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Old 09-25-2001, 08:46 PM   #1
The Fly
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How to sneak into a U2 concert...

So I'm watching this new show on vH-1 called "Sledgehammer." I missed what the premise of the show was, but from the previews I saw, it was kind of like a combination of pranks and fooling people and hidden cameras. The one that I happened to see was about U2 (of course).

So an old man in a wheelchair, escorted by his nurse, roll up to the gates at a U2 concert, and the nurse says that Bono's grandfather would like to see his grandson. In Irish accents, both the nurse and the old man assert that he is in fact his grandfather (they share the last name Hewson) and the man produces a picture of him standing next to Bono in a very Ireland-esque picture. After some more talking to the security, and more crankiness on the part of the old man, both the man and the nurse are allowed into the arena!! Mind you, no one has asked for tickets or ID. So then you see video footage of backstage at the concert and the old man demanding to see his grandson (at one point he slipped and said he wanted to see "Sonny Bono," but no one noticed! except me and my dad!!) A stage manager comes over to them and asks if they need help, and the nurse says this man is looking for his grandson. When the stage manager asks who the grandson is, she replies "Bono," and the manager is taken aback. She asks him if he would like to meet Mr. Hewson, and he said he would be happy to!! Next thing you know, fans are taking pictures with "Bono's grandfather," and both the man and the nurse are let into the heart!! They had to have been like 20 feet from the stage because they showed a clear and close view of the band! And then they showed "grandpa" in his wheelchair and the nurse groovin to "Elevation!!"

I could NOT believe how easy it was for them to get into the arena AND the heart without any tickets or ID. Also, keep in mind that Bill Clinton had arrived at the show, so the security was super "tight" that night!! Just goes to show you that there are loopholes, even when there is a lot of security, and you can wheedle your way in to meet the boys!!!

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The Fly
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hahahahhaahahhhaaaaa, was the guy literally an old man...... wow, never estimate the power of the elderly.....

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Rock n' Roll Doggie
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LOL! I saw that too, U2Jewels! It was hysterical. I can't believe they let "Bono's grandpa" in- he referred to Bono as "Sonny Bono" and kept on quoting the titles of U2 songs! And it's so easy to fake photos these days- it's crazy that they believed that photo prooved he was Bono's grandfather. And did you see that his Elevation Tour backstage pass simply said "Bono's Grandfather"? I wonder if Bono saw the guy- it'd be hard not to notice an old man in the wheelchair in the heart.
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i have not seen the show yet, but how come no one asked Bono if he wanted to say hello to his grandpa???

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The Fly
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Oh that was hilarious! i was but then i was all cracking up and telling my brother and sister the details!

Oh funny

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The Fly
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one of my friends actually snuck in to the first anaheim show. he just walked in one of the doors where they were taking tickets and somehow walked right into the GA section. i dont know how he pulled that off but if its that easy, im wondering what the heck tickets are for. the pond has really relaxed security though, and its really easy to find an unmanned door.



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A friend of mine just walked straight in to one of the German Popmart tours - and at Slane this year even I managed to climb the gate in an attempt to see the sound check!


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