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Honeymooning MacPhisto Society Style.

Expect no major plot developments. Just tiny little updates, to whet your appitites for the next MPS.

*Larry walks out onto the balcony of the Rome hotel room he's sharing with his wife. He leans against the rail and immediately every passing female head snaps up and stares at him lustfully. Larry looks back into the room and motions, and seconds later, as the female crowd is gathering below him, Bona comes out and wraps her arms around her husband, kissing his shoulder. From the crowd below comes a collective dejected sigh and they part. Larry turns to Bona and kisses her forehead, relieved.*
Larry: This is going to be tough to get used to.
Bona: *running a hand along one of his horns* How long are you going to stay like this?
Larry: *biting his lip at the sensation of Bona's horn-rubbing* Until I can't hear Joshua anymore.
Bona: Seven and a half months?
Larry: If that's what it is, yes. He keeps asking me when Bono's coming back.
Bona: I don't know...
Larry: She did call and apologize.
Bona: To you. She apologized to you, not me.
Larry: It's been two weeks, she has to have realized what she did wrong by now.
Bona: I hope so...
*Larry buries his face into Bona's shoulder and sighs*
Bona: It'll be okay. You'll get the hang of this tempter stuff eventually. You'll know how to control reactions.
Larry: I hope so.
Bona: You're already getting better at it.
Larry: It'll be better when we head home tomorrow.
Bona: I know. *sigh* I hope Mackie's doing better.
Larry: Who knows.
Bona: I just hate being hated for something that never happened. And I know that's what he's going through right now. The worst thing is that she won't listen.
*Larry kisses her again and leads her inside. He closes the door to the balcony and seconds later giggling can be heard...*

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um...HORN RUBBING????????


and I don't even know what that is...yet!!!

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Bluephisto: How much sugar do you put in your coffee? Wow...
*The Fly smiled at her innocently as he scooped spoon after spoon of the glittering white powder into his coffee cup. It was almost noon and he wore a pair of black boxers*
The Fly: What can I say? *He kissed his new wife on the cheek, and she smiled. He was so handsome in the mornings, so warm and rumpled looking, blue eyes shining above a little stubble.* I like sweet things! If I could put you into my coffee, I would, baby. *Bluephisto laughed and rolled her eyes*
The Fly: How do you take your coffee Mrs. The Fly?
Bluephisto: Oh, I'm Mrs. The Fly now?
The Fly: You betcha, yer all mine now woman! Or I could be Mr. Bluephisto...I really don't care, as long as you promise to walk around in my shirt all day...*He smiles broadly and hugs her from behind, still clutching his cup in one hand. She smells wonderful, like cookies or something good and she's wearing one of his dress shirts like a short nightgown, a habit she's developed over their two weeks of marriage.*
Bluephisto: *Smiling at him over her shoulder* Actually, I don't remember ever having coffee before.
The Fly: You're kidding baby! Really? No? *She shook her head and he traced his ring finger over her collar bone. He knew that not only did they have to fit a lifetime of marriage in the sad confines of a few more months, but that she had no real memory of her life before...Only a little future, and no past. He wouldn't let himself think about it around her. He usually waited until she was asleep and then he'd lie there looking at her, sometimes then, he'd let himself cry about it, but the last thing he wanted to do was burden her with his grief. The way he saw it, it was his job to make sure she had a great life, whatever she remembered of it...it was a job he adored.* Well then, we'll just have to find out won't we?
Bluephisto: Okay...can I try your coffee?
The Fly: *Flirtaciously* Baby, you can try my anything...
Bluephisto: Well, I'll just take your coffee for now...*She took the cup he offered her and raised it to her lips, she could smell the sugar before she dared to sip it* I'm a little afraid of your coffee.
The Fly: It frightens you?
Bluephisto: It certainly does.
The Fly: *In his best Barry White voice* It don't hurt...unless you want it to, baby...oh yeah...
*Bluephisto took a sip and pulled a face, The Fly laughed and took the cup before she dropped it*
The Fly: *Innocently*Needs more sugar?
Bluephisto: Dear lord! How do you drink that? Gah!
The Fly: *Smirking mischeviously* Lemme help you, baby...
*He kissed Bluephisto deeply on the lips, dividing the sweetness between them with his tounge. She relaxed immediately and slid her arms around him, running her fingers through his wavy hair. She loved kissing him, she always did, he was a great kisser and he knew it. He pulled away slowly.*
The Fly: Is that better honey?
Bluephisto: *Her eyes still closed*Mmmmm hmmmm...
The Fly: Want more?
Bluephisto: Mmmmmm hmmmmm...*She was just about to kiss him again when she began to cough. She put a hand over her mouth and turned away, The Fly pushed his coffee on the black counter, spilling it, and stepped closer to her, rubbing her back*
The Fly: Baby, you okay? Come on honey... just breathe... it's okay... *She had started coughing again lately. He hoped it was not a trend but it happened often these past few days, she had also started to sleep about ten hours a day. He frowned and tried to think of a way to help her...there was nothing he could do but wait. She stopped coughing and straightened up.* Bluey, baby...you okay honeychild? *She nodded and quickly walked to the sink, running her hands under hot water as though she were trying to wash something away*
Bluephisto: I'm fine...I'm okay, just a little coughing.
The Fly: You sure?
Bluephisto: Yeah, yeah. I'm okay, really, really.
*She turned back to him and he hugged her tightly. She scared him this time, the coughing was much worse than before.*
Bluephisto: Honey, you're crushing me...
The Fly: Oh, sorry baby!! *He relaxed his grip on her a little. She was smiling again and some of his fear subsided.*
Bluephisto: I'm fine.
The Fly: Okay, okay. *She stood on her toes and kissed him on the forehead before she turned to get a glass of water*
Bluephisto: Oh...A postcard came from Fishy today!
The Fly: No kidding! Where are they now?
Bluephisto: China, believe it or not.
The Fly: Wow...look out great wall...Fishy's gonna knock it over some how I just know it.
Bluephisto: *Laughing* Hey! She's not that clumsy! *She looks at the card on the table and laughs* Well, she did say that she broke a vase in a museum, but the wall is safe, I'm sure.
The Fly: Adam 'll keep her out of trouble.
Bluephisto: Yeah... *She drank her water, leaning against the counter. She hadn't seen Adam in what seemed like a very long time*
The Fly: No postcards from anyone else?
Bluephisto: Nope.
*Her mind wandered to Bona and Larry in Italy. They were probably having a great time. A part of her that she didn't quite remember missed Bona. She almost called her once late at night, but didn't dial the last number. They were due to end their trip any day now...*
The Fly: What're you thinking about gorgeous?
Bluephisto: Oh, just Bona and Larry. I wonder how he's coping with the whole devil thing.
The Fly: Lar's a tough bastard, he can take it. Man, once on stage, I accidently kicked the mic stand into the drum kit....he just kept going. Man of steel that guy, I paid for it after the set, but it was funny at the time. I laughed so hard I fucked up the song...but damn, that was funny...*He breaks from his memory and walks back to Bluephisto, smiling* You hungry?
Bluephisto: I could stand to eat something, yes.
The Fly: Well, in that case. Let me make you lunch!
Bluephisto: Really!?
The Fly: Yeah! *He picked up the phone and grinned at her ordered chinese food. He told her that he tried to cook once but that he burned his whole kitchen down and he hadn't dared to turn the oven on again since. He called his phone in the kitchen "the stove". As he talked on the phone, Bluephisto's thoughts wander from Bona and Larry to Macphisto. She was still angry at him of course, but she was worried...he never picked up his phone. Not once in two weeks. She had called, telling herself that she just wanted to make sure he was still there, that she would hang up when she heard him answer...but he never did. She wondered where he had gone. The Fly hung up and hugged her again, he just couldn't keep his hands off of her.*
The Fly: So...lunch will be here in fourty five minutes. *She smiled up at him innocently, as she slid her hands around his waist just above his boxers. She could feel him melt at her touch,*
Bluephisto: If only there was something we could do for forty-five minutes...
The Fly:*Breathlessly* If only... *He bent down to kiss her again and she scurried past him to the huge t.v. room, giggling*
*The Fly groaned and he hung his head back as he laughed and followed her into the comfortable room. She was sitting on the floor looking up at the television when he began to kiss her ankles and worked his way up her long legs. He unbuttoned the dress shirt and kissed up her torso and chest and neck and finally reached her lips, muffling her laughter with his lips...The poor delivery guy had to come back, twice.*

