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How much of a DORK am I???

About a half hour ago, there was a knock at the door. My mom answers and it's a very nice looking police officer. It seems that the neighbors were robbed and he wanted to know if we heard anything. I told him "No, I've been knitting, I didn't hear a thing"
He was nothing compared to my Adam, but he was hot nonetheless.
I'm not lying, I was knitting, watching "Travels in Europe" on Public television.
Man, I need a life.
Thought you'd get a laugh,

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!! Maybe the boys were lurking outside yer house: ALL black......possibly leather.....lurking in the bushes outside your house.....
*lurk lurk lurk*


BONO: Em...hello. I'm RobberBonoVox of OConnel Street. I'm here to...stalk you.

BLUEY: STALK MY WAY, BABY!!!!!! WOO!!!!!! that an Aerosmith song?

BLUEY: oh yeah....sorry....

Julie: STALK ON, BABY!!!!!!!!! WOO!!!!!!


BONO: ....The water? I'm beginning to think that taking hostages from the PLEBA mansion wasn't such a good idea.

FISHY:.....did we already do the line about cracking my safe?

EDGE: *falls out of nearby tree* Yes, I believe you did...*ahem*

LARRY: *emerges from shrubbery* Plan B's a no go?

BONO: *slaps forehead* Lawrence, WHAT are you wearing?


BONO: Lookit yer shirt. That's about half a shirt there. Come, now. They can see your white flesh just glowing from inside the house.

MULLENGIRL: ....warm glowing warming

LARRY: Well, lookit Edge!! His robber pants are bedazzled. You can see him from a mile away!

Little do they know, Adam is already in the PLEBA Mansion. He rang the doorbell and they let him in!! I think he's cracking safes somewhere in a back room...hey, has anyone seen Sparky's Girl?!....or MrsClayton? OMG!!!!!

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Love me, give me soul.

The PLEBA Mansion, where the play's the thing...

For the good of the nation, you must defile Bono! ~Echo~

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BWAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHA!!!! The guys would be crappy robbers...that's exactly how i would picture them lmao

The U2 revolution has been reinstated.

THE Larry Mullen Jr. Page

Meeting Larry:
*MG shows Larry poster*
*Larry reads poster*
*Larry smiles and says "Thank you that's very nice of you"*
*Larry signs paper, shakes MG's hand*
*MG almost dies then sees tearaway pants and gets bad ideas*
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Originally posted by WildHonee:
Little do they know, Adam is already in the PLEBA Mansion. He rang the doorbell and they let him in!! I think he's cracking safes somewhere in a back room...hey, has anyone seen Sparky's Girl?!....or MrsClayton? OMG!!!!!

ROFL.....Mona that is Adam is in the Pleba mansion?!?! *devilsh grin*
"Oooh Sparky.....please follow me...your fellow robbers have asked me to fetch you..."

Adam: Oh okay...where are we going?!?!

SG: Lemme get the blind fold first, its a secret place!

"Scarlet eyes and a see-through heart....she saw me coming right from the start.....She picked me up, but had me down on my knees....Just a-begging, begging her please...Take me Slow Dancing"

"She is the dreamer, she's imagination..."

Adam's Press Secretary/Personal Assistant
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