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For the First Time I Feel Loved Part 16

K let's see if BOno can be helpful here...cant even concerntrate because my brother is eating and making irritating noises....that annoys me so much!

Bono had agreed to meet with Sam for the final preparation of Adam's birthday party.The food was being catered by NYC finest restaurant, and the best red and white wines,were bought at one of the most high class stores.The cake was done by a renowned pastry chef, so basically everything was done,all they had to do was to keep him out of the house until the nite of his celebration which Bono had fully under control.After hrs and hrs of driving to and from places, Bono and Sam had decided to have lunch and it also gave them the opportunity to talk about what had happened the nite before.Bono being the caring person that he is, was rather concerned when Sam had called him , not sounding like the happy person she normally is, telling him that she needed to talk to him.They had managed to create a close friendship, so Sam felt she could basically confide to Bono about almost everything. They sat at the first table they came too:

Bono looked at her noticing she was rather quiet and cold :

"Well seems like we've done everything, all we have to do is celebrate bass man's birthday tomorrow the man is hitting 44 ...and still looks good," *he laughed hoping that Sam would do the same*

Sam looked up at him:

"Yea......he does,"

Bono trying to start a conversation :

"We got the cake ,the food, the drinks, but something's missing,"

"What"? *Sam replied:

Bono took his shades off ,looking at her:

"Ur smile, I mean come on girl,tomorrow is ur man's birthday and ur party is gonna be a blast u should be celebrating ,but instead u have this frown that's messing up ur pretty face what's wrong?"

Sam replied back at him, still not smiling:

"Everything, I mean everything was so good and sweet, it felt like nothing would come btw Adam and I and then boom it does,"

Bono sat back still looking at her:

"Ahhhhh I knew that something happened btw u 2 when u called me last nite, *he looked at the menu* hmmm this black chocolate is delicious specially with the sprinkles on top and I know u'd love it, but ur not getting any"

Sam looked at him:
"Bono come on, this is serious I called u because I thought that u would be able to help me with this,I mean I really need advice here and why am I not getting any chocolate cake,trust me the way I'm feeling right now and I have 5,"

"Because ur not smiling.......I cant talk to ppl when they don't smile, it makes me uncomfortable and sad * he made a puppy face*and trust me u don't wanna eat 5 of these.....they're dangerous last time I did that Ali had me doing laps around the house, but I know Adam wouldnt have u running, infact he'd be working u out a lot *he laughed*

Sam had managed to laugh....who could resist Bono's humor or his sweet puppy face? way to cute to ignore:

"Stop it, ur crazy, I can see why ppl r always happy around u Bono and I can see how u manage to not let ur wife be angry at u,"*she continued laughing*

Bono feeling happy he had succeeded :

"Well ppl tell me that I am but I never see me as being crazy and yes I try to be on her good side because if I don't she goes for her reinforcements pot spoons and pans and u know I'm right about Adam *he smiled*So......luv tell me what happened last nite and don't u dare go back with that serious mean bad ass look,"

Sam feeling a lil better, sipped some of her water:

"Well, Adam asked me something that wasnt expected and I knew it was gonna happen sooner or later but never really thought about it that much, *Bono interuptted her*

"Omg..........Omfg, he proposed to u??????? wait ....wait....oooooh I know....*he grinned* he wants to make a baby right.......see I knew he would come to his senses sooner or later,"

Sam sat there looking at him:

"No.....none of those things *bono looked at her confused*.....He asked go back to Dublin with him,"

Bono looked at her :

"Wow.......more serious than marriage or having a baby.......and what did u tell him,"?

"Well I told him that it was a hard decision and it was too soon and that I needed time, and I thought things were cool btw us because he played it off really gentle like, but when he came home last nite things were weird btw us, he hardly spoke to me or ate dinner, he slept in the guest bedroom," *Sam looked at her friend as he listened*

Bono commented:

"No.....he slept in the guest bedroom????For him to do that things r really bad..... the man is a bedroomholic if u know what I mean.....alright seriously.....hmmmm did the both of u try talking about it?"

Sam continued:

"Yea well I started it, turned out to be worse than I had imagined, maybe I shouldnt have said anything .....thing is Bono I love this man.......and I would hate myself if I ever hurt him or do the unthinkable and I say that ,but I think I am.......*she looked at him*

Bono grabbed her hand:

"Listen to me, the love that is shared btw u and Adam is so rich that the both of u can survive anything and he knows that u wouldnt do anything to carry him back to how he was before he met u,"

" can I say that I love him when I don't know if I'm willing to give up everything to be with him, Adam is the first person that I've ever loved for real ,he's willing to change for me and here I am.....not willing to do the same," *she sighed*

Bono ans back:

"Love is not determined by the choices that we make, love is determined by the way u feel about the person and the way u treat and cherish and respect the person, yes there's a saying love is made by the sacrifices we make, but what if u cant sacrifice ,then u'll give up?

Sam responded:

"Well......that was the final decision that was made by him. He said that we should just break everything off and walk away,"

"Because he's afraid of the fact that he's losing u and he'd never ever get to be inlove again, Sam ur the first person that loved him for him, and made his entire life easier, ur the reason he's smiling again, ur the reason he found out how to love, so I would understand the way he's taking all this and why he said that."*Bono said as he drank some of his water*

Sam continued:

"I know that, thing is I don't want to lose him either, half of me is wants to go, but I have everything here.....I love NY, I love my family and friends, I have a wonderful apartment, I know where to go and how to move ,meanwhile in Ireland I'd feel like I'm in a place unable to move and to me the place would be empty.

Bono sat listening to her:

"I see why u cant answer him, *he kept looking at her* because ur afraid that u'll lose ur family and friends....they'll always be here sweetie ,they cant stop u from making a decision that would better ur life or make u happy and if u let Adam slip throu ur fingers there's no guarantee that when ur ready to finally move that he'll be waiting for u.And then u'll loose ur chance of ever being happy because someone else is gona take that spot, and he'll never be as happy as he is with u because she would never realise what she really has."

"U have to really think about what ur doing and the results after Sam.......dont make a decision that would make u wish u didnt make.....u do what ur heart tells u and not what u feel u should do,"*Bono smiled as he hugged her*

Sam listened to him and knew what he was saying was right:

"Thanks Bono.......I think u've helped me understand everything and I think I know what I have to do *she smiled at him* how about we order soemthing to eat I'm starving,"

Bono agreed and they enjoyed the rest of their day.

Alright ladies hope u can understand what i was trying to do here....what do u think is gonna happen at his bday tomrrow????? any thoughts??????/

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grr! she better get back with adam *arms self with lemons* lol, write more soon... please?!

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ahh..bonovox saves the day I hope things go well.
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I sense a happy ending I like the happy part, not so sure about the ending part.....
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I think something serious is going to happen.Who in their right mind would turn down Adam.I sure wouldn't
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Originally posted by irish_mofo85
grr! she better get back with adam *arms self with lemons* lol, write more soon... please?! it with those lemons missy........u dont wanna do the wrong thing !!!!!!

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