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*There hadn't been a sound from the room in two weeks. Bono hadn't moved from his post, and aside from the conversation with The Father, who had dissapeared long ago, the room was dead. The angel was worried...he knew that Macphisto was still alive, still breathing, but he wouldn't have known that had he not been an angel. Even for Macphisto, he was taking the news of Bluey's marriage hard.
The phone rang at least once everyday, and although it was within reach, Macphisto just stared at it, unwilling to answer. He would be crushed if it wasn't her, as he imagined it was, calling to apologize, to beg his forgiveness, to tell him how worried she was, and how unhappy she was without him...mind you, if she really felt that way, she would have come down here by now. At the same time, he didn't know if he could face her if he picked up and heard her voice.
The worst part was knowing that he hadn't slept with Bona, he had no intention of doing so for the first time in three thousand years. Part of him wished that he had, just so that he could feel guilty, blame himself, and then get over it...but the knowledge that he was actually innocent this time blistered his thoughts. At first, he didn't know who to blame... But now he was angry...at Bona. If it wasn't for her foolish, selfish lie, Bluey would still be here. It was hardly a rational explanation, but after being isolated in his grief for two weeks, it was the only way he could begin to wrap his mind around loosing the love of his life...for no reason.
There was a knock at the door. Bono had finally lost his patience.*

Bono: Mac...I know you're in there. Won't you come out for a while? *There was no answer* Mac, look...you've been in there alone for two weeks, you can't stay in there forever. *There was still no response. Bono paced for a second and ran his hand through his long hair before he stepped up to the door with some hard truth* Look. This is ridiculous. I know what you're doing. You're trying to stay in there until you feel better about all this but the truth is Mac that you're never going to feel better about this. Never. I can sense what you've been feeling, I know what happened and it breaks my heart too...but you can't wait for this feeling to just go away someday because it won't! I'm sorry, but it won't, so you might as well just come out here and at least talk to-
*The door creaked as it opened and Bono stopped in mid sentance as Macphisto looked out at him. He looked miserable, shadows pooled in his eyes and his mouth was a thin, bitter line. Bono softened and smiled at him carefully, at least he wasn't alone now.*
Macphisto: *In a raspy voice* You're right, you're right young man...*With slow hands he pulled a cigar out of his jacket and lit it, inhaling deeply and looking at the ground.* I suppose...you've been left behind to watch me, to make sure I don't do anything...rash is that it?
Bono: *He can not think of a way around the truth* Well, yes. I'm glad to see you're out.
*Macphisto shrugged non-commitally and walked down the hall slowly, still looking at the floor. Bono followed him as he went upstairs back to the ballroom, which was still arranged for the reception. He collapsed on a couch near the cold, dark fireplace and smoked with dull eyes.*
Bono: Hey, would you like a drink? *Macphisto didn't respond* Oookay, I'll just surprise you. *Bono wandered down to the wine cellar to find Macphisto a bottle of something to cheer him up a little. Macphisto looked at the couch he sat on. This was where she had met The Fly in the first place...he remembered her placing a drink on the table in front of him, standing by the fireplace beside him, and kissing The Fly to make him angry at the head table just a few feet away. Everything in this house had been turned into a monument to her...everything had ghosts. He sighed and found a bottle of scotch (probably one of The Fly's) under the couch and stood up, twisted the cap off and poured the liquor all over the priceless sofa. He threw the empty bottle into the dead fireplace, breaking it and lit a match, tossing it casually onto the scotch soaked couch...The sofa soon became an inferno that spread to the tables and the chairs beside it. Macphisto tilted his head and walked away from the blaze slowly, still looking at the ground. Bono returned and dropped the bottle of wine.*
Bono: MAC!!!! OH MY GOD!!! *His jaw dropped at the blaze behind the numb demon, and he waved his hand, extinguishing the flames. He shook his head at the charred, smoking furniture and stopped Mac in his tracks, almost shouting at him.*
Bono: What in God's name did you do?
Macphisto: I need to redecorate, excuse me.
Bono: No! Listen to me! *He took the demon by the arms and dragged him into his office, sitting him down at the desk and slamming the bottle of wine down in front of him* You have to stop feeling so damn sorry for yourself, yeah it's sad that she left, but nothing's impossible...
Macphisto: *Dully* Oh, I'm sorry Bono...I had no idea that the love of your life told you she hates you and then married another man just to spite you. No idea at all. Why don't you tell me that story? I'd love to hear it...
*The phone rang. Macphisto just looked at it. Bono picked the whole phone up and set it in front of him*
Bono: If you don't start answering your phone, I will and I'll just hand it to you. Your choice.
Macphisto: Fine, fine...
*Macphisto sighed and picked up the reciever...He swallowed, what if it was her?*
Macphisto: *Wearily*Hello?
Bona: Mackie! I've been trying to get a hold of you for days! How are- *CLICK*
*Macphisto slammed the reciever down, hanging up on her, fuming. He looked at Bono and shoved the phone away.*
Macphisto: I said I'd pick up, I didn't say I would talk.
*Bono rolled his eyes. He hated being this rough with someone in so much grief, but Macphisto really needed to get himself together. The phone rang again and Bono gestured to it. Macphisto sighed, it was probably Bona phoning back. He ripped the reciever from the cradle, angry*
Macphisto: What do you WANT!? *There was a gasp but no voice...he softened* Hello?..*All he could hear was breathing that turned into a quiet cough. His eyes widened* Bluey? Darling? Is that you? *The coughing continued and Macphisto stood up behind the desk, concerned...He heard the clatter of the phone being set on a counter or something, and The Fly's voice in the background, "Baby, are you okay? Who's on the phone?" ... the line went dead.* Hello? *Macphisto hung up the phone gently. He didn't know whether to smile or cry. She was sick, and she had called him...*

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LMAO I can't read this! The horn rubbing was enough!!!!!

