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I am back after a long absence with another Bono fan fic

OK I know its been a while but as I have started this new story thought you might be interested in reading it

This story takes place in the early 1980's and Bono is in his early 20's and in another universe it never really happened and bears no real reflection on Bono u2 and others in rl except in my vivid imagination where I like messing around with the poor guys.

In my story background the band have been together a while, but they are about to get their big break and thats where my story starts should also warn all those Bono fans In my story I am portraying and reinventing his character and the bands history and he will seem little more arrogant egotistical even mercenary and less caring for to make the plot work.. but don't worry ladies he will still have his sweet moments so sit back and hold on tight and hope you like it... we start of in a seedy club somewhere in the middle of run down Dublin City......


Bono took a long draw from his cigarette casually blowing out the cigarette smoke into the already nicotein polluted atmosphere of O'Shaunessey's nightclub.

With his arm resting on the barcounter his blue eyes concentrated intently on the stage across the room where a slim young woman was performing a song, her dark hair had been tied back in a ponytail, but due to her exhertion on stage little strands had come loose and hung limply around her face, there was a sheen of perspiration on her swarthy skin despite the fact she wore no more than a very skimpy black top and shorts. She was totally engrossed in her performance and the song she was singing, which the crowded club seem to be enjoying as they danced and applauded her on and sang along.

A small smile played on his lips and he turned and crushed his cigarette out in the nearby ashtray on barcounter then ordered himself a drink, he knew he would have to wait a while till the performance ended, might as well make the most of it while he waited......

Rosie McCreedy loved nothing more than being up on stage singing and performing, it transported her to a world where she could forget who she was and her real drab life surroundings, just getting carried away with the music and the lively atmosphere that give her the buzz. She would do this every night if she could and not get sick of it, but it was a weekend special occasion she sang along with her boyfriend Jason's band 'Jinx' though she was hoping that if things worked out right they would become seriously involved in the music business and maybe one day get a record deal and get out of the hellhole of her existence to fame and fortune.

She was not aware of Bono watching her keenly from across the room, nor see him glance at his watch and move away from the bar just as she finished her last song to thunderous applause of the audience in the club who whistled and demanded more.
She relented and sung one more number for them as an enchore, then thanked them for their support before she insisted she had to go.

"Great performance Rosie sweetheart" Jason give her a quick hug as he removed his guitar and he Rosie and the other three band members headed of the small stage and down the back passage stairway to the small dressing room. As they walked along the small narrow corridor with its graffitied walls and peeling brown paint Rosie felt her steps slowing down a little as she caught sight of Bono. He was standing casually hands in his jeans pockets as if he had all the time in the world, against the wall opposite the dressing room.

She was aware of Jason next to her going tense and start glowering "What does he doing here?"

"I don't know but I guess we are about to find out" Rosie replied not feeling overly thrilled herself at the sight of Bono or Paul Hewson to give him his proper name who happened to belonged to a rival band U2 who also played the club on alternative nights when Jinx were not around, and he was always bragging how his band was much better.. and that they were going to make it big time one day, and leave the rest behind. This tended to irk Jason and the other members of Jinx, though they had one ace up their sleeve which was Rosie, and her singing voice, which proved to be a match and make her as popular as Bono.

But Rosie had not gone un noticed by Bono, he made no secret he was interested in her talent, Jason got the feeling that was his rival was not just interested in Rosie's singing voice, which was why he felt his hackles go up possesively as he watched the way Bono's lazy gaze eyed her up and down as they got closer.
"What do you want?" he demanded "I think you're a bit mixed up, You aren't playing here tonight we are..so there is no need for you to be back here"

Bono seemed totally unfazed by the hostile greeting that even Rosie had to admit he was a cool customer . "Actually I am not mixed up at all, and I do have a reason for being here.. I want to talk to Rosie.. alone" he informed him

Rosie was a little perturbed by this request, and Jason give a snort of dersion "I don't think so mate.. she has no interest in talking to you.. alone or otherwise"

"Isn't that up to Rosie to decide?" Bono enquired smoothly, "Or can she not speak for herself?" he shot her a goading look

"I can speak up for myself just fine" Rosie answered his taunt, "And Jason is right, I don't have anything I wanna say to you. so why don't you, to put it nicely just shove of" she give him a caustic smile

Bono's reaction was to give a little laugh "Now ya see you haven't even heard what I was wanting to tell you which is hardly fair.. espicially as it could be to your advantage and interest to hear me out" he finished pointedly, his blue eyes still had a glint of that challenge as they rested on her

"I really doubt that" Rosie replied, she didn't want this arrogant upstart to even think he had a hint of her interest, and wanted to put him down just as much as her boyfriend Jason did.. she couldnt stand him.. he was so full of himself

But Bono refused to be put of that easy "C'mon" he cajoled, "Give me a break, I came back here, and tak all this crap attitude from you, the least you can do is hear me out.. what harm can it do?"

Rosie sighed, "OK if thats the way you want to play it, though I keep telling you you are wasting your time.. go ahead, shoot have your say"

Bono eyed up Jason and the other male members of Jinx who were still eyeing him with open hostility
"Like I said I would prefer to speak to you alone.. I promise I will be on my best behaviour, so no need to worry" he drawled mockingly

Rosie wasn't going to give him the pleasure of seeing her get stirred up about it, "Whatever" she replied and turned to the others, "Its ok guys you go on into the dressing room..I don't think I will be too long here anyway" she added meaningfully
Jason didn't like it, but didn't want to argue with Rosie in front of Bono, so he reluctantly agreed and he and the others went into the dressing room, when the door was safely shut behind them Rosie turned to Bono expectently

"Well what is it? I can't hang around here all night I got to get changed and get home" she told him impatiently.

