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In Flanagan book Bono admits to CHEATING

first of all - to all u2 fans that do not want to hear another debate on the has he or hasn't he charted. If you don't like it, then leave..

but to everyone else with an open mind who has read flanagan'd U2 at the end of the world I would like to know what your opinion is on this quote from Bono:

(when asked about infidelity) "If the question is can i as a married man write about sex with a stranger yes has got to be the answer because thats the subject that i am writing about. You have to expose some myths even if they expose you along the way. I don't want to talk about my own relationship because i have too too much respect for Ali to do so."

plus in flanagan there was a bit about Bono asking sone policeman's daughter in Mexico about where the best brothels are. Um...yeah he sure is a faithful man!

Anyway let's not get into a massive bitch fight over this, I just want to hear other people's views on this quote.

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Ok I'll answer without flaming.
He is a human being that has been gone from his family for as long 3 years. He has women throwing themselves at him constantly. What person could not at least once succumb. He's not a freakin saint as he has said and proved over and over.
However I don't think it's common thing and has probably grown out of it.
Now I'm in line to be flamed. Love Ya girls

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I've read that, and I don't think it's a confession to cheating at all! What he's trying to explain is, he can write a song about cheating, but that doesn't mean he really did it. He is a WRITER. As he said somewhere else in the book, a writer can write about things he hasn't really experienced. I forget just how he put it, something about it being "not me", but what he means is that you can write, or sing about things that are not "you." Just like, I could write a story about WW2 in the first person even though I wasn't there. When he says he has too much respect for Ali to discuss their relationship, he meant their personal one, not some illicit one!
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When this topic has been brought up in the past, it has normally resulted in a thread closure.

This is very personal information, and I don't think that those of us looking in from the outside are ones to pass judgement. I don't feel it's right for us to discuss private issues about somebody we don't know personally in a public environment.

This is not a flame against anybody either.
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