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*Bluephisto hung the phone up, coughing. The Fly smoothed her chin length black hair from her face and held her as she coughed, covering her mouth with her hands.*
The Fly: Honey, you're scaring me...do you need a drink?
*She nodded and he quickly got her a glass of water, still warm from the tap. She accepted it and drank, the coughing calmed and she walked to the sink.*
The Fly: Baby...is everything alright?
Bluephisto: Yes...everything is fine, just fine sweetheart.
*He softened, he loved being called sweetheart. Unknownst to him, she was washing blood off of her palms. She coughed up blood this morning too, and rinsed it away, terrified...she just didn't want him to know. He was so happy. At least she knew Mackie was still alive, if he had killed himself because she left like she did, she wouldn't be able to live with the guilt. She knew he would never do anything so stupid, but she had begun to wonder when she called and called and he never picked up. If she hadn't started coughing, she was going to talk to him...just to say hello. When he said her name, her eyes teared up...she didn't expect that. The Fly wrapped his warm arms around her and kissed her cheek, all the blood was gone from her hands again.*
The Fly: Baby...maybe you should rest.
Bluephisto: I am a little tired, I think I'll just go take a nap.
*She turned slowly to face him, his blue eyes shone in the sunlight and he smiled mischeviously.*
The Fly: I'll crawl in with ya...I know you hate to sleep alone.
Bluephisto: I do?
The Fly: Oh. Right. That was before you forgot...yeah, you had nightmares when you slept alone, worked out good for me!
Bluephisto: Why did I have nightmares?
The Fly: *Lying* Hmmm, dunno baby. You never really told me.
Bluephisto: No?
The Fly: *Kissing her gently* No.
Bluephisto: Fly...do you think it had something to do with that "Screwtape" guy?
The Fly: *He scrambled for a cover, but couldn't think of anything* I dunno angel, maybe.
Bluephisto: Fly? Was I ever a devil?
The Fly: For a little while, yeah. You were a temptress for a bit.
Bluephisto: Like Larry?
The Fly: Yeah... but prettier.*She laughs* Lots prettier...I mean I never wanted to kiss Larry *He kisses Bluey* Or pick him up and carry him to bed *He bends down and picks his wife up in his arms and carries her upstairs, and tucks her in, lying beside her on top of the covers.* Hey, baby...who were you talking to on the phone?
Bluephisto: Wrong number.
The Fly: I didn't know the phone rang.
Bluephisto: I dialed the wrong number...
The Fly: Oh, okay...were you thinking of calling Bona?
Bluephisto: Yeah...yeah. *She kisses her husband on the nose and snuggles into his arms* Fly?
The Fly: Yeah babe?
Bluephisto: When I'm feeling better, maybe we could go to Italy...
The Fly: Oh yeah! We could go eat pizza and push the tower of Pisa all the way over!!! Hell, let's just- *He looked down, she was already sleeping in his arms, exhausted after a morning* Poor honey, you're so tired aren't you?
*The Fly smoothed Bluey's black hair and felt her breathing slow to a slumbering pace, his hand moved up and down as she inhaled and exhaled, like a boat moved on the waves of the ocean. He'd love to take her to Italy when she felt better...if she felt better. He stared at her flawless, bone white face...there was a fleck of red by her lip. He wiped it with his finger and it smeared in a sickeningly familliar way...it was blood. The Fly froze...Bluey was coughing up blood in the kitchen, and washed it off her hands. That was the real reason, he realized, that she wanted to honeymoon here...she was too sick to go anywhere else.*
The Fly:*Whispering and smoothing her hair with shaking hands as he begins to cry* Oh baby... why didn't you tell me? *Their honeymoon was over before it really even began*
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*Macphisto set the phone down gently*
Bono: It was her...
Macphisto: *Sitting down* Yes... *A million impulses flood through his previously numb brain...He wants to see her, he wants to move far away, he wants to hug Bono, he wants to cry...He sighs and rests his head in his hands*
Bono: What do you want to do?
Macphisto: I don't know...I don't know...
*He stands up from his desk and paces, lighting a cigar and looking out the window.* I know where she his...she's at his house.
Bono: You're not going there are you?
Macphisto: No...*He stopped pacing* No. No matter how many times she calls without speaking, she still married him, and she would never see me now. She's far too...*He looks at the floor* loyal.
*The word hangs in the air like the cigar smoke*
Bono: Do you want me to talk to her?
Macphisto: Can you sense her from here?
Bono: *Reluctantly* Yes.
Macphisto: *He leans against the window, peering out through the stained glass* What is she doing, right now?
Bono: Mac, I don't think I should -
Macphisto: *He turns and looks like he's about to cry* She was ill, she was... coughing on the phone, she couldn't even speak. *He turns back to the window and smokes deeply, sighing* Please, just tell me...
Bono: She's sleeping.
Macphisto: Sleeping?
Bono: Yes.
Macphisto: *His voice is barely a whisper* How sick is she?
Bono: She's going downhill pretty fast.
*Macphisto runs a shaking hand through his wavy black hair*
Macphisto: Tell me when she wakes up...
Bono: Sure.
*Macphisto stands like that, staring out the impossibly opaque fragments of the stained glass window in his office toward the ocean, for hours... facing her like a mecca that he dare not approach. Back in her bed, Bluephisto dreams of Macphisto standing at a window.*
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*Macphisto sighed and picked up the reciever...He swallowed, what if it was her?*
Macphisto: *Wearily* Hello?
Bona: Mackie! I've been trying to get a hold of you for days! How are- *CLICK*
*Bona slowly put the reciever down, jaw open in shock. She turned around slowly and Larry walked into the room*
Larry: What's wrong?
Bona: He hung up on me... I can't believe it...
Larry: Who hung up on you?
Bona: Mackie...
Larry: You called Mac?
Bona: Yeah... I had to apologize.
Larry: Apologize?
Bona: Lars, this is all my fault. Bluey's marriage, Mackie's depression, the whole bleedin' thing is my fault. If I hadn't been so rash when we were fighting...
*She starts to cry and Larry walks up to her, kissing her forehead and wrapping his arms around her, pulling her into his chest.*
Larry: No, no, no... this isn't your fault.
Bona: Yes it is...
*Hours later, Bona is rummaging through her closets.*
Larry: Lose something?
Bona: Yeah... I think I left some stuff at Mackie's. I'm going to look there, okay? Besides, I'm really worried about him and if I don't talk to him I won't be able to sleep tonight.
Larry: Okay, just be careful.
Bona: I will.
*She kisses him and leaves, heading for Mackie's place. When she arrives, she looks up and notices a set of curtains shut forcefully from an upstairs window. She sighs with guilt and starts making her way toward the front door when it opens and Bono steps out.*
Bono: *embracing her* Bona! Hi.
Bona: Hi, Bono. *she kisses him* How are you?
Bono: Worried...
Bona: That's why I came.
Bono: I don't think it's a good idea for you to see him right now...
Bona: I have to at least apologize. If I don't I won't be able to sleep... This is all my fault.
*She rushes inside and Bono turns to go after her. Bona runs up to MacPhisto's office and knocks.*
MacPhisto: Who's there?
Bona: Mackie, it's me.
MacPhisto: Get out.
Bona: Mac... please.
MacPhisto: Get the fuck out.
Bona: Mackie... I want to tell you that I'm sorry...
*A pause and then the door opens. MacPhisto is trembling and he lights a cigar, blowing the smoke into her face.*
MacPhisto: Oh. You're sorry?! That's nice. You ruin my life and now you're sorry.
Bona: Mackie, I was rash. I said what I said because I was upset and Larry was---
MacPhisto: Suddenly you're concerned about Larry? *sarcastically* I thought you were sleeping with me.
Bona: That's not what I said, Mac.
MacPhisto: Then what did you say?
Bona: Larry and I were arguing. He told me that his being a devil was all my fault and that if he never met me he wouldn't be going through this... so I told him that if I hadn't met him I'd still be able to say that I was sleeping with you...
MacPhisto: Trying to make your own husband jealous.
Bona: Yes. I was out of control...
MacPhisto: I see.
Bona: Mackie, this is all my fault.
MacPhisto: Finally we agree on something.
*There is a pause when tears start to stream down Bona's face and she sits. She looks up and sees MacPhisto pounding a bottle of Jack Daniels Whiskey. He finishes the bottle and reaches for another.*
Bona: My God, Mackie... she really hurt you didn't she?
MacPhisto: I've never felt pain like this before.
Bona: Worse than even Hell?
MacPhisto: Unimaginably. The Father won what he wanted.
Bona: But you and I... we never...
MacPhisto: *shouting* THAT'S WHAT'S KILLING ME!!! I didn't do anything!!
Bona: Mac, she hates me as much as she hates you. Being hated for no reason---
MacPhisto: You never loved her.
Bona: She was my best friend!
MacPhisto: You didn't love her like I did. Bona... for once I was innocent. For the first time in three-thousand years I'm innocent and she walks out on me, marrying HIM just to spite me.
Bona: Mr. MacPhisto, I'm sorry. Please forgive me... I'm sorry...
MacPhisto: For the first time in three thousand years I had no intention of even touching you. Now I wish I had fucked you just so I could feel guilty and get over it... but she hates me now. And I'm innocent.
*MacPhisto sits on the couch next to Bona and sobs hard. Bona had never seen him like this.*
Bona: *noting the wrinkled suit and the smell* Mackie, have you even changed your clothes in these past 3 weeks?
MacPhisto: No. I've had no reason to.
Bona: My God, Mackie...
*She starts to rub his back and hands him a tissue. He accepts and makes no effort to move away from her consoling gestures.*
Bona: I'm so sorry, Mac.
MacPhisto: *after a pause and a sigh* Consider yourself forgiven.
Bona: You mean that?
MacPhisto: Yes. I mean it. The worst part of it is that she's dying...
Bona: I know, darling. I know.
MacPhisto: ...and I don't know that I'll ever see her again.
Bona: You will...
*Bona sat with him, talking and consoling him for hours, though he was so shaken her efforts seemed wasted. Finally, she rose and gave him a kiss on the cheek. Upon exiting the room, she spotted Bono*
Bona: Bono...
*He turned and Bona approached him. He'd forgotten how beautiful she was... He sensed her worry over MacPhisto and unable to stop himself, took her into his arms.*
Bono: I'll take care of him, I promise.
Bona: Please do...
Bono: So is everything taken care of?
Bona: Yes, I believe MacPhisto and I are on good terms again...
Bono: That's good.
Bona: I can't believe Bluey did this to him!! And for no reason!!
Bona: *in efforts to sidetrack her anger he changes the subject.* How have you been feeling?
Bona: Okay... getting more tired, the appitite's increasing.
Bono: I bet...
Joshua: Bono!!
Bono: Hi, Josh.
Joshua: That guy in there... will he get better?
Bono: I don't know, Josh.
Joshua: Will you take care of him?
Bono: Yes.
Joshua: Good...
Bona: Well I should get back home before Larry starts to wonder. He's getting more and more cynical and suspicious lately...
Bono: It's starting to take hold of him then?
Bona: Yes. But he refuses to be healed until he can't hear the baby anymore.
Bono: What a dedicated father...
Bona: I suppose I'm lucky there, right?
Bono: You bet. You should get back.
Bona: Yes. Take care of Mackie, Bono.
Bono: I will.
*He walks her out to her car and gives her a kiss on the cheek, letting it linger a bit longer than it needs to and she pulls away, getting into her car. She waves as she pulls out and Bono stands on the front stoop, watching until she disappears and heading back into the house, wondering why his love was starting to resurface.*

