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hero 11

Ria and Adam didn't get much sleep.

They stayed up for hours talking about everything and more, watched a movie, laughing and leaning on each other.
Nibbled on some chocolate
Painted each other's nails

Ria put on one of Adam's comfy shirts and a pair of his boxers for pajamas.
Eventually they laid down on Adam's bed side by side, looking at the ceiling in the dark, discussing their lives, religion, love........

'How strange. That sounds like 'one' playing........'

8 o clock rolled around, the radio alarm sounded off.
That is one......

Ria squinted into the morning light forgetting for a moment where she was.
She rubbed her eyes
Leaned up on her elbows in bed
Felt something weighing her down under the fluffy comforter

Shit, its Adam's arm!
We went to bed together?
Clothes are still on
She smiled- Adam's clothes

Adam came to life next to her, gazing at her face through sleep blurred eyes.
That girl had the cutest case of bed head. Worth sleeping next to her every night.
A tuft of dark brown hair stuck out in the back of Ria's head as well as a large chunk of hair in the front of her head.

"Good morning"
Adams voice was scratchy

"mmmm morning."

"Sleep good?"

"Incredibly good." Ria smiled at him, sitting up and trying to smooth down her hair.
It always fricking stood up

She smiled at herself in the mirror, brushing her teeth with Adam's toothbrush and thinking about what her friends outside the studio would say if they found out she got to use it.

"Ooooh, what did it taste like? Its like you actually kissed him!"

Adam hugged her goodbye on the front stoop, fending off her repeated thank you's.

"Sweetheart, I would let you stay every night if you needed to. No man could turn down seeing a beautiful woman in the morning."

"You're so full of it Adam." Ria laughed and kissed him on the cheek.
The taxi driver was getting impatient.

By the third time she rung the doorbell footsteps came towards the door.
When it opened she was looking at a small older woman with an exasperated look on her face.

"Jesus Mary and Joseph" she made the sign of the cross "You must be the reason he's trying to cook!"

She let Ria in the door as a crash came from the kitchen, followed by an Irish accented stream of profanities.

"He won't let me help him at all. Says he's got it under control. Damn child, lost all sensibility he has. Never was one to listen to a voice of reason, that one. Under bloody control!"

"Should I try and help him?"

Milly and Ria poked their heads into the kitchen door.
What a disaster.
Apparently he'd tried to cook eggs, judging by the dozen egg shells on the counter. No eggs in sight though.....

Smoke steadily creeped out from a wafflemaker next to the egg shells
Bacon on the stove was miserably curling under Bono's stabs at it with a fork.
Flour speckled the floor, milk in a pool on the counter.
Bono was basically wearing a bit of everything he'd used in the kitchen on his pajama pants and white t shirt.

His bum looks ravishing in those pants......
not the point Ria!

Bono was still stabbing at the naughty bacon
"You see? He's finally lost it. I tried to help but he refused. Look at that. Probably leaves it for me to clean up. I've a good mind to tell him no. Always had a soft spot for the boy, too charming to say no to. I'm sure you've already figured that out, love."

"How do you think I said yes to letting him cook breakfast for me."

Ria and Milly gave each other understanding looks before Ria walked cautiously into the kitchen.

Bono had just burned his hand on some airborne bacon grease, shaking his hand about it pain.
Ria took his hand in hers and kissed the burn gently.

"You're here!"
He smiled, then looked at the mess he'd created, frowning.
She tried to cheer him up

"I see you've been multitasking."
she brushed a smudge of flour off his cheek and looked happily into his eyes.

"Milly is furious with me." he whispered, glancing at the door.
Ria looked at the smoking waffle iron

"Can't imagine why."

"Smart ass."

After a half hour Ria managed to produce some bacon and toast.
The rest of the food never made it
There had been just enough salvageable bacon left for the two of them, and if there was one thing Ria could cook it was bacon.

