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For the First Time I Feel Loved Part 17.......The Bass Man's Birthday Party

Alright ladies I tried doing the whole thing but I'm gonna have to cut it into 2.....cause i gotta go to the post office and ship my gift to Adam....... *if only I could I would have shipped myself*LOL.So I'll try to finish this tonite or the mean time....enjoy!!!!!!!It was about 6:30pm when everyone had arrived at Adam's apartment.Paul, along with the staff who worked in NYC were there with other friends such as Guggi and Garvin.Bono had called them and told them about the party for Adam and they had decided that they would fly in for the weekend.Soft music filled the air and quiet chatting among friends were heard.Paul introduced Sam to practically everyone that was apart of the U2 family,and she was nervous at first, but then began to fall in quite nicely.Bono,Edge and Larry had taken Adam out,so that Sam could finish up and get everyone there before they brought him back .She was having an interesting conversation with Guggi when her cell rang:

"Hello," *she answered politely*

"Hey Sam, it's Bono listen we're outside we're coming up now,"

"Ok cool.....I'll get everybody ready, he alright?" *she asked*

"Yea.....we took him out for some light dinner then we hung out at the bar as far as he knows he's just going to bed," *Bono replied back*

"Alright, well...bring him up everyone's here,"

"Alright," *Bono replied back as he hung the phone up*

She turned her attention to her guests:

"Can I have everyone's attention please, Bono just called and they r on their way up now so everyone get ready and Paul u can switch the lights off," *she smiled as she made her way to the kitchen doorway*

*Meanwhile* .....The guys were already at the door, Adam searching for his key to unlock it:

" I really enjoyed myself tonite guys.... *he pushed in his key into the lock*just missed hanging out with Sam ,this was the one birthday that things were so perfect u know, one birthday that I had to look forward too and I f**** up,"*Adam said as he finally opened the door*

Edge looked at him smiling:

"I'm sure things would be better,"

As Adam opened the door and switched on the lights he was blown away by the loud shouting he got:

"Surprise," *was the word that filled the room loudly and jolly*

Adam stood there looking at the crowd, not believing what just happened. Edge,Bono and Larry walked behind him and closed the door:

Well this is certainly unexpected ," Adam said as he looked at his friends

"Bono........u did this didnt u.......," *he looked at Bono*

Bono looked back at him smiling happily:

"Actually I only helped, there's the person behind all this *he pointed at Sam as she made her way into the room*

Sam came out making her way to Adam:

"Happy birthday sweetie, if u think I spoiled u before, think again *she hugged him tightly and whispered in his ear*still angry at me?"

Adam held onto her with all his might:

"I cant......after all this trouble,*he smiled at her *

"We need to talk thou, *he continued*

"Not tonite.......this is ur nite and I want u to have fun, just forget about everything else and just relax," *she handed him a glass of champagne*

Guggi came over to talk to Adam:

"U got a great girl there bad u got to her first," *he laughed as he greeted his friend*

Adam started laughing:

"Well, she's really lucky,"

"I'm gonna go get the refreshments....u hang out with ur friends,"Sam replied as she kissed him on the cheeks and went into the kitchen to get the puffs*

Adam and Guggi stood there looking at her and was joined by Garvin, Bono ,Edge and Larry:

"So what u think????? thought it was just gonna be another bar nite huh?", Edge asked as he sipped his champagne*

"Nah man.......I didnt expect that she'd go throu all this trouble for me......I really don't deserve all this,"Adam replied:

Bono looked at his friend:

"Dont say that, u deserve this and u deserve much happiness,most importantly u deserve her and if u mess this up I swear I'll beat ur ass down," *Bono looked at him as he drank his champagne*

Adam looked at him:

"Really???? is that a threat ????????

Bono looked back at him:'

"'s the truth lad," *he smiled as he went to mingle.

The men looked at each other,then at Adam:

"Think he;s real serious Bass player," Larry replied.

Meanwhile Sam was busy passing out refreshments and talking to her and Adam's guests as she went by.Adam did the same.Everybody was having a good time.......Adam even had a good time.

K girls I'll stop here , promise I'll finish it when I can!!!!!!!!!

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NOOOOOO! How can you stop there? I need another fix of your story *cries* Just kidding... I can't wait for the next chapter. Good job

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Yay! theyre doing better
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