*The next morning, Larry is in the kitchen and the phone rings.*
Larry: *picking up* Hello?...Yes, she's right here.
*He hands the reciever to Bona.*
Bona: Hello?... *her face falls and hardens* Hi, Bluey...
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*Bluephisto wakes up slowly alone and walks down to the kitchen, where her husband stands, fully dressed in his leather and shades, staring at the ocean.*
Bluephisto: Fly?
The Fly: *Turning, but not hugging her. He is more serious than usual.*Hey, baby...how are you feeling?
Bluephisto: *Smiling* Okay...wow, how long was I out for?
The Fly: A couple of hours, beautiful...*He plays with the strands of hair around her face for a second and then clasps her to him. His unsmiling face worries her.*
Bluephisto: Fly, what's wrong? *He doesn't answer her right away, he just holds her and puts his head on her thin shoulder.*
The Fly: Baby...why'd you lie to me?
*Bluephisto closes her eyes and rests her head against his chest...He knows about the phone call*
Bluephisto: I'm sorry.
The Fly: How long has it been going on?
Bluephisto: Since we got here, about once a day.
The Fly: What!? *He takes her by the arms gently looks down at her shocked...She's been coughing up blood for two weeks!?* Why didn't you tell me!?
Bluephisto: I didn't think you'd understand, I'm really sorry, I didn't think it was a big deal!
The Fly: Bluey, baby! I can't think of a bigger deal! Sugar...I didn't think it would happen so soon.
Bluephisto: *Guilty*I just wanted to make sure that he was okay.
The Fly: *Confused* What?
Bluephisto: I thought maybe he'd killed himself or something awful and it was eating me up just thinking about it so I started to call just to check up on him.
The Fly: Bluey, baby, what are you talking about?
Bluephisto: *Bewildered* Calling Mackie- I mean, Macphisto...What are you talking about?
The Fly: The fact that you've been coughing up blood and hiding it from me.*There is a heavy silence between them* You called him? For two weeks?
Bluephisto: Yes, but he never picked up until today and I hung up without saying anything. *The Fly steps towards her and she can't read his face behind the glasses. She speaks quickly, flustered* You know I don't want to see him, you know that! I just... I felt guilty, and responsible. I thought maybe he had gone and *She gestures sadly, choked up* killed himself and I just wanted to know that he wasn't dead! That's all. I promise...I just didn't tell you because I was afraid you'd misunderstand and...
The Fly: Okay, whatever, how long have you been coughing up blood?
Bluephisto: *Startled* Only today, just this morning.
The Fly: Are you serious baby? Just today?
Bluephisto: Yes...I didn't want to talk about it. I'm sorry. *He takes his shades off, and looks at her earestly with startling blue eyes, searching for any deception. She's never been looked at like this before and she realizes how horrible it is to lose someone's trust.* Fly, I'm not lying, I swear! Just today, this morning, I didn't know how to tell you...I didn't want to show you my hands, they were disgusting. *He looks at her hard*
The Fly: Baby...You can call whoever the Hell you want. I mean, fine, go ahead go see him yourself if you want to, if it would make you feel better. I really don't care. But *He clenches his famous jaw and gestures with his shades* don't lie to me about coughing up blood! Damn! You have no idea how scared I was, how fucking terrified I was when I thought your lungs were tearing up since we got here...*He tosses his shades on the counter and cradles her narrow chin in his large hands* Baby, lie to me. Go ahead. Lie to me about Mac, about what you're thinking, about how I look or what I sound like, but don't...don't lie to me about how long you're going to be around.
Bluephisto: *Her eyes are stung with tears* Okay. I'm sorry. I promise. *He can't help it, he starts to cry. She stands on her toes and kisses his face immediately, holding him close to her and rubbing his back* Honey, it will be okay...I promise, don't cry.
The Fly: How is it going to be fucking okay?
Bluephisto: I don't know.
The Fly: I love you baby, I just want to keep you as long as I can.
*They stand like that, holding each other in the kitchen for a long time. She can feel his tears on her shoulder. Bluephisto searches her brain for something to do...anything to distract him from thinking about her.*
Bluephisto: Hey, hey...Fly. Sweetheart.
The Fly: Yeah baby?
Bluephisto: *She straightens him up and smiles at him, wiping his tears off with her hand* I think it's my turn to show you something fun, okay?
The Fly: *Sniffling, but smiling a little* Okay...
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*Bluephisto holds the large kitchen knife between her fingers gingerly and then hurls it at the wall. The blade rips through the centre of the dart board on the other side of the garage, almost cutting it in half.
The Fly: Baby...that was the coolest thing I've ever seen!
Bluephisto Well, actually...it was a little heavy, it should have landed an inch up...I must be losing my touch.
The Fly: Do it again!
Bluephisto: *She takes another Ginsu knife and plants it an inch above the previous on* Ah, better. *The Fly takes his shades off, amazed.* Do you want to learn?
The Fly:Ummm, YEAH! Sign me up!
*Bluephisto removes the two knives and walks back, dropping one back into the block. She stands behind her husband and shows him how to hold it properly*
Bluephisto: There, like this yeah...Oh, no honey, you'll cut yourself like that. Hold it like this...right. Okay, I'll do it once with you, just let me move your arm and fingers okay?
*He nods and she throws the knife. It buries itself in the centre of the board about 100 feet away. The Fly's eyes widen and he mutters with a smile...*
The Fly: I have the coolest wife EVER!
Bluephisto: Okay, you keep throwing and I'm going to go make a call.
The Fly: Oh really?
Bluephisto: No, no. I'm calling Bona. It's about time I talked to her.
The Fly: Okay baby...good idea. You two should straighten things out, you used to be close.
Bluephisto: Yeah, we'll see. Keep throwing.
*She walks to the phone, taking a deep breath before she dials. She can hear knives clattering to the ground in the garage and The Fly swearing, and she smiles a little to herself. Larry picks up after two rings.*
Larry: Hello?
Bluephisto: Hi Larry. It's Bluey. Is Bona around?
Larry: Yes, she's right here.
*She hears the reciever being handed to Bona*
Bluephisto: Hi Bona it's me...Hi...Look, I've been thinking that I was a little hasty that night and I didn't listen to you at all, and I was rude. I'm sorry. I can't remember much, but I would like to talk to you and...Oh, you saw him? *Bluey's hands start to shake a little* When?...really? Oh, I see...*She starts to pour a glass of water, her mouth has gone suddenly very dry* Bona, *Bluey's voice starts to shake* how is he...doing?*Her eyes widen as Bona launches into an all out verbal attack on her* But...Bona! Bona, listen...I had EVERY reason to! He ... fine... fine... why DID you say it then?...*Bluey freezes*What? Bona! WHAT!?...Bona, don't hang up...Are you making this up?...No, I'm SORRY...Fine. Fine....*The phone goes dead, Bona hung up on her. Bluey locks the reciever back into the cradle, standing in her kitchen, shaking like a leaf. With unsteady trembling hands, she drinks her water...Bona had to be lying...if she wasn't then that meant that...that...Oh God.*Bluey walked slowly towards the window away from the sea, looking out towards where Macphisto's mansion would be if she could see so far. She stands, wavering, stunned in her black slip and leans against the glass. It began to rain outside and the sound of knives falling to the ground echoed up through the garage. She rested her head on the glass and began to cry.*
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*Bona slams down the phone and rises from the table.*
Larry: Was that really necessary?
Bona: Lar, Mackie's one of my best friends. Do you realize how much it hurts me to see him like this?
Larry: Yes, but...
Bona: And you'd be the same way if it were me.
*Larry sighs*
Larry: I just think maybe you were a bit hard on her. She did call to apologize after all.
*Bona sinks back down into the chair and starts to weep. Larry sits next to her.*
Larry: It's alright...
Bona: What's happening to me? I'm becoming a complete---
Larry: You're pregnant. Everything's more dramatic, that's only natural.
Bona: I really shouldn't have...
Larry: You thought she deserved it.
Bona: She did...
*Later that night, Larry picks up the phone.*
Larry: Hello, Fly?... I'm fine, how are you doing?... Really?... I'm sorry to hear that... Well with that in mind, something has to be done about this... Yeah, well... I can't just let them go on hating each other...
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*Bluephisto stands by the window, Bona's words still ringing in her head as she watches the morning rain spill down the glass*
Bluephisto:*Thinking to herself*No...no. Bona was just lying again. She has to be. I did the right thing, he deserved it, I wasn't going to let him break my heart over and over!*She bites her lip and considers a frightening possibility seriously for the first time*...But what if she's not lying? What if they really didn't sleep together?*Bluephisto dimly remembers Larry protesting in the hallway that fateful night that Bona didn't say that she and Mackie were sleeping together*...why would Larry lie?* It all falls into place now, Bona's insistence, Larry's corroberation, Macphisto's utter confusion...She sits in a black leather chair and whispers to her reflection in the weeping glass* Oh...God, he was innocent, wasn't he? *Thunder rumbled in reply. Bluephisto sat in the chair for a moment, her head began to ache as she remembered Bona's description of Macphisto's devestated state.*This is all my fault.*She jumped to her feet and ran upstairs, looking for something to wear. She ripped a small pair of The Fly's leather pants out of a drawer and a dress shirt and ran downstairs as she buttoned the shirt and wiped the tears off of her face. She slowed her pace just before the garage and took a deep breath before entering. Her husband turned and smiled at her beneath his glasses, gesturing proudly at one steak knife dangling sickly from the board in the wall*
The Fly: Hey, look! I CAN be taught! *The floor was strewn with failed, bent knives. He laughed,* Guess I still need some practice huh? Hey...why're ya dressed sugar? *He smirks and runs a hand down her side* I liked the slip!
Bluephisto: I bet you did! *She kissed her husband warmly. Marrying him was no mistake...she loved him dearly.* I just feel like going out for a while, maybe taking a drive. I want to get a postcard to send to Fishy and Adam, you know, just catch up on things I should have done a while ago. *The Fly pretends to pout and smiles. Knife throwing has put him in a cheerful, locquacious mood and he blabbles on at a mile a minute.*
The Fly: Do ya mean to say that after 3 weeks of being around me twenty four hours a day, you want time alone!? How dare you! I thought ya loved me baby! *He laughs* I'm actually just amazed you haven't divorced me by now, honeychild! Sometimes I can't stand me for a day straight, and here you are doing it willingly... does you family have a history of the crazies?? Or are you just into self inflicted pain?...cause I'm into leather...R-r-r-r-r-row! *She laughs and kisses him again, laughing at him like this, she looks healthier than she has in a while which makes him smile even more.*
Bluephisto: Neither, you silly boy...we'll talk about the leather later. *She grabs a set of keys to a jaguar from the wall* I'll be back in a little while, I promise.
The Fly: Alright, baby...just promise not to drive like me, okay? I don't think the world could handle it.
Bluephisto: I promise. I love you. *She climbs into the car and opens the garage door, waving at The Fly who runs after the car as she drives away, yelling and laughing...*
The Fly: Don't forget me babaaaaay! WOOOOOO!THAT BABE IN THE CAR IS MYYYY WIFE!!! YEAH!!!
*He watched her drive into the rain and stood there smiling. It was good for her to get out for a little while and besides, it gave him time to prepare a surprise for her...He half ran, half danced back inside the house.*

