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hero 26

its nice to have others besides me posting in fan fic

A tall thin model glided towards them like a graceful spider.
She smiled a big, wide toothy smile and hugged each of the guys in turn.

Ria hovered towards the back, trying to remain unnoticed but was found when all the formalities were done with.

"Chrissy, this is Ria. Shes been kidnapped and taken on vacation with us"
Bono lightly nudged Ria towards the model
she smiled
"Hey, I know who you are! You were just on the news" Chrissy turned to a group of people hustling cameras and lights around.

"This is the girl that saved that kid on the beach. You were unreal" she said enthusiastically
"Im surprised youre still out and about doing things after that, you must be exhausted. So you're Bonos new love?"

She smiled warmly at Ria
more embarrased than ever as a bunch of people walked by and smiled at her.

"Um" Ria stammered

"Theyre just 'friends' " Adam teased, making quotation marks with his fingers
Chrissy nodded with raised eyebrows and winked at Ria

"Way to go honey" she whispered "play hard to get. But watch out around here, theres plenty of women who would like a piece of your man."
The customary red tint flowed into Ria's face

What was it about this model that she was beginning to like?

They all followed her through a hallway and into a room full of drink and food where people were milling around.

"You all can make yourselves comfortable in here. I've got to go change into something uncomfortable really quick but I'm sure you'll find somebody to talk to"
She gave Ria a knowing look and headed to a door

paused to pick up a small cookie.

A voice bellowed from the other end of the room

"Don't even think about it. You can't have that, you already ate. Can I leave you alone for one second without you shoving your face full of fat?"

Chrissy froze and put the cookie down

Everybody was looking at the squat, round man with food hanging out of his mouth

Disgusted, Ria snorted and wished him bodily harm.

Chrissy disappeared into her dressing room empty handed.

"What an ass hole" Ria spat. The others nodded in agreement.

"It was just a cookie" Bono said, wide eyed

"Thats what you always say, dough boy" Larry laughed

"Yeah, feck off, bulls blood"

Casting another menacing look at the ass hole, Ria marched up to the tray of cookies and took the whole thing.

Discreetly, she knocked on Chrissys door and it opened a crack

A blue eye peeked out through the crack
and the door opened enough for Ria to come in

Inside. she saw the model adjusting a tube top and glowering into the mirror.

Ria held out the tray of cookies
insisting that no one saw

The models face softened into a warm smile

"Oh my gosh...thank you so much. Youre so sweet, here, you have some too. I've only had salad and an orange today, so starved...mm this is good."

Chrissy drifted off into heaven, munching on a chocolate chip cookie with her eyes closed.

"That guy is a real horses arse" Ria said through a bite of cookie.

Wow, did I just say arse?
Ria stopped chewing
Too much time around the boys, she tried to hide her smile

"Tell me about it. He's in charge of this one shoot and Im never doing work for their company again. Im getting really sick of all this."

"No kidding. By the looks of you I would say you could use a cookie" Ria laughed

"The last thing I need is a diet. My metabolism is high enough."
She adjusted her tight pants and sighed a long, weary sigh.

A deep feeling of pity ran through Ria for this beautiful woman.

"well its time for me to go out there. Do I look okay?"
She frowned and ran her hand down her stomach

"Like a starved beauty queen" Ria said honestly

"You're the first one to tell the truth"

They both looked into each others eyes for a moment
Grabbing Chrissys hand, Ria gave it a soft squeeze and opened the door for her

"There you are! I was beginning to think they'd stoled you away to take your picture"
With a sweet smile, Bono curled his arm protectively around Ria, kissing her temple softly
Blood rushed to Ria's head

Why does he have to do that in front of everybody? Damn, theyre all looking and I look like a tomato.
Ria sunk into his arms
Somehow the power of his touch was enough to make her forget about a room full of people.......
She took a breath of his skin, wrapping her arm around his stomach and pressing in to his body

"Bono was so worried, he ate two donuts. Dont worry him too often, Ria, otherwise he might not fit on the plane back home"
Larry grinned
poking Bono in the side

"Bugger off Lawrence."Ria said, as Bono was moving farther away from him and taking Ria along
"Just because you always have to be on a diet doesnt give you the right to bully."

