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Old 03-25-2003, 12:33 PM   #1
The Fly
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How did you first become a U2 fan!!!

I remember I was 14 years old and an old friend of mine was spending the night at a friend of mines house that I hadn't seen since I was in the forth grade. Well my friend that I hadn't seen inyears called me and asked me if I liked U2 I told her they were okay but I really liked the horses song. So she invited me to a laser light show with her. They played all the hits from War- Achtumg baby. And then I realized Iknew every song played ,but I didn't know who did it. Then I felt like a total a** because I had liked their music for awhile I just didn't know who they were. My friend made me video tapes and cassettes and as they say the rest is history

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Old 03-25-2003, 12:48 PM   #2
Rock n' Roll Doggie
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Shame on me, but I just discovered U2 two years ago.

I liked the HMTMKMKM vid cos it was cool drawn, but I didn't really know U2.

And then I heard BD and Elevation and Stuck and I fell in love with the music and then with Bono.

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Old 03-25-2003, 01:28 PM   #3
War Child
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It all started with Mary (Quiggs) taking me to downtown Indianapolis to hear Bono speak for the DATA tour. I bought my first three CD's that weekend and now I am here on PLEBA thanks to her!!

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Old 03-25-2003, 01:42 PM   #4
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Oh, it all started while playing cards with some friends. One of them, Sheila, who doesn't like U2 at all was humming Elevation all the time, especially the whoohoo part. I asked which song was it and she told me it was Elevation by U2 so when I came back home I downloaded it. I fell in love with the song, it was the coolest thing I had ever listened to! So the next day I bought ATYCLB. I fell in love with Bono as soon as I had the CD on my hands, they call it love at first sight
Two weeks or so later, went on holidays with my family and one day we went to a huge shop with all the U2 CDs and I decided to buy The Joshua Tree. At that poing I became a real U2 fan and proud of it!
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Rock n' Roll Doggie
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Old 03-25-2003, 01:51 PM   #6
War Child
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Listening to my older brothers copy of Boy at eleven(maybe I was twelve can;t remember now LOL)I was blown away!!!!!!!
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Old 03-25-2003, 01:52 PM   #7
The Fly
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To answer your question - I first became a U2 fan when
I was 15 back in 1984 when the Unforgettable Fire
album came out and like they say the rest is history!

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Old 03-25-2003, 02:08 PM   #8
Forum Moderator
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I got a copy of JT on April 1, parents bought me the CD. I sat and listened to it 3 times straight. I'd never done that with any CD before. I didn't even listen to music that often. That CD changed my life.

Wow...April U2 Anniversary is coming up soon!

8 years...incredible...

Seems like forever.
"Knight in shining Zubaz."

Bonochick [at]
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Old 03-25-2003, 02:09 PM   #9
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I'd have to say I was a late bloomer. I fell in love with PRIDE but never knew the name of the song so I let it go. Then when I heard Beautiful Day on the radio I liked it but never really thought much of it. After that, I heard Elevation and I loved it, the tune never went out of my head so my friend told me that the video was cool and that I should watch it. So I downloaded it and I loved it, downloaded a lot of songs, listened to them and was hooked! I stayed up a lot during that period of time, watching a fuzzy MTV2 on my television for a video and I think around 2 in the morning they played PRIDE... was I happy or what?
Oh... rambling too much again ^_^, that was the starting of my whole addiction. Pretty quick for a girl who lived around Rap and Hip-Hop her whole life.
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Old 03-25-2003, 02:33 PM   #10
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Big Grin

I was about 4and my mom was cleaning and I was under foot, so to get me out of her way she put on a tape of Bee Gees videos to and in the middle of the video for jive talkin it cut out and New years day started. I remember I kept getting up and hitting the rewind button and watching it over and over again.

Hehe that laser light show was a hoot!!!