*Bluephisto sped down the highway, the rain on the windshield bringing somber thoughts back to her mind...She couldn't just let him do this to himself, it was too cruel. She had to find out for herself what had happened. The windsheild wipers became a metronome for the song blaring from the Fly's perpetually loud radio...*
The circus is fallin'down on it's knees,
the big top is crumbling down.
It's raining in Balitmore fifty miles east,
where you should be, no one's around.
I need a phone call,
I need a raincoat,
I need a big love,
I need a phone call...

*She replays that last night in her head...The overheard fight, running off with The Fly to a small chapel, returning, Bona's protests, and...the most of all...the look on Macphisto's face when he realized what she had done. That was not the look of a guilty man being caught...it was the look of an innocent man hearing his death sentance. She replays it again and again: the words, the revenge, the look on his face. The words, the revenge, the look on his face, the look on his face. The song continues..*
There's things I remember,
Things I forget,
I miss you, I guess that I should.
Three thousand five hundred miles away,
what would you change if you could?

*When she finally arrives at the end of the long private road, she discovers that the gates have been left carelessly open and she drives through it, up to the door. None of the curtains move an inch at her arrival. She shuts the car off and climbs out. The rain is coming down so hard that she is soaked by the time she reaches the door and knocks. Bono opens the door, looking as surprised as an angel can to see her there in the rain.*
Bluephisto: Bono...hi.
Bono: Hi...*He blinks a couple of times. Even in the three weeks that have passed, she has grown thinner and paler than she was. She is wrapped in a large black leather coat ... covering what are obviously The Fly's clothes, the cuffs of the pants and shirt are rolled up to reveal fragile looking ankles and wrists. Her marvellous eyes are red, she has evidently been crying recently and she shivers in the downpour.* Come in. *Bono takes her coat and hugs her warmly, noting that she has lost a lot of strength.*
Bluephisto: *Looking around and keeping her voice down to a whisper* Bona called me. *Bono could sense her guilt and concern* How is he?
Bono: He's...been quite upset.
Bluephisto: I came, I have to talk to him...I think I made a mistake. *He nods slowly* You know?
Bono:*Gently* Yes. He's not lying. He didn't sleep with her, he had no intention of sleeping with her. *Bluephisto wavers as though she may fall and Bono wraps an arm around her, to steady her.*
Bluephisto: Oh God...*She rakes a hand through her wet black hair and looks around again* I have to see him.
Bono: Well, he's asleep right now.
Bluephisto: Asleep!?
Bono: Yes. He was exhausted, so I put him to sleep for a while. A few days at least. He's out like a light right now.
Bluephisto: He was that bad was he?
Bono: I can't keep up with him. I'm repairing the bloody house as fast as he's destroying it. *Her face darkens*.
Bluephisto: Can I see him?
Bono: Oh, I dunno if you should...
Bluephisto: Please, Bono. I need to straighten this out with him. Today. I don't want him to get any worse because of ...me.
Bono: Alright, follow me.
*He leads her through the main hallway. She is shocked by the sheer volume of empty liquor bottles strewn about.*
Bluephisto: Where are all the servants?
Bono: He fired everyone after you left. Everyone. He didn't even want me to stay.
*He opens a door onto a dark bedroom. More liquor bottles lay gutted on the carpet, the velvet drapes are pulled so tightly closed that she has trouble finding the bed in the gloom until Bono lights a candle on the wall above the bed. Macphisto lies sleeping under the dark covers...he looks aweful. His black hair is dishevled, his clothes are wrinkled, and there are still fresh tear tracks through his makeup. One hand is closed around the neck of an empty bottle of scotch. Bluephisto walks slowly to the bed, horrified. She looks at Bono, shocked.*
Bono: He looks better right now than he has in a while actually...don't worry. You could shoot him with a gun right now and he wouldn't wake up...he's out. He won't wake up until I wake him, and he won't remember a thing.
*She sits gingerly on the edge of the bed, examining his wrinkled suit that he's been wearing since she left, and his dark puffy eyes*
Bluephisto: Oh...darling. *She starts to cry and touches the shoulder of his suit lightly* look what I've done to you. *She pushes a lock of black hair off of his unconscious forehead, wiping her tears away with her other hand* Oh, Bono...I had no...I didn't think he'd be this..What have I done?
Bono: Bluey...it's okay.
Bluephisto: No...it's not okay Bono. Look at him. God. He must hate me.
Bono: No. All he's talked about is how much he wants to see you again, he's afraid you'll die before he -
*Bluephisto can't hold her tears back at this and she buries her face into the pillow next to Macphisto, sobbing. Bono is concerned and touches her shoulder, trying to comfort her, but she pushes him away. Bluey lies on the bed next to the wrecked Macphisto, staring at his sad face and smoothing his dark hair for a while. Finally, she sighs...*
Bluephisto: Bono, don't ever tell him I came.
Bono: But he wants to see you more than-
Bluephisto: I know, but...LOOK! Look what's happened to him since he met me. I can't put him through this any more. He can never see me again...besides, I'm married. Married. What could I do that would ever make him happy again? Nothing. Seeing me would just make him unhappier than he is... I wonder if I ever really made him happy at all, or if I just damaged him like this.
Bono: Bluey, he loves you so much...
*Bluey starts to cry again.*
Bluephisto: I know...And I've been so stupid. *She touches his cheek lightly* I can't keep hurting him everytime he sees me, I won't. It's better if he just forgets me.
Bono: Bluey...
Bluephisto: Bono, please. Just promise you won't tell him I came here, I shouldn't have come. Jesus...I'm MARRIED now. Do you really think seeing me with this ring on my finger would make him happy?
Bono: Okay. Okay fine. I won't bring it up.
Bluephisto: Thank you, I'm sorry Bono.
Bono: It's alright.
*Bluephisto just lays there for a while, looking at poor Macphisto. She gently takes the liquor bottle from him and kisses him on the forehead, crying. Her tears fall in his hair.*
Bluephisto: I'm so sorry Mackie...I'm so sorry. *She kisses his cheek and walks out crying. Bono walks her to her car and hugs her before she climbs in, at this point, she barely looks better than Macphisto himself.*
Bluephisto: Please take care of him for me... I should just stay away from him for now on.
Bono: Well... maybe that's best for the time being. Take care of yourself Bluey, please.
Bluephisto: Yeah...yeah...I will. Thanks Bono.
Bono: Anytime.
*She closes the door and drives away, wiping the tears off as she speeds back to her house, stopping only to buy a few postcards to send to Fishy and Adam. When she arrives she has made herself calmer and no one can tell she's been crying, not even The Fly who meets her at the door with a smile.*
The Fly: Baaaaaby! You made it home!
*She throws her arms around him and kisses him many times, grateful to be home with him. Everything here is so simple and warm, it makes the darkness and gloom of the mansion seem like a nightmare.*
Bluephisto: I love you so much.
The Fly: Yeah...who could blame ya? I mean LOOK at me baby! *He looks at her with a smirk* Hey, I got a surprise for you.
Bluephisto: *Feeling very unworthy of a surprise right now* Oh, really? For me? I don't deserve one...
