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The Fly
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"If God Will Send His Angels!"

Arriving to work a bit late, Johny stood outside the elevator waiting for it to come. the bell rang, announcing the elevator's arrival. A young woman walked out with tears in her eyes. she had a light brown suede coat, black pants and a black shirt on. She did not notice the skinny boy waiting for the elevator. She walked right past him, brushing against his shoulder as she exited the entrance of the elevator.
Johny, just graduated from the University of Chicago, hated his job, hated his boss, hated his co-workers. He was no different from the prostitutes on the street. He sold his body and time for money exactly the same way they did. He smoked too much, he drank too much and he slept too much. He lived alone, and the only time he was happy was when he listened to the music of U2. He lived in a postulated world, a world where all his dreams were the reality of others. The elevators walls were cracked, the lights were dim, and it moved much too slow.
Upset for reasons he could explain, but having no explaination for what led to those particuliar reasons, he clenched his tight fists that were stuck in his coat pockets. Only a few minutes ago he had seen his ex-girlfriend with another guy. The same ex-girlfriend that he had spent 3 years of his life with. And the same one he had deserted and dismissed for another girl. Even after she stood by him when no-one else did. He knew that he had hurt her beyond the point of torture, he knew he would never be able to make up for what he did. And seeing her with someone else should make him feel better. . . . but it didn't, it just made his failure more definitive.
The girl in the suede coat met her ex-boyfriend outside the building, where she gave him back the ring he had given her 4 months ago. She headed back for the elevator and took it to the top floor, she went out the door marked 'do not enter' and went on the roof to smoke a cigarette. when she steped out of the elevator she noticed that someone was on the roof also, a young man. She lit up her cigarette and approached the boy on the roof, apprhensively. "do you want a smoke" she asked.
"sure, I could use one" he said. a moment of uncompfortable silence passed. The girl in the suede coat looked over the edge and said; " see that guy with the hideous red coat on? that is my ex-fiance, and he left me for that girl he is walking with."
At once Johny noticed the girl to be his ex-girlfriend, but did not say so. . . . instead he told her that his girlfriend was with someone else also. They looked at each other and smilled. they both felt so alone when they entered this roof, and yet now they both relaxed and both felt a shared affinity for each other. Above them beyond the sight of any human on earth were two of God's angels smilling at each other. And two years to the moment and date the two strangers who met on the roof were married and lived happily ever after.. . .
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