness and isolation of my city sometimes. It's so far from everything!! It's pretty underdeveloped as well which is good and bad - I remember there was an outcry when someone wanted to build one highrise hotel on the beach!! I suppose it just lacks the hustle and bustle of say Sydney. It's pretty quiet, but overall I'm happy here....... for the time being!!

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Old 09-28-2001, 07:19 AM   #9
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I'm from Nashville, TN USA.

I love this city - it's a great town in a great place and the people are wonderful. We get lots of transfers in because of business and lots of tourists, so you always have a chance to meet folks from everywhere.

What I hate: traffic... and country music

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Old 09-28-2001, 07:31 AM   #10
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I'm from Indianapolis, Indiana. I lived in Vegas for 2 years before I moved here a year and a half ago and I'm originally from Michigan. The thing that I like best about Indy is that it's not tourist driven like Vegas and it's a fairly rural state...doesn't take too long to get out into the "country". I like my open spaces!

I need someone to stay with (ie split hotel/motel costs) for the Notre Dame show. Please follow this link and post to the thread if you can help!!!

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Old 09-28-2001, 08:12 AM   #11
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Im from a small fishing place on the north coast of Iceland.

what I like is that it takes me only 5 minutes to be in the countryside and being able to enjoy our beautiful nature.

the worst thing about my place is that its freezing cold (Iceland!!!), a long way from Europe or America and if something is going on in Iceland, its usually in our capital which means a 4 hours drive.

But I love it.

"The bass player's got it. The bass player's fucking got it." Bono, Boston 6-9-01
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Old 09-28-2001, 09:35 AM   #12
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I live in Montgomery, Alabama in the USA. I'm originally from Birmingham, AL- which I like so much more than Montgomery. I love being a southerner (friendly strangers, southern hospitality, good neighbors, sweet tea, beautiful old antebellum homes)but there's a flip side that I detest: confederate-flag-flying redneck mentality, the "old boy political network", country music, the attitude that men are superior to women. These things mainly exists in lower Alabama. It's like a whole different world in the top 1/2 of the state- more cultured, more tolerant of different people & alternative lifestyles. One of the best things: Atlanta is only 2 hours away
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Old 09-28-2001, 10:23 AM   #13
The Fly
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Location: Hoboken, NJ USA
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I live in Hoboken NJ. It is located on the Hudson River directly across from Midtown/downtown Manhattan.

I Love Hoboken. It is a mile square with lots of bars and restaurants and you can walk to everything. The public transport is great and I am in Manhattan in 12 minutes by subway. Its a young town (yuppie I guess but not snotty)and everyone is always going out. And we have the million $$$ view of the city. There is also a huge Irish/English population - therefore you can actully have a breakfast that consists of blood pudding and beans in many restaurants and then top it off with some Tayto chips and mikado cookies! Our Foodtown's International isle is half Mexican and half Irish!!!! I've never seen that anywhere else!

What I don't like: Our view has changed It is also incredibly expensive to live in Hoboken or NYC. If you knew how much I paid for 700 sq. feet of living space you'd have a heart attack. It doesn't leave much left over. Thank God for credit cards during the Elevation tour!

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Old 09-28-2001, 11:41 AM   #14
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I'm from London, UK.

What I like? Good nightlife!

What I dislike? Most things really - especially the crap weather! Actually moving to Dublin next year, hopefully for university (that is - if I can find one that will overlook my bad grades!)

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Old 09-28-2001, 12:13 PM   #15
The Fly
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Location: Bari, Italy
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I'm from Bari, a city of the south Italy

I like quite all of my country: the weather is very good, people are really funny and nice and art is everywhere.

What I don't like? Uhm...I don't like the fact that I live in a place where U2 will never come ...They usually organise concerts in cities such as Rome, or Milan...but never here, so I cannot reach this places, for now. Maybe, one day, when my parents will let me go...(or when I will ESCAPE from home during the night ...)
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Old 09-28-2001, 01:16 PM   #16
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North eastern England
nothing to do
rains alot
rains alot more
hate the accents
nothing to do
rains some more

Soon gonna live in Dublin next year so I will like saying goodbye to England.

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Old 09-28-2001, 01:47 PM   #17
The Fly
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Location: Ottawa,Canada
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I'm from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Likes: It's a small city that thinks that it's a big city. The downtown consists of 4 streets, but you can find everything and anything on those 4 streets! Lots of things happen here, but you don't get the overwhelming sense of being really tiny like you would in a big city like Toronto. Also, because it's the capital of the country, the government takes really good care of it, so it's pretty clean, and there are lots of parks.

Dislikes: Really extreme weather (but then again, that's pretty much the whole province)...summer can be as hot as 40'C, and winter can get as cold as -40'C, and the temperature can fluctuate wildly from one day to the next (ie, 20'C one day, 8'C the next)
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Old 09-28-2001, 04:15 PM   #18
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I live in Michigan, in the U.S.A. The only other country I've ever travelled to is Canada, but I'd love to visit England and Ireland someday! Other places as well...

Trust In God...But Lock Your Doors
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Old 09-28-2001, 04:50 PM   #19
Rock n' Roll Doggie
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WOW! we have some really interesting people on Pleba, and from VERY interesting places too (at least, from my boring Dallas, Texas point of view anyway).

So...I'm originally from a smallish town outside Milwaukee Wisconsin (Waukesha), but migrated to the MUCH warmer climes of Dallas Texas about 15 years ago. I've been wanting to get out of here now for about 10 of those years.

Next I want to move to the all you UK Pleba gals...I'm gonna be wanting more information from you on that!!! (really!)

Disco...listening to some real Irish music via the web as we speak!
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Old 09-28-2001, 07:44 PM   #20
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I'm from Victoria, BC, Canada. On Vancouver Island. What I like: it's very beautiful and the weather doesn't go to extremes. Plus we have lots of bookstores! And just the fact that I've lived here my whole life so I'm kind of attached to the place.

What I don't like: the weather can get very monotonous and gray. Sometimes, like this year, we basically have no summer (even though we also had water restrictions because of a drought!) There's nothing to do, with some exceptions. I've lived here my whole life so sometimes I get very sick of it! It's a pain having to take a ferry to go much anywhere, like Vancouver. And, this is a big one, people can get so sickeningly smug here! "Why would you want to live anywhere else?" "It's sooooo beautiful here!" "The weather is perfect!" etc. etc. We do have one of the highest crime rates in Canada, I think it was the highest for a while. And a lot of Victoria residents don't realize that there is life outside of Victoria. Thank goodness I've traveled. I'm hoping to move to Europe some time, maybe next year. Maybe this time I'll actually do it!

End of rant!

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