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Old 03-25-2003, 03:44 PM   #11
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I fell in love with U2 back in the mid-80's when I was a little kid.
I heard Pride and Sunday BLoody Sunday on the radio all the time and I thought damn, those are good songs
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Old 03-25-2003, 03:48 PM   #12
love, blood, life
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I have like U2 since before '87 but seeing ISHFWILF for the first time blew me away. Yes I realise that I was only 4 in 1987!!!!
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Old 03-25-2003, 04:11 PM   #13
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I had always heard U2 songs on the radio, and I always liked them, but I never knew who they were by. Like 2 years ago when Beautiful Day came out, my local radio station had a contest where if two U2 songs played in a row, you could call in and win a copy of ATYCLB. So then I started hearing all these songs that I had loved forever and realized that they were by U2. So I bought a copy of ATYCLB and the Best of 1980-1990 and fell in love!
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Old 03-25-2003, 05:41 PM   #14
love, blood, life
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I heard Sunday Bloody Sunday...loved the song and bought the War album and fell in love with Bono's voice. It's as simple as that and I have been a fan ever since which is almost half of my life. My love and admiration of the band has remained one of the most consistent things since then.
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Old 03-25-2003, 05:42 PM   #15
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A buddy of mine gave me a tape of Under A Blood Red Sky when it first came out. I've been hooked ever since.
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Old 03-25-2003, 06:30 PM   #16
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Hmmm...I have told this story so many times already, but what the heck...

I was first introduced to the world of U2 back in 1987 when my mom bought JT. I've been hearing their music around my house for years, especially AB...After my mom saw a ZooTv show in 1992 I remember she came home and was sort of in a daze. Back then I thought she was strange, but now I totally understand.

I went to my first U2 show on 6/27/97 with my parents and my cousin and from that day on I was hooked!
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Old 03-25-2003, 07:07 PM   #17
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when i was (checks back of shirt to find's a concert shirt, which has the dates on the back, it's the band live--cos if i know what year i saw them play, i can figure out when i started listening to u2) old was i in 2000? 16. so a year before that...when i was 15, which was less than 4 years ago (more than 3 and a half, but not three yet), live was my favourite band. and i figured that since i'd read so many interviews and articles where either ed kowalczyk or chad taylor were talking about u2 being one of their favourite bands, so i figured i should check out some of their (u2's) music...not to mention that when i saw live in concert, kowalczyk (the singer) was talking about the band's favourite bands and he was running around the stage yelling "u2! u2!" alternating makeing a 'U' with his hand and holding up two fingers for the 2 part...borrowed october, zooropa and JT from the library, and copied them to cassette tapes and stuck them on the shelf in case some day i might feel like listening to them someday. at this point i knew streets, WOWy, and still haven't found..and i thought there was no way on earth that that was a guitar making that sound, so they must have been a bad 80s synth pop band. and i knew that someone i didn't like had gone to see a popmart show, so they must have sucked if that guy liked them...

so....let's go forward about a onger 15, i'm 16...i was listening to everclear one night, and all of a sudden the cd player broke. i'd heard beautiful day a few times, and liked it, but didn't WANT to like it. still convinced they were some bad 80s band and i'd be better ff not hearing more of their stuff...but my cd player broke, and i only had access to the radio and a tape player. and the radio sucks in general. decided it was time to listen to some u2...totally random choice. i could have decided "oh maybe i'll listen to godsmack" cos i had that album on a tape for god knows what reason (i HATE godsmack now...maybe i liked them...i don't know...i don't REMEMBER liking them). i had some mix tapes with other singles on them, and a tape of sarejevo which i taped off the radio--all "just in case i like them some day"...and i went with JT, and a cross between in god's country (especially the intro) and bullet the blue sky got me hoooked. then october. or maybe zooropa, i forget which i listened to next...i think it was zooropa...and then i killed my sarejevo tape cos i listened to it non-stop...and then my friends came to visit with late birthday presents, only they hadn't gone shopping, so we went to the mall, and my best friend bought me ATYCLB and her sister bought me the war album...

i'm still working on figuring out the equation by which my love for the band's music has increased. since i've only been a fan for a couple years, it's probably an exponential equation, though
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Old 03-25-2003, 08:13 PM   #18
Rock n' Roll Doggie
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Wertsie, it's really cool that your parents like them too!

Interesting story IWB.

Ehm, mine is long and I can't quite place the events in exact order, but I'll try!

The first I remember about U2 is seeing Red Rocks on TV when I was what... 10? And I thought that was the coolest place for a concert. I should have gotten hooked then but I didn't.

For some reason, I can't remember when I first heard some of their songs, like Pride, NYD and WOWY... but I can remember those songs being a part of my life, it was so normal to hear them and think they were very cool... WOWY has been one of my favorite songs forever. OK, still not a die hard fan...

When R&H came out, I saw some of the videos and I really liked Desire and Angel of Harlem. I should have become a big fan then, but I didn't.