The Fly: Awww, sure you do. You're a sweet girl, I've always thought so....*He takes her hand in one of his and covers her eyes with his other hand, leading her upstairs. Soon she steps up and feels dirt under her feet. The Fly removes his hand from her eyes and she gasps...He cleared out his library and has covered the entire floor with two feet of dirt. The room is lit up like noon in July by many lamps and spotlights, and strawberry plants grow from the fresh soil. Some of the plants already bear fruit. Lining the walls are many sculptures of angels, large, small and of all possible mediums. She looks around, stunned*
Bluephisto: Fly! What did you do!?
The Fly: Well, you love strawberries, remember? You said once that you could eat an entire garden of them and the weather here is too crappy to grow them...so I made you one in here.
*She looks around, smiling and speechless*
Bluephisto: You covered your library in dirt!?
The Fly: Well, I wasn't using it that much.
Bluephisto: And the angels!
The Fly: Yeah...I've been ordering them for a while, since I met you. They reminded me of you and now I thought they could remind you of where you came from...*He takes his glasses off and hugs her from behind, kissing her cheek. She is still speechless.* Do ya like it baby? *She turns and kisses him for a long long time, all her previous anxiety dissolving like snow in a warm rain*
Bluephisto: Thank you...it was just what I needed.

*Several days later, Macphisto wakes up at the Mansion with no idea Bluephisto had ever returned*

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*Bluephisto sat at her kitchen table the next morning, wearing a large white robe. She held Fishy's postcard in one hand and a pen in the other. She was glad Fishy was so happy with Adam, it was nice to see one Angel-Phisto romance work out...but she never had any doubts about those two, Fishy was a very sweet girl and a good friend.She tapped the pen on the glass table, smiling...maybe those two would get married someday, she'd love to be the bridesmaid for that one. The pen stopped tapping, she realized that unless they got married in the next couple of months...she wouldn't be around to see it. She felt a warm, wet, stubbly kiss on her neck...*
The Fly: Hey there gorgeous...you come here often?
Bluephisto: *Smiling and playing along* No, sorry...I try to stay out of rock star kitchens...you know what raging prima donnas they can be. Especially those Irish ones...terrible.
The Fly: *leaning on a small leapord print kitchen chair, trying to look suave in pajama pants and stubble...and succeeding to an unnerving degree* Well, I have to say...you're the prettiest girl I've had in here for a couple of days. *He winks at her*You wanna go upstairs baby?
Bluephisto: Sorry. I'm married...
*The Fly clutches his heart and keels over in mock anguish, smiling...He spills a cup of coffee all over the table in the process and falls off of the table at her feet.*
The Fly: Look at me, I'm at your feet baby! Wanna marry me?
Bluephisto: *She smiles warmly, pushing her hair behind her ears and looks down at the silly rock star on the kitchen floor* Sure, why not? I've got nothing better to do today. *He reaches up and pulls her out of her chair on top of him on the kitchen floor, holding her close to him. He talks to her like this is the world's most normal way to have a conversation in the morning*
The Fly: So, you have no plans for today?
Bluephisto: No...not so far. Why?
The Fly: I thought maybe we could go in the boat for a while.
Bluephisto: You have a boat!?
The Fly: Yeah...just a little yacht. I kinda forgot about it, but I saw it this morning and thought that we could take a drive in it.
Bluephisto: Can you drive a boat?
The Fly: Yeah baby, I've done it lots!
Bluephisto: No no, I mean...don't you sail a boat?
The Fly: Sail, drive...whatever grammar girl! So, you wanna?
Bluephisto: *She smiles down at him from her place on his chest* Yes! I'd love to. *Her eyes narrow mischeviously and she runs a finger across the cleft in his chin*I don't think I've ever really driven a boat before...
The Fly: Woman! If I had known that you'd be such a smart ass ... I would have married you sooner! *He kisses her playfully and looks up at her pale face* Hey, I was thinking...Bona and Larry are back right?
Bluephisto: Yes.
The Fly: Well, maybe we could give 'em a call, bring 'em along or something... Larry's all sort of fun on a boat, he hates water, can't swim at ALL...*He laughs* it's like having a large, pissy house cat on a boat!
Bluephisto: I don't think so.
The Fly: You and Bona not gettin' along?
Bluephisto: *Her pale forehead creases as she frowns* No. She screamed at me on the phone for fifteen minutes yesterday morning.
The Fly: She yelled at you?
Bluephisto: Yes...she called me a selfish bitch and then blamed everything on me.
The Fly: Oh... No kidding baby. That's pretty harsh. But, she's pregnant and all crazy right now. *He smiles* She'd have to be crazy to say that to you. *Bluephisto smiles back a little*. She's having mood swings and is probably dying to see you right now, and you know how she is normally, I mean can you imagine when she's all loopy on hormones and shit...Larry, that poor bastard.
Bluephisto: I know... I just don't feel like seeing her, right now...if ever again. *She looks into his eyes shyly* You don't think I'm selfish?
The Fly: *His brilliant blue eyes crinkle as he smiles up at her sombre, pretty face* Awww, baby ...not a chance in the world...like I said, she's Anne-Heche-loco right now, the only reason I said anything at all was Larry phoned me last night, and he was worried about her and you and her being all psycho-preggers and all. That's all...we don't have to see them ever again.
*She's keeping it in, but he can tell from her clenched jaw and averted eyes that she's really angry with Bona, he had no idea that Bona had yelled at her. He strokes her cheek with his hand, and sighs...he still can't believe his luck. Her dark hair brushes his bare chest as she gazes out the large window at the unusually calm sea and he kisses the top of her head...after all she's done for Bona, often putting herself in harm's way...he can't believe she called her selfish. Some people.*
Bluephisto: Fly?
The Fly: Yeah baby?
Bluephisto: I'm really happy here.
The Fly: Good... I have that and my little red wagon.
*She rests her face against his chest, listening to his heart. They lie like that, quiet and happy until the phone rings. The Fly groans, kissing her and they get up slowly. He answers, it's Larry and he takes the phone into the other room. She can hear him talk as he leaves.*
The Fly: Hey Larry...yeah, well I don't think so..*He closes a door and Bluephisto looks back at the table. The postcards she bought to send to Fishy are now warped pieces of fibre floating in a pool of sugary coffee. She smiles and wipes the mess up, as she wrings the cloth out she notices that her wedding ring now hangs from her thin finger. Despite their "all take-out" diet, Bluephisto was losing weight with alarming speed. She'd have to get her ring resized if she didn't want it to fall off and get lost, but she was too tired to do it right now. She twisted her ring and pulled a yellow pad of paper and a black pen from one of the chaotically cluttered drawers and begins to write a letter to Fishy and Adam, congratulating them on their trip and teasing Fishy about the Great Wall, she wanted to write that she was feeling fine...but she couldn't lie to Adam, and she didn't want to worry them on their vacation. She was just finishing the letter when it happened again. She began to cough. It was hard to breathe at all. She gripped the counter top. She couldn't breathe. Blood seeped between her fingers. Things started to go purple. Her eyes hurt. She fell.*