Bono kept trying to put his floury arms around Ria while she was cooking.
"If you don't stop I'm going to ruin what bacon you haven't terrorized yet." she laughed, as Bono hugged her from behind.

Ria set the plates of food down and sat in a chair opposite Bono.
A cloud of flour erupted out from the chair cushion and descended on Ria.
"We match." she announced, brushing some flour off her nose.
"Were both breaded like chickens."

"Honestly Bono, why can't Larry just sit next to me. What are you freaking out about?"

"And why can't Edge just sit by you?"

Ria threw her arms up in the air and rolled her eyes.

"Fine. I'll solve both problems."

Ceremoniously she plopped down next to Adam who was ignoring the whole issue and reading a magazine.

"You're going to drive him mad if you don't sit by him." Adam said quietly.

"Why do you think I sat here?"

"I thought it was because you find me irresistable, but unfortunately I'm way off base." he smiled at her, looking away from his magazine.

Bono stood in front of Ria, trying to look apologetic.

"Alright Ria, you can have it your way. Will ya just come back?"

"I didn't honestly care that much. I just acted like it because you were making a big deal. "
Bono gave her the sad eyes

"So you'll come sit by me then?"

"Yes, but I get the aisle."

"So you don't have to sit next to Larry? Yeah, that makes sense."

"No. So I can get away from you if I need to." she laughed, going to the seat behind her.
Feigning a chest wound Bono staggerend backward.
"That," he coughed "hurts."

They had to plead with the flight schedulers to let them get an extra seat under short notice. She wasn't going to be able to sit with them but the person who had one of the seats in their group hadn't showed up.
There were three huge first class seats in one row and in front, two more seats on the emergency exit aisle.

An enormous head topped an even huger body with arms that dangled like noodles at its sides. His breathing was loud and gurgly, probably because sizeable fat deposits in his nasal passages danced around any time he attempted to pass some oxygen through them.
His face was red, with a second chin that jiggled every time he moved, a beard hidden in there somewhere.
To make things better his pants were halfway down his ass showing more than anybody cared to even think of.
A distinct smell of fried food and socks followed him into the cabin to where he was standing. Waiting for his seat next to Bono.

Bono hissed something into the stewardesses ear and mister jigglychin was pridded worward to another seat, wheezing and gurgling.

"Alright then. Me and Ria get the two seats there, Larry can have the window seat and Edge can sit by Adam."

Bono's air of superiority was completely unintentional but it struck a nerve with Larry, who was becoming increasingly agitated at Bono lately.
Ria tried to shrink into nothing while she imagined the argument she was sure was about to happen.

"You know Bo-no, I think all the electricity from Zootv really fried your brain."

"Yeah, pretty boy? Why don't I throw your arse right out the emergency door?"

"Because, you couldn't figure out how you use it!"

"Please boys, just stop." Adam pleaded from behind his magazine "This is going to be a long flight so we can rotate seats all we want."

"Do you always have this much trouble during flights?"
Ria asked no one in particular

"Only when Bono sees a pretty girl and has to act like hes better than everybody."

"Thats it Lar."

Bono lunged at Larry and Ria jumped inbetween them to stop the fighting. Their bodies squished her between them and they bounced back, surprised.

"Just stop you guys! I don't want you fighting because of me. If you're going to act like bratty schoolgirls then do it somewhere else."

To her surprise both men standing closely on either side of her grew devilish grins.

"Hey, Lar. why don't you go at me again? I like this game."
He grinned and poked Ria playfully.
She sighed exasperatedly and tryed to shove them both away.

They both slung their arms around her and wrapped her in a bear hug, smothering her screams in Bono's chest.

Under normal circumstances she would have enjoyed the feeling, but this was different.

Bono yelped in pain
Ria had sunk her teeth into his chest leaving an impression of her teeth in his skin and then been pulled back by Larry while Bono inspected his wound.

Was it just Ria or did he seem to enjoy having a bite?