A long time after that, I got the soundtrack for the movie "Reality Bites" and I fell in love with AIWIY. I don't know why I didn't go looking for more U2... I just didn't.

Well, there was a long period of time when I thought U2 had broken up... In Puerto Rico, I can't remember hearing anything on the radio from the Zoo era...

I heard and loved HMTMKMKM, and I was thrilled to hear from U2 again. But after that, they disappeared on me once more... The Pop era didn't exist for me.

All this time I was wasting my time listening to hair metal bands, Bon Jovi and that sort of stuff...

I think the next time I saw U2 was on the VH1 Legends thing, I think that first aired around 1999? I was really intrigued about their story, the fact that they had been together for so many years... I didn't fall in love with Larry then or thought they were particularly cute... BUT that did make me interested in hearing more from them. I think after that I went and bought the Best of 1980 - 1990 and I listened to it a lot.

Some time later I saw another VH1 or MTV special about the best songs or something like that and someone was talking about One, saying that was the best U2 song ever, etc... so I decided to buy Achtung Baby. I was kind of shocked by it and I only listened to it in the background while I was at work... I only liked One, and the chorus of WGRYWH seemed to come to my mind a lot, but that was it.

I heard BD on the radio a lot and I kinda liked it, but when I went to the record store with my neighbor and had almost decided to buy ATYCLB, he told me that he had listened to most of it and that it wasn't very good. I didn't buy it.

At a Christmas party in that same neighbor's house in 2001, we started talking and I discovered that not only had he bought ATYCLB, but also this DVD from one of the concerts of their latest tour (it was Boston, of course) and that it was awesome and I had to see it. I borrowed it, saw it and loved it. Elevation (and Larry) really grabbed my attention, I couldn't stop singing that song in my head. A few weeks, early 2002, I got ATYCLB, then the Elevation DVD and R&H, then all the commercially available videos, all the albums, books... everything I could find.

I also searched the internet like crazy for Larry pics... found Zootopia, then Interference and I became the crazy fan that I am today.

I forgot this bit! One night, I sat down in my room, put on my headphones and really listened to Achtung Baby... That was a life changing experience, one of the best moments, ever... I get chills just thinking about it!!!

So, it's almost a life long muuuuuuusical journey to truly "find" U2... it was fate, or God, and I thank him for that.

Ok, you can wake up now, my rambling is over!
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Old 03-25-2003, 08:25 PM   #19
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Man, it's been almost a year since I became a fan already.

Wow. Time really flies.

Course, that's nothing compared to how long some of you have been fans, but still...

Anywho, how I got into U2...well, I'd heard U2's music all the time on the radio when I was little (the big singles, that is). I liked the stuff I'd heard, thought it was great and all, but just never really thought to get any further into it.

Then one night a couple of years ago, I'd been listening to the radio, and I heard "Angel Of Harlem". And I thought the song rocked. I loved it.

And then I heard that song occasionally up through last May (which is when I consider the beginning of my U2 fandom), and finally I decided to get it on a CD I was making, along with a few other U2 songs I liked (one being "Stuck In A Moment", which I have a personal liking of because it helped me through my junior year with a crush on this guy that I had).

And while I listened to those two songs, along with the others, something clicked.

Then in June of last year, they showed the Elevation: Live From Boston concert on the Fox Family channel (which I'm still kicking myself for not taping). By then I'd started to like Bono more (thanks to the "When The Stars Go Blue" video-Bono's charisma and sweetness in the video made me take a lot more interest in him than I'd had before-I liked him, thought he was cool, but after seeing that video, I really started liking him more), so that was one reason why I wanted to watch the concert, the other being that it just looked interesting and I wanted to hear more of their songs, after getting interested from the few I'd heard thus far.

I watched the concert, I liked the songs I heard, and those I had never heard before, I found out what they were called and downloaded them.

Then in July, I got The Joshua Tree, which I loved (and still love).

And I've been a fan ever since all that stuff happened. .

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Old 03-25-2003, 08:40 PM   #20
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My cousin who's a music major got me 2 CDs for my 15th birthday back in '97. One was "Regatta De Blanc" by police and "Achtung Baby". I listened to them maybe once but forgot about them soon after....when the best of 1980-1990 came out, I fell in love with the pictures on the back cover .... so I got the CD and found out every song I liked was by U2 i just hadn't noticed it before.

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