*The Fly was just saying goodbye to Larry. They had talked for a surprisingly long time, probably half an hour...mind you, The Fly did most of the talking.*
The Fly: Yeah, well...Just give them time. Maybe after the baby's born and all ... I'll tell her Bona's sorry. Sure thing. Well, you take care Miss Larry. Yeah, yeah, whatever. Okay...bye.
*He hung up and walked back into the kitchen...Bluephisto must be upstairs changing into something warmer. The table was cleaned off, his cup still held some coffee. He noticed a yellow pad full of writing and he pulled it towards him, setting his mug on the corner of it as he read it. It was a letter to Fishy. He smiled and grabbed a blue pen, adding his own comments at the bottom and an apology for leaving a coffee ring. He chuckled and drew a little angel and a fish and a heart...those crazy lovebirds. As he set the pen down, he noticed bloody finger prints smeared on the opposite edge of the granite. He froze and his heart jumped. He looked around, full of dread,*
*Just on the other side of the counter, she lay there unconscious and pale, a pen lying near her limp hand.*Oh Fuck! *He jumped over the counter and crouched down, scooping her up in his arms. She was barely breathing, and not waking up. He carried her to the couch and laid her there, desperately trying to wake her up*
The Fly: Baby...baby wake up. Bluey... Bluephisto...Honey...wake up!!! WAKE UP HONEY!!!*She must have been coughing again and he didn't hear her, he started to panic and shook her a little* BLUEY!!! WAKE UP!!! *She remained limp and he swore, racing to the phone. The ambulance was there in five minutes and she was whisked to the hospital...he sat beside her all the way, crying into his hands. If he had just stayed out there with her, maybe she'd be alright. The paramedics pushed her out into the hospital on a stretcher as receptionists asked him all sorts of questions about insurance...he made a lot up and followed her into a little room where they sat for hours. The doctors did tests and talked excitedly, this was unlike any cancer they had ever seen, it was deadlier, faster... She didn't wake up until the next morning in a hospital bed with all sorts of tubes sticking in her veins. The Fly was sleeping in a chair with his head on her bed, his face was wet with tears in the harsh light of the ward. She brushed his hair with her fingers,*
Bluephisto: Fly? *He stirred and sat up, sighing with relief that she was awake again.*
The Fly: Honey...*He moved towards her, sitting on the bed. and kissing her forehead and cheeks and dry lips.* Oh baby...Oh my God.
Bluephisto: What happened?
The Fly: You were passed out in the kitchen. I called an ambulance. You're in a hospital. How are you feeling?
Bluephisto: I feel fine. Much better. *She had never seen The Fly look so exhausted. He must have stayed up all night worrying.*
The Fly: Do you feel well enough to go home?
Bluephisto: Yes...I doubt they can do anything for me here anyway.
The Fly: Yeah, they were puzzled. Actually, I think we should get out of here before they decide to keep you for good.
Bluephisto: Sounds good. Where are my clothes?
*The Fly hands her a bag*
The Fly: I had Bono bring some over...you were just wearing your slip when you came here.
Bluephisto: Bono came here?
The Fly: Yeah, he actually walked in right after you got here...that angel thing must have told him what was happening. He brought you some of your old clothes...Well, tell you what...I'll just go call us a cab and you can get dressed okay?
Bluephisto: Okay..*He kisses her many times and walks wearily to a payphone in the white hall, calling a cab. She dresses quickly in a short blue dress, far too elegant for a hospital and takes the needles from her arms, grimacing. She stands unsteadily, meets her worried husband in the hallway, and they sneak out of the hospital to their waiting cab. He holds her in his arms and they say nothing during the long ride home. When they get back to the large glass house, it's raining. He gives her his jacket and carries her across the threshold again...she's asleep already. He climbs the stairs and puts her in bed...the doctors at the hospital scared him. They gathered together and informed him as he sat by her bed last night that his wife will die in the next few months. There was nothing to be done. He sat there staring at her for a long time and then walked downstairs, picked up the phone and dialed Larry's number.*
The Fly: Hey Lar...hi...*He stood in the kitchen alone, her bloody fingerprints were still smeared on the counter.* I...uhhh..Bluey collapsed and we, we went to the hospital and they all said that she was going to...Yeah.*He sat on the floor, staring out the window at the dark sea* What? No...I'm not okay.

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*Larry enters his living room to see his wife turn around. He looks deep into her eyes and is horrified to see that they have changed from their ethereal grey-blue to a frightening shade of blood red. She gives him an evil smile and he looks down toward her belly... where's the baby? What happened to her 6 month pregnant figure? She starts to charge at him and Larry screams and shoots straight up in his bed, screaming and sweating and hearing his wife's soothing voice in his ear.*
Bona: Larry!! Shh... relax baby. Just a nightmare. It was just a nightmare.
*She rubs his back and he cringes.*
Bona: What's wrong?
Larry: The rape... I don't know but just don't touch me right now.
Bona: Breathe baby... it's okay.
*Larry takes a few deep breaths and turns to Bona, lifting the covers and placing a hand on her belly, relieved to find her full 6 month pregnant belly still there. He looks up into her eyes and finds the ethereal grey-blue present. He sighs and kisses her deeply*
Bona: Same dream?
Larry: Yeah. *kiss* Same one.
Joshua: Daddy, are you okay?
Larry: Yeah, Joshua. I'm okay.
Joshua: You had another bad dream.
Larry: I'm glad that's over now.
Joshua: I wish I was with you so I could protect you...
Larry: *chuckle* Thanks, Josh.
*Larry buries his face into Bona's shoulder and she lays back down, pulling him with her. He fell back asleep quickly, but Bona lay awake, worried dreadfully about her husband. His nightmares were increasing lately, getting more and more intense. With each one he awoke more and more shaken. Then there was another issue... the flashbacks. Just last night he couldn't finish their lovemaking... the flashback was too intense. Larry's rape was distancing him more and more lately...*

