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For the first time I feel Loved

Hey...this is the first time I'm trying this so bare with me....and let me know what u think!

As Sam unlocked the gate to the Starbucks Cafe, one of the most favourite places on Chambers Street in Manhattan,she thought about all the men and women in business attires who would in about two hours come hussling in for their favourite latte or cappucinos.''Another day, another headache'',she said as she opened the door and switched on the lights.She began to prepare the store for the busy day ahead, but to get her into the mood she decided to listen to one of her favourite U2 cds.''A lil U2 Pop should do the trick,''she said as she quickly took the cd out of her bag and popped it into the cd player and turned the volume on medium.As she busied herself, she got in tune to the music and started singing along to the words of Discotheque.She began singing so loudly that she didnt even notice that someone had walked into the Cafe.Smiling as the tall handsome man saw her,he stood there watching her dance to the music.''Boom Cha, Boom Cha'',she sang as she did the moves for it.Adam smiled with glee as he enjoyed the entertainment before him and as he tried to place his black bag ontop the table without taking his eyes off Sam he knocked over a tall glass vase that was there for ornaments.On hearing the shattering of the vase, Sam jumped and quickly turned around realising that she was being watched the whole entire time.She quickly rushed over to the table only to find the man picking up the broken pieces of glass.''R.....R u alright?'' she asked as she tried to see the man's face.''Yes , Yes I'm fine, I'm sorry I startled u and I'm sorry about the vase'', Adam said in his fine english accent as he got up.As Sam got a better glance at the man that stood before her, she was speechless, with her eyes opened wide and frozen like an iceberg.She had always wanted to meet the talented and sexy bass player but never got the chance too.Her friends knew her as an Adamcohlic....every chance she got she would speak about him.Adam looked at her, smiling as always.Are u alright???U look a lil bit pale, come, maybe u should sit down for a moment love'', he took her cold hands and helped her sit.Ur.....Ur....Ur....OMG! Ur THE ADAM CLAYTON.....bass player of U2...Sam began to regain her speech.I....I cant believe this, is this real? she pinched herself.Adam just sat there looking at the beautiful lady before him.''I dont think so love......not with the way u were just dancing,he said sofly with his blue sparkling eyes staring back at hers.Sam looked back at him.....u mean....u ..were here the whole time lookin at me?Adam shaked his head.''But ....I thought I left the Closed sign up''..she looked at the door only to find that she had mistakenly turned the sign from closed to open.'' Adam replied back in his charming voice, ''U should be more careful, u never know what can happen specially when ur the only one in the store''.'' Yes, I should.''...Sam said as she got up and walked behind the counter.So.....Mr. Clayton, what should it be?Adam got up and sat on the stool while lookin at Sam prepare the coffee cups.''Two black coffees to go and ummm I guess I'll take two hot cakes too'', he said smiling.''So ....u and the guys r in town on business?Sam began to question her fav U2 band member.''Yea we r, we're recording some songs here actually and we're gonna be attending a fashion show later this week'',Adam replied.''Fashion Show huh''? she smiled imagining Adam shirtless in a tight jeans, trying not to show it thou.''Yes'' Adam said back looking at her in strange way to let her know he knew what she was thinking about''.''Oh I see......she said as she handed him the cups of coffee, trying to avoid him lookin at her.Adam smiled , and placed his hands over hers as he took the cups.''Ur hands r cold,am I that hot''. he said smiling.Sam looked at the smiling man before her....''well ,yes I'm sure u know that and with that smile u can drive any girl crazy''she quickly moved her hand from his.''Yea, I know''Adam said as he sighed.As Sam began taking the cakes out the oven a tall slim lady walked in, lookin like she was angry at the world.''Adam, what is taking u so long, I've been waiting in the car for almost an hr''Adam looked at the screaming lady, ''I'm sorry for taking so long sweetheart, I was just interacting with a fan he said as he smiled at Sam.Suzie looked at her watch.......for almost an hr?she asked as she looked at him.''Wow......has it been that long , he replied back lookin at his watch, we should get going.''Yes........we ..should!Suzie replied back as she took a hard long look at Sam, ''I'm sure ur fan.....she said smiling trying to be harsh in a way.....''has lots of work to do..Sam looked up at her nearly letting her tongue loose but didnt in respect to Adam.Sam was the type that didnt take any crap from anyone.Adam looked at Suzie.....babe just relax, then he looked at Sam, how much do I owe u?Sam looked at Adam with a smile .....''it's on the house'', dont worry about it.Adam looked at Sam....''well, thank you love I really appreciate it'', he took a paper from the box and signed something on it, then took her hand and shaked it.Sam couldnt stop smiling at him....''it was very nice meeting u Adam, please come back again'' she said a lil loud as to annoy Suzie.''We need to get going now...'' Suzie said as she pulled Adam away.Adam looked back....I'm gonna take u up on that offer , he said as he smiled and left the Cafe.

After the couple left.....Sam couldnt believe that she had just had a long conversation with Adam and knew that her friends would think she was crazy if she told them.She remembered the paper Adam had given to her and as she opened it , it read: Sorry about the vase, I hope a dozen red roses would make up for my clumsiness, or maybe should i send my ''most'' popular AB pic? and he signed at the bottom Adam Clayton. Sam started laughing so hard that she startled the customers that had come in.

Alright that's all for now.........I'm gonna think of more....please leave comments.

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that's good. I'd like to see where it's going.

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This is an interesting begining. Apart from the formatting and punctuation problems I really enjoyed it.

Spent a few minutes (*cough*1/2 hour*cough*) imagining what it would be like to be caught gyrating to Discoteque by Adam - siiiiiigh

Gonna go read the rest now.
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