"Adam, Edge, help me!"
Larry put his hand over her mouth but changed his mind, realizing how close his fingers would be to her teeth.

Adam looked up from his magazine in an undeniable 007 manner and spoke calmly in his english accent

"Boys, maybe you should consider the length of the flight before you anger her any further."

The shook his magazine and returned to it without a second look.

Larry let her go, looking sheepishly at all the other passengers who were eyeing them curiously.

Using all his charming powers, Bono came closer to Ria and looked as sorry as possible.

"I'm sorry, were terrible. But you broke the fight didn't you?"

"Kill each other. See if I care now."

"You don't mean that. Come on, lets sit down. The flight attendant is glaring at us."

The engines fired up , they were all in their seats.
Ria, Bono and Larry in one row and Edge and Adam in the other.

"Why are you and Larry fighting so much lately?"
Ria was reflective, having been sitting in silence for more than a minute without any major conflicts.

"Were not really fighting. When people have known each other for as long as the four of us have you can fight without really meaning anything you say."

"So youre not really mad at each other?"

"Not usually. There are occasions where one of us, usually me, will be a total eejit and make everyone angry."

She ran her fingers across his handand stopped, wondering why she'd just done it.

"You aren't that bad." she smiled, feeling oddly serious all of a sudden.
Larry was looking silently out the window, she couldn't tell if he was upset or not.

She looked back at Bono.
Looking like he wanted to say something
But couldn't open his mouth
Just lick his bottom lip
that lovely bottom lip.......
Ria took her eyes away from his mouth, knowing she was staring again like an idiot.
Bono took his sunglasses off.
Those smoldering eyes
they burn right through a person
he knows
Ria thought
'He knows I want to kiss him, dammit. But why does he look so sad again?"
He licked his lip again.

Ria figited in her seat
His palm touched her cheek, hot and gentle.
It ran down under her chin and touched her neck.
She couldn't look into his eyes. It's what he wanted, she knew.
But she couldn't.

"Thank you for coming."
Bono took his hand off her neck and touched her arm

"I should be thanking you."
Still can't look at those eyes

"I wish I could drag you all over the world to see everything. It's all so beautiful. I mean, you, you're beautiful just like- I'm not making any sense am I?"

Ria shook her head, avoiding his mouth, eyes, and whatever else drove her nuts. She thought about just kissing him to make him shut up, stop confusing her. Stop making her think she really meant something to him.
How could she?
'How could I be anything so someone who can have everything? Is God toying with me? Bono can't love me!'

Ria was choking on confusion, eyes getting hot.

'I can't cry....not now....'

She felt like screaming and running away in fright.
Away from the things that could hurt her. Drowning her in doubt and insecurity.
Why couldn't things feel safe and simple with Bono like it was with Adam.
She realized

I'm not in love with Adam


'Did I really just say I love Bono?'

Ria looked into Bono's eyes, she felt like all the air had been sucked out of the plane.
'I am going to be miserably in love with Bono. I can't stop it. Even if he doesn't love me back I will still be in love with him.
Not the voice in the music
Not the face on the magazine page
Just Bono

"Bono." she spoke, not meaning to. The word was sucked from her throat.
"Please." she felt the tears coming closer.
'don't cry!'

"Please what, babyface?" he was tender now, holding her hand, knowing something had just gone terrible wrong.

A tremble shot through her bottom lip. The blinked quickly, shoving back the tears.

"Stop looking at me like that."

"Like what?" he was confused.Her cheeks had turned deep red, she almost looked feverish.
He tried to look in her eyes again but her head was down too far.

Taking her head in his hand, he laid it on his shoulder, stroking her hair.
"When you can tell me whats wrong, I'll be ready to listen, okay?"

"Okay.' she whispered, sinking her head into his shoulder where it was warm and safe. Natural feeling. Where she belonged. With Bono.

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Oh,i love this story so much!! Please hurry with the next part!!!

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i have more written, but i need to consult my cramped fingers before typing more
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