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He didn't have the sexy accent, though.

Everyone else has got stories about meeting a U2 lookalike, so I thought I'd share mine:

About a year ago I worked at my college's library. There was a guy who was there during almost every one of my shifts; he would sit at the tables for hours at a time and paint (it was an art school) or draw or read. And this guy looked just like Adam! The closest approximation, I think, would be the Joshua Tree cover. That's exactly what this guy looked like. Same wire-rim glasses, same sad eyes, same haircut, same facial structure. I watched this guy from behind the circulation desk for weeks before finally one day I got the guts to go hit on him.

It was a little early for my notorious "Hi, you're really cute and smart and everything, you wanna go make out?" line*, so I took a somewhat more subtle approach: when I was shelving books just behind where he was sitting, I leaned over and said, "Has anyone ever told you you look like Adam Clayton?" He said flatly, "No."
"Well...you do," I said, kind of miffed. I went back to shelving books.

Its a week later: one of my co-workers arrives shortly after I do. She's originally from Ireland, and a big fan of you-know-who. When she first steps in, I silently wave her over and whisper to her, "I want you to look over at that guy and tell me if he looks familiar." She turns around, and when she sees the guy she just about falls over. "Oh, my god," she mouths to me. I nod.

Later, this guy comes up to check out a book and I say, grinning, "Hey, it's my guy! Has anyone ever told you that you look like Adam Clayton?"

And he gets kind of upset and says "Okay, WHO IS ADAM CLAYTON?!?"

The librarian, who is standing behind me, is shocked. "You don't know who Adam Clayton is?" (Hell, I was surprised that SHE knew. She was more of a Duran Duran fan, back in her heyday.) She assures this guy that he does indeed resemble Adam. We all nod approvingly.

Once my other co-workers were let in on this guy's uncanny resemblance, we all started joking about The Adam Clayton Guy. "I wonder why The Adam Clayton Guy is here so much," we would muse. When he didn't show up, one of us would always ask, "Hey. Where's The Adam Clayton Guy?"

Cut to a couple days later. It's the last day before Christmas break, and I'll be damned if I'm going to do any actual work today. I find The Adam Clayton Guy over by the video players, with headphones on. He'd checked out a copy of "Star Wars." We talked for an hour. Turns out he commuted from 50 miles away, and the buses ran so infrequently he had to be here for eight hours a day, even if his class was only four.

He wasn't very interesting. His hobbies were limited to skiing and computer animation, and he was from Southern California, so I couldn't relate to him at all. The next quarter he dropped out and we never saw him again.

I never even learned what his real name was.


* Yes, this line has worked. Guys are sluts.

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Yep!, guys are feckin' sluts!

But anyway, the only person I know who looks like a U2 band member is my co-worker and friend Alvaro.

He's not that alike to Larry, but there's something that sometimes makes me think Larry has a unknown little brother (more clearly: Bastard ) down here in Mexico.
I've tried to take a pic of him to post it, But he says I'm insane and Larry would never be as HOT as he is (yeah, right!)

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Well I like your story just fine
I don't think I could contain myself if I saw someone who slightly looked like Adam.
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