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*Macphisto is still in mourning. Bona and Bono do everything they can to cheer him up, but instead of getting better with time as they would expect, he seems to sink lower and lower into a state of grief, so sad he can't see straight, his eyes glazed over. Bono has never felt so helpless...nothing seems to work. Macphisto seems to be dying from the inside out, everyday he dims a little more until he seems like a shadow of his former self. Lately, Bono has even had to remind him to keep drinking enough liquor... he is so used to seeing Macphisto with a bottle of some kind in his hand that it disturbs him to see him without it. Bona confronted Bono, asking if it was wise of him to make Macphisto drink more and Bono replied that Mackie needed a hobby, and drinking was his hobby. Bona had to agree, at least when Mackie was drinking all the time, he laughed sometimes...mind you he would also cry quite a bit when he drank, but it was better than seeing him when he was numb. Lately, the only way she could keep his attention was to relay scraps of information about Bluephisto that her husband heard from The Fly... Larry and The Fly had been talking regularly over the phone, but Bona hadn't spoken to Bluephisto since that fateful phone call so many months ago. Like Mackie, she had been shut out of Bluey's life, and Bona was surprised how much she missed her. Bona was visiting Macphisto one day... one of his drinking days, thank God. They sat at the bar in the ballroom, Bona drinking a soda and Macphisto downing a bottle of vodka.*
Bona: How are you feeling Mackie?
Macphisto: *Raising an eyebrow*What do you want me to say to that? Just tell me and I'll say that.
Bona: Larry says hi. *Macphisto nods and pours a glass full of vodka, resting his chin on his hand unsteadily.* Mackie... how many bottles of that have you had today?
Macphisto: Depends what you mean by today. Look, I don't know why you keep coming here Bona. Don't you have a husband to look after?
Bona: I visit because you worry me.
Macphisto: *Pouring a new glass of vodka* You know...*He pauses, staring into space while he lights a cigar with trembling fingers*
Bona: What Mackie?
Macphisto: I forgot...No idea. Gone. Not important. *He downs the glass and picks the bottle up again, frowning* Empty.*He throws the empty bottle into a pile of at least six or seven beside him. Bona sighs and rubs his back. He puts his head down on the bar resting his forehead on his arms.*
Bona: Mackie, it's been six months. Aren't you going to ... snap out of this? Please? *He makes no movement, no response. She sighs* I know. I'm worried about her too, Larry says that... oh nevermind.
Macphisto: *He turns his head and looks up at her* What?
Bona: Nothing Mackie.
Macphisto: She's not doing well is she?
Bona: No.
*He returns his head to his arms on the bar and does not move. She waits and looks at him for a while, she even tries to start a conversation but he is passed out. Bona sighs and leaves, too many of their meetings were ending this way these days. On her way out, Bona stopped and chatted to Bono, who blushed as she spoke to him. He was acting very odd lately. She kissed him on the cheek and left.
Macphisto woke up to a hand on his shoulder, shaking him awake*

Macphisto: Bono, go away.
The Father: Wrong team my boy.
*Macphisto straightened up suddenly. The Father was standing behind him, his infernal face calmer than a still gun.*
Macphisto: What are you doing here?
The Father: I just came to see you my boy... you're quite upset over this Miss Bluephisto, or shall I say, Mrs. The Fly since her hasty nuptuals? Yes, I think Mrs. The Fly is really the correct term here.
Macphisto: *Crossing his arms as if he's bored* Did you come up here just to gloat?
The Father: Of course not, of course not my boy ... You think I bear you some ill will?
Macphisto: Get to the point.
The Father: You have lost your manners. You used to be so charming.
Macphisto: Shut up.
The Father: *Blowing smoke* Now that sort of thing is exactly what I'm talking about...look at you. *He gestures to a mirror which shows Macphisto exactly how terrible he looks* I mean it. LOOK at yourself! You look awful. Just awful.
Macphisto: I'm tired.
The Father: I knew this would happen. I tried to protect you from it...from feeling this disguisting and undignified grief.
Macphisto: You tried to kill me.
The Father: *Diplomatically* Only because I thought that I'd rather see you dead than to see such an excellent demon reduced to some love-sick, self-pitying fool. I tried to save you from this many times, but you wouldn't listen. *The Father sits on the bar stool Bona left, beside Macphisto* Now, I am not here to "gloat" as you so charmingly put it, I am here to help you.
Macphisto: *Turning away and looking for another bottle of vodka* I don't want your help.
The Father: No?
Macphisto: No. Get out.
The Father: Oh... you poor bastard. You think that if you stay like this, and you build some bizarre monument of grief from wrinkled suits and empty vodka bottles she'll see that *mockingly* you truely, truely love her and she'll just come running back to you? You think that if you wear your grief like this forever like a hair shirt that she'll notice you again and take you back into her arms before she dies? *Macphisto keeps searching for another bottle* Well, it's just not going to happen.
Macphisto: How do you know?
The Father: Because she's already seen you like this and she left you ... again.
Macphisto: *Freezes and turns* No she hasn't.
The Father: Yes...she has. She was here when you were asleep. Quite some time ago.
Macphisto: No. You're lying.
The Father: *Sadly* I am not. Ask your angel if you don't believe me. *He steps towards Macphisto, taking a card from his pocket and handing it to him with a look of pity on his face* Ask the angel, he'll give you the truth. What he can't do is understand you... only I can do that. When you're done feeling sorry for yourself... call me. I can help you. *The Father smiled and was gone. Macphisto stood in the middle of the room, holding the stark black card in his fingers.*

*Bono was busy in the hallway, repairing fist sized holes in the once elegant red walls when Macphisto burst out of the ballroom.*
Macphisto: *Briskly* Was she here!?
*Bono was startled. Macphisto should be passed out.*
Bono: What are you doing awake?
Macphisto: *Again, with more tension* Was she here!?
Bono: Who? Bona?
Macphisto: Bluey! Did she ever come here and see me like *He gestures down to his wrinkled suit*this!? *Bono says nothing...he cannot lie. Macphisto examines his face with interest.* She did... didn't she?
Bono: Yes. She came while you were sleeping, a long time ago, but she begged me not to tell you.
*Macphisto stumbled back. The Father was right. She had come and seen him like this.*
Macphisto: *Almost breathless with anger* She came? She asked you not to tell me?
Bono: Yes ... She came and wanted to talk to you but she saw you and...
Macphisto: Excuse me. *He brushes past Bono roughly, knocking Bono into a red wall. She left him, again, even after seeing the misery he suffered for her. She left. Again.*
Bono: *Running after him* What are you doing?
Macphisto: I have to make a call. *He entered his office and slammed the door in the angel's face*

*Bono waited in the hallway again for Macphisto to decide to come out...he was startled when five seconds after the door slammed closed it opened again and Macphisto emerged from the room transformed. He was wearing an immaculate gold suit and a black tuxedo shirt, his hair and makeup as flawless as they had ever been. He was even more stylish than Bono had ever seen him and he grinned at Bono's confusion demonically.*
Macphisto: Oh Bono... you didn't think I was going to mope around in that old thing forever did you? *He leaned against the doorframe, lighting a cigar with steady fingers*
Bono: How did you change so quickly?
Macphisto: *In a smooth voice*I had a little help from someone I should have listened to long ago. *Bono stands and Macphisto walks towards him...Bono is still dumb-struck by the utter transformation. He is back to his usual suave self, but his eyes... his eyes are cold and bitter, lacking their former sparkle. Indeed, all that Bona once admired in him, all that love had done to him, the grace in his step and his playful eyes are gone. He is glittering and cold, like ice. Bono understood, The Father appealed to him in his weakest moment.*
Bono: Macphisto. Do you feel alright?
Macphisto: *Bitterly*I ... do not feel at all, and in that I feel just wonderful, I suppose. I think that deserves a drink or two don't you? Come on, angel let's celebrate.
Bono: Celebrate what?
Macphisto: Learning a valuable lesson. *He pulled Bono down the hall with him towards the bar in the ballroom, smoking and emphasizing every word angrily* Never deny your true nature.

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