Larry stopped his poking, surprised that she'd just defended Bono like that

Something welled up inside Bono, filling up the empty cracks
He couldnt understand why
She just told Larry off. Thats all B, dont get all soppy about it.

He turned his head away so Larry couldnt see him grinning like a buffoon as they all walked down the hall to the photo shoot

Why did I just do that? Bugger off Lawrence. Dont make fun of Bono. Whats wrong with me? Shit, do I really care that much?

She was looking at Bono's feet....do I care that much? Does he?

"Hey.....hey...ground control to major Tom. Ria?"

"Huh? Oh, sorry Bono. Whats up?"

"Nothin, never mind."

"Well then why'd you wake me up from my dream?" she grinned
"Adam was just taking his pants off in it"

"The feck e' was!"

"No I'm pretty sure. Lemme check. Yep, definitely the pants."

Bono grabbed her sides and squeezed them, wrapping her up in a warm hug

"You drive me bleedin nuts, you know that?" he whispered

"Will you two stop kneckin' for a second and come over here?"
It was Edge

They headed over and saw something in the corner of the room. Bono and Ria squinted. A yound, doughy girl stood against the wall in a shadow. Powder from a donut dusted the corners of her mouth. She was holding a fresh pastry in a chubby hand.

Her eyes were fixed on Chrissy as she got posed for the camera.
Chewing slowly, distractedly, she just watched.

Another bite

Watching like somehow it would make her into Chrissy.

Ria looked at her sadly

Somebody called out her name. The girl devoured the rest of what was in her hand and emerged jumpily.
She was sent for something, herded off.

Eyes wide, she looked like a ghost had just crossed her path.
She jumped into action, licking the goop off her fingers.

Then she saw Bono

Discarding any intention of following her orders, she bustled up to Bono and stared, waiting for something.

"Hi" Bono said quietly

"It IS you! NO way. I knew it. Im Daisy, your biggest fan."

Ignoring the fact that Bono's arm was still around Ria, Daisy thrust her arms around Bono's ribs tightly.
He exhaled sharply and laughed

"Hey there Daisy, knockin' the air out of m' lungs, love"

She let go and planted a kiss right on his lips, pulling back with a smack.
Oh shite, Bono thought, shes snoggin me right here. Chlorine, she tastes like chlorine and sugar. Strange. Everybodys lookin at me funny. Just be cool, shes a fan......

"I'd better be on my way, they really need me around here so- thanks"

"Nice to meet you Daisy"

Real smooth
He couldnt figure out why he was so thrown by the whole incident so he just let it slide. Maybe talk to Ria about it later....yeah. Ria. He smiled.
Where is she?

She was laughing and talking to Adam, Bono noticed, watching her mouth open and close. Her eyelids fluttering in laughter and opening again. So dark. and beautiful

Bono still stood admiring Ria

He finally snapped out of it and joined the others.

Chrissy was coming over and they were all saying goodbye to her, they really needed to be geting to dinner.

A dispairing look crossed Chrissys face at the mention of dinner
What is up with him? Hes to tense. His mouth keeps doing that thing, getting all pouty. Bottom lip higher on one side.

Ria felt his mood, sitting close to him in the booth.

Noise was high in the busy restaurant, clattering and shrill voices trying to top one another in escalating volume.

Edge and Larry were wrapped up in conversation,happily devournig plates of food

Adam was chatting up some lovely at another table.
Which left Bono and Ria

Every time he went to speak the noise seemed to overpower his voice, intensifying the irritation in his body.

-What the hell is wrong with me? That noise....drillin m' brains out. The clanking. On the plates. Somebody stop it all so i can bloody think! She can tell somethings buggin me too.
Too bad I cant figure what it is.
Okay that was a lie......its her. No, me. Something anyway.

Shes right there and I cant even bring myself to touch her. Shes just so....perfect. Even her imperfections.
The bloody noise!-

"Hey, you want to go get some fresh air? You seem tense"

He smiled gratefully, nodding and helping her up.

"we'll be on the deck, guys" they didnt hear her

Ria was surprised Bono didnt put his arms around her or anything like usual

Did I do something wrong?

Out on the deck in the warm night air, Bono sighed heavily, leaning on a railing overlooking the ocean

He felt her next to him. Wanting to hug her like crazy. This beautiful angel of his.
No, not his. He reminded himself. Not yet

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Me likey! Post more!!
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