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For the First Time I Feel Loved Part 18

Sorry for keeping u wait this long girls........but u'd love this's funny!

Adam thanked the last guest for coming to his party.It was a huge success and everybody had a great time. Noone had ever done something this special for him, and knowing that Sam had proly went throu a lot of trouble planning this party, he had to just try and fix things btw them.He walked back to the living room where Sam was already trying to clear up the plates that were left behind by their guests.He stood there looking at her,trying to think about what to say or do:

"Need help?," *he asked her,smiling*

Sam turned around and looked at him:

"'s fine I can handle it," *she stood there looking at him*

Adam looked at her:

"Babe come on it's 2:30 in the morning ur prolly tired as hell why don't u go lay down and I'll clean up, u've been on ur feet all nite long,"

"Well, *she smiled*.......u know me always doing something, besides I'm not all that tired guess to much Alize does that to ya," *Sam replied as she began making her way to the kitchen with the left over puffs*

As if timing her knowing when she would move, Adam made his way to her direction:

"Listen, ur not gonna be doing any cleaning tonite,u've prolly worked ur ass off trying to get things done for this party and the only reasonable thing I can do is clean up while u go to bed," *he took the plate of puffs from her and lifted her up*

Sam looked at him, wanting to know what he was up too:

"Adam ...what r u doing, come on put me down, if I leave things like this the place would be full of ants by morning,"*she tried to fight him in order for him to put her down*

Adam looked at her, stared into her eyes:

"I'm not letting u down and u can fight as much as u want, I'm not letting u out of the bedroom,ur gonna get into something more comfortable, and snuggle up under the covers while I massage ur feet, they r prolly swollen by now,"

Sam looked back at him:

"Yes King Clayton *she made a salute to him*so can I get a piece of cake or I'm not allowed to eat sweet stuff pass my bed time,"

Adam smiled back at her:

"Oh......ofcourse u can have cake *he walked over to the table where there were 2 untouched plates of cake and took up one,* anything else?

Sam smiled back at him:

"Can I have some ice cream?????? *she made a frown face*

Adam looked back at her:

"No......but u can have some water, *he grabbed a bottle of water out of the container and made his way to the bedroom*

Adam switched on the lights and closed the door behind them, then rested Sam on the bed, and she watched him as he gently removed her high shoes from her feet:

"What r u wearing to sleep in," *he asked her*

*Sam looked at him smiling, trying to tease him a bit*

"Can I have my pj's..........the cotton ones *she kept looking at him* I don't feel silkish or lacish tonite....infact I really don't feel like sleeping half naked so the pj's would do fine,"

Adam looked at her and sighed:

"As if these pj's would give me a hard time to take off," *he smiled and handed them to her*

Sam sat there looking at him as he waited for her to change her clothes:

"Ummmm could u please turn around........."

Adam looked at her weird like:

"What????? It's not like I havent seen u......undressed or anything ,stop playing and hurry up and change,"

"Yea.....well...see that was before when things were hot and sweet btw us, now please turn around *she looked at him trying not to smile or laugh*

Adam looked at her and sighed.....u cant be serious then turned around:

Ur gonna give me a hard time rnt u,"?

Sam smiling behind him enjoying her lil torture:

"A hard time ,now why would I do that?,"
Adam replied back:

"Look I know things rnt good btw us, but baby I wanna make them right and I know I acted like an ass clown before,but I thought about how we left things and I hated myself for it.I love u and I just wanna make things right for us, and eventhou they cant be I'll always love u and always keep what we have,"

Sam sat there listening to him, buttoning up her shirt:

"So ur not upset anymore with me not giving u an answer then?????U realize how I felt when u asked me to move with u???

Adam answered back:

"Yea I understood and I was foolish to spring something like that on u without thinking about how u'd react or what was at stake,"

Sam smiled as she crawled her way to the end of the bed to meet up with him:

"Well I was thinking about it and I think it's fair if I answered u now, instead of playing games,"

Adam kept his back to her:

"Sam....u don't have to do anything that u don't wanna do, don't worry about it ,we'll work something out I just don't wanna leave knowing that there's so much tension btw us and I just wanna spend the rest of the time that I have here in NYC kissing u and pampering u and making love to u,"

"Really,???? because I was give my boss a week's notice that I was gonna leave the job and u know call my parents and let them know that I was gonna go to Ireland with the man I love and rent my apartment out to Ana but if u don't want me to come it's fine ,*she made a puppy face*

Adam stood there speechless about what Sam had just said and slowly turned around, meeting her face to face:

"What did u just say,?"

Sam looked at him:

"That I was gonna go and let my boss know that......*he interupted her:

"No the other part,"

Sam replied:

"Oh that I was gonna go to Ireland with the man that I love,"*she smiled*

Adam smiled happily on hearing the news:

"Ur serious,??????baby because I'm not forcing u to make any fast decisions,"

"I would never lie to u," *she smiled as she looked at him*

Adam quickly grabbed her and hugged her tightly:

"Oh baby I cant believe that ur going with me, that this is happening, I love u, I love u I love u.....*he looked at her as he leaned in closer to kiss her* I love u so much,"

Sam held onto him tightly seeing how happy he was:

"I love u too......u think ur parents would like me....I'm kinda nervous on meeting them,"

He looked at her:

"Theyll love u.......and what about ur parents, they'd kill me for taking their princess away,"

Sam looked at him laughing:

"Nah....infact they r gonna be more happy than both of us...... they've been wanting me to find someone for a long time now so they wouldnt mind if u take me long as ur good to me, cause u don't wanna mess with my dad or my brothers," *she smiled as she kissed him*

Adam ran his fingers throu her hair:

"I'll always be good to u my love and always protect u, take care of u, love u, *he started kissing her*grow old with u......stay with u forever

Sam looked at him and smile:

"I know u will,........and for saying those sweet things to me I will allow u to be romantic to me......but after i eat my cake......i'm craving for it.....*she smiled and kissed him*

Adam laughed as he looked at her eating her cake, feel alot of ease knowing that this is gonna be a happy ending for the rest of his life.

Alright girls lemme know what u think!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Sam is going to Ireland!!!!Yay!!!!!

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Awe You have to write more... that was too cute
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