Bono smiled a small knowing smile "You in a hurry to get home, that must be a first"

Rosie felt her face heat up it was a pain that Bono lived a few streets away and they had went to the same school, which he meant he knew more about her than she cared to be comfortable with.. but she wasn't going to go into that now with him of all people "Just get on with it" she told him curtly

"Okaayyy" Bono drawled suddenly turning his tone more businesslike "I have a proposition I want to put to you, which I think you will agree could be a great opportunity for your future singing career"

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"Oh really?" Rosie replied keeping her tone neutral "And how exactly did you figure this out?"

Bono moved a little closer to her, she wasn't sure if it was his ploy to make her feel uneasy because she was playing it cool and disinterested, and was finding it harder to keep that stance at his nearness, she hated to admit it but he had this aura of self assurance, that send of waves of charisma, that caught you up and you found yourself drawn to him if you weren't careful.

The trouble was he knew he possessed it and used it to his advantage. and she had the feeling that was what he was doing now, and she cursed her heart for betraying her with that little quickening beat as he now spoke to her in what seemed more intimate than she liked

"You and me.. we got a lot in common," he told her, "and that is ambition, not your ordinary everyday ambition, but a burning ambition to be something in this world to make our mark.. to escape this smalltown hellhole we are trapped in.. and we both realise that music can be the key to unlocking that door and getting us on our way.. I don't think you would disagree with me.. I have seen you up on stage performing.. its what you were born to do.. and I only too well understand your frustration more than Jason or anyone else does, and I am here to offer you that way out"

Despite remaining what she hoped was expressionless, Bono had caught Rosie's attention, as much as she was reluctant to admit it so she tried to mask it with open scorn."Oh really? How exactly can you do that?"

Bono was smiling that smug arrogant smile that sometimes made her want to smack him,"What if I told you our new manager got us a record deal, with a prestigious record company.. that are keen for us to make an album"

" Oh so thats what its all about" she said in realisation, "Do you want me to be impressed is it, rubbing it in to Jason and us?" Rosie demanded "You got a a record deal, big wow.. but apart from that I don't see where I fit in. so if you will excuse me"

She went to walk past him to go into the dressing room, only he grabbed her arm "hey hang on you haven't let me finish"

"Oh there is more is there? I can't imagine why you think it will interest me" Rosie retorted

"Well it should because it involves you" Bono replied, "just hear me out"

Rosie took a deep breath calming herself down, "Ok I am listening, though I am fast running out of patience.. so it had better be good"

"Oh its good" Bono smiled assuredly, "You see when I agreed to sign the contract I also put in a clause that I could add another member to the band if I felt the need, and I happen to mention you to our manager. so last week without you knowing it he and a few of the record company's exec's paid a visit to this club to watch you perform"

He got some satisfaction at the look on Rosie's face, she was shocked stunned bewildered.. he had caught her on the hop now.. she hadn't been expecting that revelation. and he was enjoying himself now.
"They were of the same opinion as me that you were wasted playing these clubs and if I wanted to bring you into the band I had their blessing.. so here I am offering you the chance to jump onboard"

It took Rosie a few moments to digest all this and take in what Bono was saying, he was studying her carefully for her reaction, the only way she could think of breaking the tension was to burst out laughing
"You want me to join you? this is a joke right?.. you are winding me up, you are a crazy sonofabitch, but I am not falling for it"

"Rosie this is not a wind up.. I have never been more serious" Bono informed her remaining straightfaced "I can kindda understand why you are reacting this way... bur believe me I am offering you this for real.. I am giving you this chance to get your foot on the ladder of success.. its what you want isn't it? now its your call"

Her smile had faded as it finally sunk in he wasn't joking or having her on, he really wanted her to join his band be involved with their new chance of making it in the music business.. something she had always dreamed about but always thought was too far out of her reach.. suddenly it wasnt any more.. not if she took Bono up on his offer.. but then she remembered Jason her boyfriend and that she was already a member of Jinx.. to join Bono she would have to abandon them, it brought her back down to earth with a bump.

"Thanks for the offer, but I am already in a band" she said hating herself for letting him almost get to her for a moment, but she her sense of loyalty for now outweighed her ambition

Bono swore in frustration "You can't seriously tell me you really prefer staying with your boyfriends dead end band... in a few years time we will be playing big venue's in front of thousands, while he will be still doing the local club circut going nowhere, he doesn't have the ambition that we do... I can take you to the top he can't"

The arrogance of this remark and the attack on her boyfriend Jason only served to get her back up more she broke free from his hold looking at him with disdain

"I think in the end I would prefer to hangout in this local club circuit than join you at the top, with your bigheadedness there might not be enough room for me, so I'll take my chances with Jason"she informed him stiffly

"You are making a mistake.. I am offering you a great opportunity HERE..do you really want to let it pass and live the rest of your life with the regret.. you have a week to make up your mind.. then the train is moving on.. I would like you onboard.. but its up to you" Bono told her

She refused to let his words move her. instead she shot him a smile and added mockingly, "Give me a call when you do your first big venue,Then maybe I will give it some serious consideration" and with that she walked passed him and went into the dressing room leaving him standing there frowning after her.
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